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Broly's Son Male Reader x Kefla  by Victor_TheRiper
Broly's Son Male Reader x Kefla by Victor Hernandez
(YN), The son of the legendary super saiyan Broly, and his grandpa, Paragus, we're lucky to escape the destruction of planet vegeta as they flew off space with a space p...
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Goku Black X Future Trunks by DBZ_Vegeta_2002
Goku Black X Future Trunksby Prince Vegeta
Goku Black comes back and ruins Trunks timeline and they entwine. Black wants revenge but notices what he's missing and figures out sex isn't only for reproduction it al...
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Dragon ball Kai archetype by Mahdytepig
Dragon ball Kai archetypeby Egg the Hufflepuff
Feel free to use this, though if you do give me credit.
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Goku Black in Hell  by 04ijordan
Goku Black in Hell by Isaiah Jordan
Goku Black finds himself in court where he is judged by King Yemma himself for his actions
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The Unwanted Warrior by Maggie-Nary
The Unwanted Warriorby Maggie Nary
After Cell has been killed by the son of the greatest known Saiyan, the people started to keep on moving forward and continue their way of living after Goku died because...
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We have met |shrek x goku| by KacchanYesDaddy
We have met |shrek x goku|by Todoroki fuck me
"We have met again" he said whit a little sparkle in his eyes " And you know what else i want?" Shrek said "your dic-" MIGHT BE A SMUT Guy...
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Bio-Android Y/N by Daliek10
Bio-Android Y/Nby Lord Frieza
Um.... you are a...uh.... Bio-Android... yeah.... did I do that right? Well I should probably be more specific so you're like cells prototype. Also I sure as hell do not...
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Protecting You by LucyDragneel5552471
Protecting Youby LucyDragneel5552471
" Goku! " chichi screams with tears in her eyes" chichi my baby " Goku said with a smile. Chichi couldn't stand seeing him like that. She placed his...
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Falling for the enemy *Remake* by nightlord27
Falling for the enemy *Remake*by nightlord27
I apologize for the remake
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Shroud The Dragon  by MisssKpop16
Shroud The Dragon by Sweetbarbie16
Aria is your typical girl with good grades , decent friends and a well rounded job. What happens when she accidentally gets herself sucked into a live of drugs, violence...
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Goku en el mundo de Overlord by Alan2BleA
Goku en el mundo de Overlordby Alan RH
Tan solo es introducir goku al mundo de overlord, pero esta ocasión Goku sera el líder de la tumba de Nazarick.
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Goku en isekai maou to shoukan shoujo no dorei majutsu by Alan2BleA
Goku en isekai maou to shoukan sho...by Alan RH
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Naruto: the assassin of honor Book-1 by tfstories07
Naruto: the assassin of honor Book...by will hayes
watch the story of a young boy who not just had a demon sealed within him but also a legendary Russian from another universe. said the universe is now erased or is it. W...
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Earthly Namekians (+18) by MedicKitty
Earthly Namekians (+18)by Cheyenne Hand
Piccolo has stumbled across a strangely raised Namekian and something is bound to bloom...
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Escape from Planet Vegeta by BakinRubber
Escape from Planet Vegetaby Bakin' Rubber
The clock is counting down, and fast! A race of space warriors fighting off an attacking army to save their people from destruction, leaves one soldier wondering who to...
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Dragonball: Hakai [Discovery Saga] DBH1 by Omega_pug
Dragonball: Hakai [Discovery Saga]...by Omega_pug
A fun and exciting Dragonball fan fiction about a saiyan called Kyabetsu and a frost demon (frieza's race) called Frij
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Trunks X Tree by Pooffin
Trunks X Treeby \\Poofin//
"This novel changed my life."- Trisha Paytas "I love it more than I love myself"- Pablo, Backyardigans "Help, I can't stop reading this. I'm tra...
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Crossed Worlds (Archie Sonic x Dragon Ball Super) by Carter_The_Wolf
Crossed Worlds (Archie Sonic x Dra...by Carter Starlight
Goku and his friends along with Lord Beerus and Whis, were all enjoying a nice get together when strange things began,. Portals began opening across the world, as random...
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Lost Memories... Gohan's Forgotten True Love (DISCONTINUED) by JanaeH
Lost Memories... Gohan's Forgotten...by JanaeH ❤️🌹
BOOK TWO Sequel to: My true love!!! Gohan and me PLEASE DON'T READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ MY TRUE LOVE!!! GOHAN AND ME FIRST! ~~~~~~~~~ High school has begun for t...
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¿QHPS Black goku Mujer y Goku Mujer se enamoraban de Goku? by SrQuAqUinYT
¿QHPS Black goku Mujer y Goku Muje...by SeÑor QuAqUin
Sorpresa Bu xd
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