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Daemonium by CrestFallenStar
Daemoniumby Maham
The walls Lanfen has put around herself are there to protect her, but she feels herself suffocating under the intense weight of all her emotions. She tries to find the s...
The Twin Magi by Cori-chan
The Twin Magiby o̶̶̷̤ .̫ o̴̶̷̤
What if Aladdin had a twin sister he didn't know about? Hina has been in the Room of Solitude for as long as she could remember, clueless to her origins. The only one wi...
The Eight Generals React to Ships by Baeks-Glasses
The Eight Generals React to Shipsby ☁ ✈ Planes Travels Fast ✈ ☁
The eight generals of Sindria reacts to Magi ships. Hope you'll like it. :) Sinbad may make his way into the book sometimes.
{Intruder}|Magi•Fairytail| by Hoesucc
{Intruder}|Magi•Fairytail|by Hoesucc
Wherever i go, i feel like i don't belong -Hera Osborne
Where the Leaves Fall by imgood_thx
Where the Leaves Fallby imgood_thx
... "Monster? Me? Look at yourselves; we 'monsters' don't compare to the flaming pile of garbage you call 'human'." ... :;:;:;:;: Etrama Rengale is thrown into...
Shards of Memories (OSTW AU) by Emperor_Drakkon
Shards of Memories (OSTW AU)by Emperor of Confusion
(The characters of Off Saving The World do NOT belong to me! And most art won't belong to me either!) The Shade. An all powerful galactic army that conquered planet afte...
Power rangers: Across the grid  by Divine_God1
Power rangers: Across the grid by Divine_God1
The morphing grid is shattered and Drakkons forces are only getting stronger. Rangers are falling left, right and center but there is something....no someone that Drakko...
The Story Without a Villain by Drakkon
The Story Without a Villainby StrifeandHarmony
After having the same argument again and again, Joseph decides he needs to do something else to break the cycle.
The last ranger by SparkySparkpaw
The last rangerby Sparkz Lightning
When all the power rangers seem to have been destroyed by the evil Drakkon, a young boy learns of the legendary warriors from across the multiverse and hopes to find all...
Merciless God Turned Regretful Mortal by psycho_ranger_red
Merciless God Turned Regretful Mor...by psycho_ranger_red
This story is the aftermath of the shattered grid storyline, Y/n is one of the rangers that lives after the Great War Lord Drakkon called it.