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Aunt Minerva by Derby_Queen
Aunt Minervaby Queenie
When Albus Dumbledore finds out that Harry is being abused at the Dursleys, he finally takes Minerva McGonagall's advice and gives Harry to Minerva to raise as her own.
Till Death do us Part by Elisedeluxe
Till Death do us Partby Elisedeluxe
What if when Harry's parents died on that old Halloween's eve, he died with them? What if Dumbledore already knew the need for Harry to live? What if Dumbledore did some...
The Secrets in His Eyes by SlytherinSabriel
The Secrets in His Eyesby SlytherinSabriel
At a meeting with the DA, all is going well until Ron accidentally hits Harry with a charm that brings his worst nightmare to life. WARNING: Mentions of Abuse
Something New by writingthings_02
Something Newby W R I T I N G T H I N G S
Harry returns to Hogwarts for his fifth year, and everything seems normal. Well, everything except Draco Malfoy. He doesn't pick fights anymore, and the boy even seems t...
Lucy Potter: Harry's little sister by Lizzy_FanficFan
Lucy Potter: Harry's little sisterby Lizzy_FanficFan
The loyal, stubborn, kindhearted Lucy Potter had always been an odd girl to the rest of the world. Living with her awful relatives in a world of boring and judging peopl...
Harry Potter and His Twin Sister by froggiedaggers
Harry Potter and His Twin Sisterby Rebecca
Rebecca Lily Potter and her older twin brother Hadrian James Potter are both betrayed by those that they thought were friends, family, and eventually end up being murd...
Severus Snape's Wife by nightwing2
Severus Snape's Wifeby Alfred F. Jones
No one has ever met the wife of Hogwarts esteemed potions master until something happens to him
The Potter Ritual by HufflepuffRoyalty
The Potter Ritualby Scooter
Imagine a life where James and Lily were in coma's for 10 years after the attack on them, Sirius never went to Azkaban, Harry is still the chosen one and is returning to...
His wolf secret  by Izabellaamazing
His wolf secret by Izabellaamazing
Harry Potter has been through a lot he was abused, abandoned, and, the most shocking, a wolf blood. Read as Harry is left on the streets with no home, money, or food. Ha...
Dungeon Bat turned Daddy by 1Jess2Rose
Dungeon Bat turned Daddyby 1Jess2Rose
When Harry is 3 Dumbledore gets a message that Harry is being abused,he sends Severus Snape to save the poor baby.
No One Can Know by huffle_-_puff
No One Can Knowby huffle_-_puff
This is a Harry Potter fanfic, about his (and his little sister) (also i know harry doesn't have a sister but this is my fanfic so yeah) not so perfect childhood. Also t...
Leonora Potter-childhood not very childish(Fem Harry Potter/crossover) by LeonoraPotter
Leonora Potter-childhood not very...by Leonora Potter
She knew the shadows before the sea shores, this is the story of a demigoddess who'll one day be the strongest one of her time if not of all time and how she become so...
Hogwarts reading Harry Potter||Book 1 (on Hiatus) by Oregongravityfalls
Hogwarts reading Harry Potter||Boo...by Oregongravityfalls
What happens when Umbridge finds 7 books that describe the life of Harry Potter? What happens when everyone finds out about Harry's biggest secret?
They'll Never Know by thatonefandom_69
They'll Never Knowby thatonefandom ™
After the war, everything went back to normal, well, almost everything. Harry Potter. Everyone knows him, his mask. No one knows his true side, in truth, he is broken. O...
reborn and become anew, my little flower...  by Rose_Xeiliana
reborn and become anew, my little...by 𝓡.𝓧𝓮𝓲𝓵𝓪𑁍
Odelia never thought that her life would come to this. Betrayed by friends and pushed off a bridge. But her life isn't exactly quite over.. No not at all. Odelia Estalie...
demigods at hogwarts  by mAkEdAWoRLdGaY
demigods at hogwarts by Tyler Evans mullings
set in fifth year. The demigods are sent to hogwarts to help the golden trio against voldyshorts . after finds out about harry's home life what will they do? also umbit...
Don't you dare forget the moon- Harry Potter by Carnivore4
Don't you dare forget the moon- Ha...by Carnivore4
Remember Dudley? The bully? But what if Dudley wasn't a spoiled brat, and instead was an abused, distressed wizard who was bullying Harry under Vernon's orders. In this...
The re-sorting by bastardbiboy
The re-sortingby bastardbiboy
Harry is just getting back to Hogwarts for his fifth year. Umbridge finds out the sorting hat took the children's requests and opinions and bewitches it to were it can n...
It's Just Harry Potter by EllieAllisonJones
It's Just Harry Potterby EllieAllisonJones
inspired by love of a sister I do think that each character in every book has their own story, so what did Petunia's say about her. Our flat one dimension version of Pe...
If Remus raised Harry by thatplantgirl7098
If Remus raised Harryby thatplantgirl7098
After James and Lily's deaths, Harry Potter is sent to live with his aunt and uncle. However, when Remus realises how horribly he is treated there, he decides that needs...