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SINnamon Squad 2 by TheAzureGirl
SINnamon Squad 2by ᴀᴢᴜʟ
|| シナモン || "The bond we share at each other make us a one happy family" Yesh! the troublesome kids are back in this book 2! Beware on what you read cause you e...
SINnamon Squad by TheAzureGirl
SINnamon Squadby ᴀᴢᴜʟ
|| シナモン || "Sweet Rivals to Loving Family" Beware on what you read cause you either Die in Cuteness or Laughing but since I'm not good in Sense of Humor, I'm j...
The forgotten Weasley by shadowray17
The forgotten Weasleyby shadowray17
This is Sophie Weasley. She was born after Ron but before Ginny. She was born on the thirty first of July. They thought of her as a squib with no magic. However she is m...
Beyblade Burst X Reader One Shots by wae_baksu
Beyblade Burst X Reader One Shotsby Under Construction~
A story for beyblade burst one shots. I will mainly be doing Rise and Sparking stories, but will also do characters from the other seasons of course. Enjoy! REQUESTS ARE...
Every blader knows that within their beyblades lie powerful spirits. But have you ever wondered where these spirits come from? What are their origins? What do they want...
Beyblade Burst Sparking Protags x Reader by Little_Starru_Skii
Beyblade Burst Sparking Protags x...by ~Starru~
(SLOW UPDATES WARNING WARNING) -Why don't you believe in yourself for once?- Y/n is on her way back from BC Sol, ready to start a new adventure as the newest legend! Me...
beyblade burst funny scenarious by sakuraaoishu
beyblade burst funny scenariousby shori
just some stupid things our lovable characters do please do read and comment your opinion
Falling for the Drum Major by scrmunchy
Falling for the Drum Majorby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
His hands. The hands that keep the whole band together. How much I wished to hold them. His eyes. The beautiful forest green orbs that watched over us, both on the field...
You Snared My Heart: A Marching Band Love Story by bubbertgoesretro
You Snared My Heart: A Marching Ba...by Al & Al
A cheesy romance centered on marching band. Prepare to be amazed, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the best book we've ever written. Warning: it's the first book we've ever...
palaye royale preferences  by 1800-DONTXCARE
palaye royale preferences by 🖤🥀Mello🥀🖤
the title explains it all (Complete)
Moments [On-Hiatus] by TheAzureGirl
Moments [On-Hiatus]by ᴀᴢᴜʟ
|| 瞬間 || "A simple moments can either be a fantasy or a tragedy" Witness our beloved bladers to have there own moments of happiness, sadness, confusion and man...
Zodiac sign- beyblade burst by liona-san_krystalia
Zodiac sign- beyblade burstby Liona-san
welp I did too much research about zodiac sign 😐 well it doesn't really matter I'm gonna share it anyway and a little bit of beyblade burst too! ;)
How To Survive Marching Band by YanaBearLuvsYou
How To Survive Marching Bandby YanaBearLuvsYou
She's Got the Rhythm by minalovesmaine
She's Got the Rhythmby minalovesmaine
Mandy Hawthorne never wanted to play the drums. After being forced into playing by her dad and brother, she actually finds herself enjoying it. She hasn't told anyone th...
MatsuHana by Baki-Baki-Bitch
MatsuHanaby 👶🤛😗
yeah these are multiple different stories, anyway.
One Shots || Buddyfight by Musique_Me
One Shots || Buddyfightby Musique || 💜
|| Fan-fiction: Various X Female Reader. || Status: Completed. || Requests: Open for the next book. || Cover: By Musique [2019]. [#1 - drum] [#1 - futurecardbuddyfight] ...
Beyblade burst rANdOm scenarios by xxLunaomgxx
Beyblade burst rANdOm scenariosby Dumb Human
Hey~ welcome to my second book! how is life? So basically, it contains memes n imagine things- If you wanna read it go ahead :D and have fun reading~
Some Random Scenarios in Anime (Part 3) by --TheGoldenBoy--
Some Random Scenarios in Anime (Pa...by Free De La Hoya
400 Chapters Completed, 2 Parts done and dusted. Now introducing, PART 3!!! Yes, I'm back! But with new animes and popular among people here such as Demon Slayer, Haikyu...
A New Reality! by MidnightEcplise
A New Reality!by Amethyst
Ok,I got inspired by tales across the multiburst,And PT squad,and Sinnamon Squad,So I'm making a random scenario type of story,But Things that can only happen in AU's,St...
Wings of Affinity (Werebird x Werewolf) by Jayeeta8
Wings of Affinity (Werebird x Were...by Jayeeta8
Olivia Green is a werebird; to say the truth she is a Scarlet macaw from Amazon rain forest.She lives with mom,her life becomes a realm of joy & sorrow together when she...