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Sanders School of Magic (Analogical) by CinnamonAngstRoll
Sanders School of Magic (Analogica...by Cinna
6 teens. 5 abilities. 4 shared classes. 3 reasons to hate each other. 2 groups. 1 unlikely romance. Logan is 16. He's a total nerd, and he possesses the ability to mani...
Can I Fly Too? | Sanders Sides | Prinxiety by Harper_TheLoveQueen
Can I Fly Too? | Sanders Sides | P...by Harper
Everyone here has their own pair of wings they are born with. It can be the same color, or it could be different colors. Roman has beautiful red wings, though he can't f...
King of Mean by PrevailedPrince
King of Meanby Roman Relyea
#1~ #virgilsanders 9/16/19 #1~#sanderssides 10/25/19 Prince Patton has officially won over the vote for the VK raffle. 3 kids from the isle were to be chosen by random d...
TextPal by PrevailedPrince
TextPalby Roman Relyea
Virgil Grey was given an assignment from is Sociology teacher Mx.Jones. It was their version of a penpal but with a phone instead. After being late to chose a number Vir...
~sanders sides ship one shots~  by enbyqueen23
~sanders sides ship one shots~ by Em
•Sanders sides one shots, all ships welcome (no remrom, no sweet home Alabama on THIS Christian Minecraft server) •Requests are welcome :) •I update at least once a we...
~Toxic~ by TheCactusLord
~Toxic~by SC
Thomas had made so many mistakes while on stage, due to being nervous. His anxiety is a little more heightened than most people, sometimes it can get in the way of thing...
30 Days & Counting - Sanders Sides by ElliottGreen333
30 Days & Counting - Sanders Sidesby 💜💜 Ellybean 💜💜
Virgil Black has been admitted to Sanders Junior Mental Hospital. While getting acquainted with his surroundings, he learns that there are other people just like him. Wi...
Hanahaki Disease // Sanders Sides - Virgil by death_by_fanfic
Hanahaki Disease // Sanders Sides...by Taco Bell
Virgil's in love with Roman. It's as simple as that. Except, it's not. Roman despises Virgil. He's constantly belittling him and making it clear that he does not enjoy...
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes by Kitkat4406
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makesby Trashnoodle
This tells the story of how Roman, the know lover of all, went from popular, to hated, to loved once again, all in the years of high school. This book is based loosely o...
Our Song ♡Sanders Sides♡ by ineedofsleep
Our Song ♡Sanders Sides♡by Nik
(cover art by @_All_Hail_Rat_God The soulmate song. When people are born, they have a song that only them and their soulmate know. Roman Kingsley is just a simple boy t...
We Want To Be Normal SEQUEL{Sanders Sides Super Hero AU} by GiveMeMyOwn
We Want To Be Normal SEQUEL{Sander...by Kam
WARNING THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES PLEASE GO READ THE FIRST BOOK IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY: It's been a year since Remus and Deceit have turned themselves in to...
Anxious Torture [Sanders Sides FANFIC] by PyroMillie13
Anxious Torture [Sanders Sides FAN...by PyroMillie13
[Sanders Sides, is a thing created by Thomas Sanders, self explanatory.] Who would have thought that Virgil Sanders would prefer life with the Dark Sides over life with...
Sanders sides one-shots~ by BigSnakeLover
Sanders sides one-shots~by Snek🐍 Bitch😈
There will be: smut, fluff, AUs, maybe gore, cussing, bad grammar There won't be: angst, no real storyline (they won't be longer than 2. parts) REQUESTS ARE OPEN SLOW UP...
The Academy of S.I.D.E. by DragonWriter77
The Academy of S.I.D.E.by ZarityWrites
Virgil's always stayed in the shadows... literally. He was born with the ability to control them. He's mostly used it to make shadow creations when he's bored, or talk w...
Remile: Orange Tea by CandiWolfe
Remile: Orange Teaby Sugar
Human AU | Remy Queen lives in Clarke, Canada. He's been going through... stuff (he'd rather not talk about it), and has dealt with it in his own, albeit rather har...
Prinxiety Coffee & Cats by Weirdlyspecific
Prinxiety Coffee & Catsby Weirdly_Specific
Roman walks into Starbucks every day and orders the most complicated order that Virgil has to put up with. So Virgil tries to be the most difficult person possible. One...
Sander Sides Oneshots (Request open) by Queen-Slytherdor
Sander Sides Oneshots (Request ope...by JanuaryTheMultishiper
Oneshots! My first SS oneshot book. Read A/N for details. Updated Tuesdays and Fridays. 8/16/20 #3 in sandersidesoneshots 8/16/20 #5 in drpicani 8/26/20 #5 in sanderside...
Strong (Sander Sides Highschool AU) by cotten-candy_kitty
Strong (Sander Sides Highschool AU)by Gee_Urie
TW: drinking, abuse, bullying, divorce, selfH, anorex*a, sui*ide attempt. Virgil's life hasn't been that great. It's never been good either. With the abuse, his parents...
Love For A Spider | Sanders Sides | Moxiety by Harper_TheLoveQueen
Love For A Spider | Sanders Sides...by Harper
There are not just humans in the world. Humans and.. the others. The others are many different creatures of any sort. Virgil is one of them. Virgil uses 'it/its' pronoun...
Didn't Know { Book 1 } by ChelleBug10
Didn't Know { Book 1 }by ᴄʀʏꜱᴛᴀʟ ᴍᴏᴏɴ
Virgil's whole family believes that the LGBTQ+ community is a sin. Virgil didn't know why. He just went along with everything his family did and say. His cousin was kick...