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Harry Potter And The Phoenix King by Immortalking_230105
Harry Potter And The Phoenix Kingby PhoenixKing55
================================================================================== Harry Potter also called The Boy Who Lived is on the verge of death due to his...
Till Death do us Part by Elisedeluxe
Till Death do us Partby Elisedeluxe
What if when Harry's parents died on that old Halloween's eve, he died with them? What if Dumbledore already knew the need for Harry to live? What if Dumbledore did some...
Dungeon Bat turned Daddy by 1Jess2Rose
Dungeon Bat turned Daddyby 1Jess2Rose
When Harry is 3 Dumbledore gets a message that Harry is being abused,he sends Severus Snape to save the poor baby.
The Potter Ritual by HufflepuffRoyalty
The Potter Ritualby Scooter
Imagine a life where James and Lily were in coma's for 10 years after the attack on them, Sirius never went to Azkaban, Harry is still the chosen one and is returning to...
Lucy Potter: Harry's little sister by Lizzy_FanficFan
Lucy Potter: Harry's little sisterby Lizzy_FanficFan
The loyal, stubborn, kindhearted Lucy Potter had always been an odd girl to the rest of the world. Living with her awful relatives in a world of boring and judging peopl...
Don't you dare forget the moon- Harry Potter by Carnivore4
Don't you dare forget the moon- Ha...by Carnivore4
Remember Dudley? The bully? But what if Dudley wasn't a spoiled brat, and instead was an abused, distressed wizard who was bullying Harry under Vernon's orders. In this...
Hogwarts reading Harry Potter||Book 1 (on Hiatus) by Oregongravityfalls
Hogwarts reading Harry Potter||Boo...by Oregongravityfalls
What happens when Umbridge finds 7 books that describe the life of Harry Potter? What happens when everyone finds out about Harry's biggest secret?
Baby Raven by sad_rainy_day
Baby Ravenby sad_rainy_day
What happens when Harry Potter, who had always worn a mask and never let it slip, gets turned into a child, making his not-so-good home life known? What will they think...
Happy little accidents  by qt2lemon
Happy little accidents by qt2lemon
Since the day the two young boys met they hated each other. To Draco Harry was a good for nothing know it all, and to Harry draco was just a spoiled brat. Draco decided...
His wolf secret  by Izabellaamazing
His wolf secret by Izabellaamazing
Harry Potter has been through a lot he was abused, abandoned, and, the most shocking, a wolf blood. Read as Harry is left on the streets with no home, money, or food. Ha...
The Secrets in His Eyes by SlytherinSabriel
The Secrets in His Eyesby SlytherinSabriel
At a meeting with the DA, all is going well until Ron accidentally hits Harry with a charm that brings his worst nightmare to life. WARNING: Mentions of Abuse
Harry Potter and His Twin Sister (Being Rewritten) by froggiedaggers
Harry Potter and His Twin Sister (...by Rebecca
Rebecca Lily Potter, and her older twin brother Harrison James Potter are both betrayed by those that they thought were their closest friends, and eventually end up bein...
They'll Never Know by thatonefandom_69
They'll Never Knowby thatonefandom ™
After the war, everything went back to normal, well, almost everything. Harry Potter. Everyone knows him, his mask. No one knows his true side, in truth, he is broken. O...
Dark Findings (Drarry) by silvermist_sky
Dark Findings (Drarry)by silvermist_sky
When you turn 18, you get your inheritance. Harry James Potter, who in this story is really Hadrian James Potter-Black, gets his at the Dursley's. he finds out that he's...
Friends behind closed doors-Drarry by ryleerabbit231
Friends behind closed doors-Drarryby Elaina.blackwood
Harry and Draco have been friends since the start but only when alone, you see with Draco's father being a death eater it would of put a risk to Harry's safety and Draco...
Familly (Harry Potter) by venusfly-trapp
Familly (Harry Potter)by Arlo
The war is finaly over, some family's are mourning and some are celebrating, but for the Weasley familly they're done with all the sadness. They have two things to celeb...
Nepotis by CreatrixFigmentum
Nepotisby HalynthePerson
Yet another Percy-is-Voldemort's-grandson fic, with a few twists and tropes of my own thrown into the mix. Read the tags. Cover is my own work. Warning: mentions of abus...
Destined- A Drarry Story by pinkythefrog
Destined- A Drarry Storyby Alyssa
A closely kept secret about the Malfoy line- they all have soulmates. On the 16th birthday of a Malfoy's soulmate, they get a white streak in their hair, showing their d...
If Remus raised Harry by thatplantgirl7098
If Remus raised Harryby thatplantgirl7098
After James and Lily's deaths, Harry Potter is sent to live with his aunt and uncle. However, when Remus realises how horribly he is treated there, he decides that needs...
Small decision, but big difference [HIATUS] (Drarry) by Kyouuisdedinside
Small decision, but big difference...by *insertcoolname*
Small decision, but big change by Kyouuisdedinside When Draco Malfoy offered Harry Potter an handshake, what would've happened if Harry accepted? This is an Drarry (Drac...