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The Eldest | F. Darcy by thebookgirl25
The Eldest | F. Darcyby Bibliophilia
First Book in The Eldest series There lived six sisters in the Bennet household. The first was a very generous and kind soul who helped her father with the estate and te...
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE x y/n (2005) ✔️ by sketchcat
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE x y/n (2005) ✔️by Miffy_XP
Following the movie of pride and prejudice 2005 with inserted oc character. Pride and Prejudice is not mine, only oc character (y/n) and some some different scenarios,et...
Licorice & Ink | Mr. Darcy by willingly
Licorice & Ink | Mr. Darcyby 𝐕𝐈
Ever since she could walk, Elodie Bennet had expectations set upon her, expectations that all young women had. As the second eldest, she was meant to care for her younge...
Most ardently by lusimissy
Most ardentlyby lusimissy
Have you ever thought what happened with Elizabeth and Darcy after they got married? then this is the book you've been looking for!: After Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy got ma...
Overcome (A P&P fanfiction) by Ansujali
Overcome (A P&P fanfiction)by Ansujali
A Pride and Prejudice fanfiction. Regency setting. Based on the 2005 movie - picking up the story with the trainwreck proposal in the rain which ends with Darcy actually...
Life at Pemberley by AmyEliza9
Life at Pemberleyby Amy Eliza
After the marriage of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy the world still fights against them. Both must face the pressures of a new life together while dealing with old and new trou...
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Mr. Darcy x Reader by zoeyzoezo
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: zo
Congratulations, you're a Bennet, but in this version, Elizabeth isn't the lucky one who gets Darcy.
Prom & Prejudice by ElizabethEulberg
Prom & Prejudiceby Elizabeth Eulberg
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single girl of high standing at Longbourn Academy must be in want of a prom date. After winter break, the girls at the ver...
Romance in Dance by ORANGEJUICE_ARt
Romance in Danceby Kaelynn Marie
The young Miss. Pearl has never once met Mr. Darcy in her life but has been betrothed to him since birth, much against the wishes of Lady Catherine De Bourgh. They meet...
Pride and Prejudice - One Shots by ShuniceDavies
Pride and Prejudice - One Shotsby Shunice Davies
This will be a bunch of different one shots from Pride and Prejudice. Following the 2005 movie. Chapter 1 is a retelling of the famous rain scene, but things get a litt...
From Pemberley to Manhattan [COMPLETED] by LaiLRDO
From Pemberley to Manhattan [ Laís Rodrigues
People are never ready for the impossible. When Mr. Darcy discovered a trespasser in his lands, he imagined the young man to simply be a lost drunk from the village. Nev...
Pride and Prejudice ✔ by RedneckxAngel
Pride and Prejudice ✔by Tiffany
Elizabeth Bennet lives with her mother, father, and sisters in the English countryside. As the eldest, she faces mounting pressure from her parents to marry. When the ou...
Mr Darcy's Bride  by theforgottenwriterx
Mr Darcy's Bride by Emma
Miss Elizabeth Bennet, now Mrs Darcy, arrives at her new home of Pemberley. Intimidated with the grandeur of the estate and her new duties of being the lady of the house...
Average At Best. by _WeAreTheDreamers_
Average At _WeAreTheDreamers_
A modern retelling of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' feat. BTS. // "What do you think of her?", Hoseok asks. "Come on Yoongi, you should totally ask...
Hate At First Sight by HANCOOKYofBTSKZ
Hate At First Sightby HANCOOKYofBTSKZ
Everyone talks about love at first sight, that moment when you see someone and you just know, right then that you have to spend your life with them. Well, this is not th...
Lydia in the Country (or Mrs Wickham Reflects) *COMPLETE* by KRWalters
Lydia in the Country (or Mrs KRWalters
Lydia Bennett has been consigned by widowhood and her own sisters to the remote village of Lowick. She intends to stay for only a week, but the fanatical local Reverend...
Falling Like Snow by Moo-Idol
Falling Like Snowby Moo - Idol
Last year at Christmas, Jane and Charles fell in love. This year, is it finally Lizzie's turn? In this modern Pride and Prejudice AU, when Lizzie and Mary accept Jane's...
A Kiss in Costume [girlxgirl] by elsetterby
A Kiss in Costume [girlxgirl]by London Setterby
2016 WATTY AWARD WINNER - HQ LOVE! This Halloween, Maggie Juarez just wants to nerd out on the finer points of period costume design in her hand-made Regency ballgown a...
Colin Firth X Reader by mightchangenamelater
Colin Firth X Readerby N
I'm writing this because we deserve more of Colin Firth Fanfics and Colin deserves more to be written about him (be it a stupid fanfic or a great book). And yeah, this i...
Road Trip (Colin Firth X Reader) by muscat13
Road Trip (Colin Firth X Reader)by muscat13
Whyy isn't there more Colin Firth fanficsss