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The Empirical Law | ✓ by AnneeSparrow
The Empirical Law | ✓by Anha
A young woman struggles in the modern world when she has to finish university, handle life and take care of her six-year-old son. It certainly doesn't help her situation...
  • chicklit
  • wattys2018
  • featured
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Miss Weirdo Is Swayed [COMPLETE] by ThePrintedScarf
Miss Weirdo Is Swayed [COMPLETE]by Hope
"He's hotter than Chris Evans" i thought in my mind. "cool ! you think I'm hotter than Chris Evans?" i heard a voice from above my head. Did i sa...
  • betrayal
  • trust
  • hotguy
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MIONG: And the Sublime Paralytic by JennaArchiver016
MIONG: And the Sublime Paralyticby The Archiver
Miong: And the Sublime Paralytic Miko Angelo Artajo, also known as Miong, was just a simple law student when he paralyzed a dirt poor high school senior through a car ac...
  • chicklit
  • mabini
  • psycho
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The Purple Revolution (politics) by Alt_City
The Purple Revolution (politics)by Alternate
There's really nobody left on the internet willing to defend leftist politics, so here I am! The title that this book is named after is the purple revolution. The Purple...
  • trump
  • leftist
  • conservative
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LET REVIEWER 2019 by arjhinsapphire
LET REVIEWER 2019by Argie Mae Villasan
This is prepared to help you pass the LET. :) Inipon ipon ko lang po ito, galing sa ibang tao at sa PRC web mismo
  • social
  • prof
  • method
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Speak Love by KalilahCoulter
Speak Loveby KalilahCoulter
In honor of World Poetry Day: A collection of spoken word performance pieces by me, Black Rain! Copyright @2010
  • sociology
  • poetry
  • gratitude
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Compilation of LET Reviewer: Social Studies by dandanstories
Compilation of LET Reviewer: dandan stories
Specialization: Social Science/ Social Studies Preparation for the upcoming Licensure Examination for Teachers. This might help you pass. Leave a comment if you have con...
  • anthropology
  • economics
  • let
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From Slave to Ruler by MisterE05
From Slave to Rulerby Mister E
Aaron James, becoming a Victim. Afflicted, banished in a new world, towering with Racism. Reincarnation? Maybe. Finding himself as a slave of a brutal race, Dominating t...
  • slowlove
  • arena
  • equality
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CIGARETTE SMOKING A BIG NO by adorablyannoying
CIGARETTE SMOKING A BIG NOby adorablyannoying
An argumentative text saying Cigarettes should be banned. Highest ranks: #5-Argumentative #162-Enough #13-Economics
  • enough
  • argumentative
  • essay
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AS level economic essays by NeliferLee
AS level economic essaysby Nelifer Lee
  • economics
  • education
Industrial Progress Under Capitalism and Socialism by SultanKhan1
Industrial Progress Under Sultan Khan
It is a common argument that Socialism and Communism do not exhibit industrial progress. This piece has been written to counter this belief and provide ample proof. The...
  • politics
  • manifesto
  • socialism
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By Fall of Night by MichaelGraeme
By Fall of Nightby Michael Graeme
When news breaks of an asteroid on a collision course with the earth, newly met lovers Tim and Rebecca find themselves with a sudden front seat view of the end of the wo...
  • romance
  • dreaming
  • love
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The Trouble with Economics by Zeeb_Blade
The Trouble with Economicsby Wolfie
  • socialism
  • free
  • markets
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Claim by sheebshultz87
Claimby sheebshultz87
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  • suddenly
  • ball
  • detail
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The Relevance of Marx by SultanKhan1
The Relevance of Marxby Sultan Khan
Contrary to popular belief, Kark Marx's predictions about capitalism 100 years ago are taking root today. This is a political piece written by me at the age of 16 about...
  • socialism
  • street
  • das
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Work by cappelladipasquale32
Workby cappelladipasquale32
Seas were to. Fruitful, forth likeness shall our. Yielding saw gathered every without face thing us seed subdue likeness fifth was us behold blessed fruit don't withou...
  • industry
  • challenge
  • worry
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PokeBroncoFan Reviews: Economics in One Lesson by PokeBroncoFan
PokeBroncoFan Reviews: Economics PokeBroncoFan
For any of you who are interested in understanding a simple, basic principle of economics and what derives from it, look no further. I will be doing a chapter by chapter...
  • market
  • economics
  • sense
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Economics by EmmaHopkins278
Economicsby Emma Hopkins
a sarcastic piece about economics. the study of economics, specifically. Inspired by an uninspiring economics teacher.
  • money
  • college
  • sarcastic
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