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Harry James Potter-Evans by Fandoms2infinity
Harry James Potter-Evansby Mars
What if Petunia hadn't neglected her nephew? What if she had taken Harry and Dudley and run from Vernon? How much different would the story be? *Cross-posted on FF.net* ...
The Harry Potter Parent Alternative by WhizKidIz
The Harry Potter Parent Alternativeby Belle Healey
Ever wondered what would happen if Harry were raised by someone else? Someone who wouldn't lock him in the cupboard under the stairs? A wizard, perhaps? Explore Harry's...
Till the Last Petal Falls / Marcus Flint by mavi7654
Till the Last Petal Falls / Marcus...by EirlysInWonderland
When the troll met the princess in a Diagon Alley shop. Marcus Flint was convinced no one would ever want him after spending his years in Hogwarts despite being an Heir...
Rosabella Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by swanhatter1040
Rosabella Potter and the Philosoph...by Rosella
Unlike her brother, Harry, Rosabella is loved by their aunt and uncle. Treated like their daughter, Rosabella is praised for getting into Hogwarts. What is her real stor...
Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone (Revamped) by SeparationIsHard
Harry Potter and The Philosopher's...by SeparationIsHard
Just a rewrite of the original to make it better and more diverse because scREW JK ROWLING! Harry Potter believed he was just a normal boy. His parents were killed in a...
Harry Potter and Philosophers Stone if the Dursleys Loved Harry by AJNPDX
Harry Potter and Philosophers Ston...by Audrey
What would happen if the Dursleys had treated Harry as their own because Dudley had also possessed magical abilities? How would it change the story? BTW I am not Britis...
Camille Dursley by KiaoweLaccu
Camille Dursleyby Kia
Dudley Dursley reaches out to Harry for answers after he notices his daughter is using magic.
The Huge Magical Snake Problem by MorningStar137
The Huge Magical Snake Problemby Morning Star
Harry Potter is having an absolutely brilliant summer at the Dursley's - as usual. His aunt and uncle seemed to be especially nasty to him, and the Dark Lord's nightly m...
Here's to Youth | The Marauders by stxrlia
Here's to Youth | The Maraudersby l i a
After Harry is forced to go to bed earlier than usual by his aunt and uncle, he somehow wakes up at his school, and everything is not what it seems. Cross-posted on AO3.
Harry and Dudley Start Hogwarts by Pombear12
Harry and Dudley Start Hogwartsby Pombear12
Sequel to 'If Lily Potter Raised Dudley' Harry and Dudley are about to start their first year at hogwarts. How will they cope with all of their lessons as well as their...
To Be Set Free by Merrinpippy by baby4fangirl
To Be Set Free by Merrinpippyby Lucy
Summary: Harry Potter, raised and abused by the Dursleys ever since his parents died, lives in the cupboard under the stairs. He has no friends or family who love him an...
If You Wanted to be my Father by EllieAllisonJones
If You Wanted to be my Fatherby EllieAllisonJones
Harry Potter has always been a Potter, but one day that all changes. In the summer before third year, as his hormonal changes began to kick in, Harry started to look a l...
Raised Better by Harrypotter195604
Raised Betterby Ameen
Instead of letting Vernon in on her sister's little secret, Petunia worked diligently to keep magic as nothing more than a fairytale. However, when she dies unexpectedly...
Screct [ Darry ] by krishviaana
Screct [ Darry ]by Krishviaana
Summary : This is a story of " Dorea Cassiopeia Potter " (fem harry ) and "Draco Lucius Malfoy " . Everyone in hogwarts know dorea and draco are riv...
Sorry, Forgot To Mention Him by ThatOnePezz
Sorry, Forgot To Mention Himby 🖤⚔️Pezz⚔️🖤
After the war, it was straight back to the Dursley's for Harry. But not before someone else joins the "family". During the final battle, Gaia sent one of her m...
Harry Potter One-Shots by wearenotlovebirds
Harry Potter One-Shotsby FangirlWriter
This story is going to be a bunch of random one-shots of Harry Potter. Like a one-shot about Fleur and Hermione reacting to "Gold Rush" by Taylor Swift or a fl...
Redemption (Dudley Dursley)  by BonnieScotty
Redemption (Dudley Dursley) by BonnieScotty
The war has finished, people can now come out of hiding, and Voldemort is finally dead. For many people this victory means never ending peace, but for three people in pa...
i hope you dance • harry potter by -eddiemunsons
i hope you dance • harry potterby ʀ
"you are my only priority." ══════════════════ in which an aunt will do whatever it takes to protect her nephew, including but not limited to, 'kidnapping' hi...
My Older Brother (Harry Potter Wbwl fanfiction) by 000_Gamer_000
My Older Brother (Harry Potter Wbw...by Gamer
Harry had been taken to the Dursleys at a young age, the day after Halloween while he was one by his parents. They vowed to visit, not much, but it had made Harry and Pa...