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Journey to Middle Earth: LOTR Fanfic by Victoria_Hedwig14
Journey to Middle Earth: LOTR Fanf...by Victoria
Alice, Virginia, Annabel, and Rose are all diehard fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. They wish that they could escape our world and journey through Middle Ea...
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IMAGINE: Bumping into the Company of Dwarves While Out Hunting by ImaginesTheHobbit
IMAGINE: Bumping into the Company...by ImaginesTheHobbit
Please check out my book 'ImaginesTheHobbit Stories' for a disclaimer! SPOILERS!
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The Fellowship's Silvertongue. Part 2. by gretaluvslife1
The Fellowship's Silvertongue. Par...by Greta
Rosa, or should I say Kayla, has been read back by Mortimer into her own world. She wants to go back. Will she get what she wants?
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The Untold Daughter (The Hobbit) by JustBeYourself812
The Untold Daughter (The Hobbit)by KT
NOTE: This starts off at TDOS and ends in BOTFA. Nerissa Waterbearer is a very young elf in Mirkwood. She is the daughter of the great elven king, Thranduil, and little...
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An unexpected friend(Desolation of Smaug/Battle of the five armies) by Tea_Flower
An unexpected friend(Desolation of...by Tea_Flower
one day,Albany sees how cruel her father really is when The Dwarf king,Dwarves,and Hobbit come along. Albany helps the Dwarves and the Hobbit escape,and she begins a new...
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~As the Arrow Flies~ by Kaykay_wallace90
~As the Arrow Flies~by ✖Kayla✖
I had a home, a family, a title. Now I have nothing, I am left alone, cast out on the streets like a used cloth. It seems that everyone passes through me, like I am but...
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The Ancients by dsnider2113
The Ancientsby Dallas Snider
Orcs are invading the North, soon to break through the army and head toward the desolation of the world. The world is preparing for war, but they could not possibly begi...
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Five Years Later (A LOTR Fan-fiction) by Elfies37
Five Years Later (A LOTR Fan-ficti...by Kathryn Rogers
*COMPLETED*The War of the Ring is in the past. But not all the Orcs were destroyed. Now they are attacking Greenwood (formerly Mirkwood). Legolas, thrown into Kingship...
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Writing Studies #1- Lords of War: Kargath by WilliamRJRibeiro
Writing Studies #1- Lords of War:...by William R. J. Ribeiro
Every writer must study their craft. This is a study on transposing a story from video to prose. Multi-media to reading. The original video will be revealed only in the...
Just Listen by Freecumberman
Just Listenby Faun
Aranel has been raised by Lord Elrond after her father died. He taught her everything she knows. She knows not to question him, but when he sends her on a mission to the...
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The Valiant One by MissCreativeInsanity
The Valiant Oneby J. M. McGill
"When Aslan bears his teeth winter meets its end. When he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again." Many years had passed since she had last seen Narnia, a...
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Home (Thranduil fanfic) by GwenBouvier
Home (Thranduil fanfic)by Gwen Bouvier
Asachiel is a young elf who has exiled herself from her old life in Greenwood. Now a dark mystery threatens the village of men she has been living in. Her only option i...
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Elf Dream by Tiernan_Is_A_Beast
Elf Dreamby TJ
I awoke covered in dirt and pine needles, in a forest, surrounded by lush vegetation and brush. It looked like it was afternoon, but I wasn’t positive. I sat up and knea...
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Lotr and TH imagines by AVATARLOVELINE
Lotr and TH imaginesby Sofija ❤
Hello! This will be my little collection of some Lord of the rings and The Hobbit imagines. ❤ Press the star if you like what you're reading☆ ★ And if you have any whish...
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Heart Of Stone by BadRose12
Heart Of Stoneby Baddie
*UNDER GOING EDITING* She knew she could never have him, but a girl could dream couldn't she? And as she sat in her dank cell with Dwalin pacing before her all she could...
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The Forgotten Princess by The-Imaginer
The Forgotten Princessby The Imaginer
Kaylla, a poor, sickly, orphaned girl from Gondor journeys to the Elvenking's palace in Greenwood the Great after receiving a letter from her birth mother telling her to...
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What Was Lost by csparks06
What Was Lostby C. Sparks
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Magical Warriors: Nevarra by FaithAlexandra2
Magical Warriors: Nevarraby Faith_Alexandra
"Welcome to the mythical land of Nevarra- a land sick and dying- cursed by the dreaded Orc Lord, Usaak Ro'Maul, who seeks to bring about the annihilation of all rac...
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