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Dragon Ball Z Kai x Male Reader by ImmortalGod1
Dragon Ball Z Kai x Male Readerby ImmortalGod1
I do not own Dragon Ball or the characters I will tweak the story a bit to fit Y/n in it
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Slayer's Son by SuperDerp312
Slayer's Sonby Sunkist Man
Don't poke the sleeping bear.
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Broken Faith by PokemonIsLife319
Broken Faithby Jherico De Torres
After being neglected and betrayed by his best friend Issei Hyoudou and rejected by Rias Gremory, Y/n was enraged and vows to himself that no matter what happens, he wil...
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Dragonball z x male Saiyan reader  by Kasai2002
Dragonball z x male Saiyan reader by Kasai
Y/N is Goku's first son being born a year earlier then Gohan before the saiyan saga. Y/N inherited Goku's desire to fight so when he was four he started sparring with Go...
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Dragon Ball Z - Lost Years (Goku X OC) by elliejohns
Dragon Ball Z - Lost Years (Goku X...by Ellie Johns
"DARCY!" I lifted my head from the filth and dirt that covered the ground, my eyes burning as I tried my best to glance up at him, Goku's hands lifted me up we...
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Dragon Super GT X Male Reader by AtomicDuelist
Dragon Super GT X Male Readerby Flint
As the title implies,this will be a mix of Super and GT. More specifically,Super taking place after GT. So Piccolo is hell's bouncer,Goku isn't here. You'll be Gohan's a...
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Bra X Male Saiyan Reader by Silver_B657
Bra X Male Saiyan Readerby Silviie565
+ After (Y/N) has finished in another timeline thanks to Miira, he meets a person who changes his life and hers -Everything belongs to Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation ...
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From Good To Evil (Highschool DxD X Male Betrayed Saiyan Reader) by LavenderBlitz
From Good To Evil (Highschool DxD...by Saiyan Of Wattpad
Y/N L/N was usually a cheerful boy, Happy with his friends and his master, Rias Gremory, but one day, Y/N's cheerfulness got somehow annoyed Rias and her peerage, What w...
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Dragon Ball Legend Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 X (Male) Saiyan Time Patrol Reader by RoboXNinja
Dragon Ball Legend Dragon Ball Xen...by RoboNinjaXtreme
Y/N is one of the last surviving members of the destruction of planet Vegeta. His mother a commander in the saiyan army and King Vegeta's right hand man (or woman in thi...
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Android 18 and Female Android 17 x Male Android Reader by BSGNetwork
Android 18 and Female Android 17 x...by BSGNetwork
Android 22 was found in the sub-lab of scientist Dr. Gero, a cancelled android project, found by Trunks and Krillin and reprogrammed to help the Z-Fighters fight the inc...
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Vegeta x Gokus Daughter  by jjaaco
Vegeta x Gokus Daughter by Stattgraphic
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Saiyan Love (Human M!Reader X Female Saiyans)  by Firewolfships
Saiyan Love (Human M!Reader X Fema...by Firewolf
(Y/N) (L/N) is a high school boy that has to take over these class of saiyans that pop out of nowhere and went crazy - will the (Y/N) try to calm them down or will they...
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Greatest Opponent (Vegeta x OC Fanfiction) by FoxyPuffGirls
Greatest Opponent (Vegeta x OC Fan...by ʄơҳყ
(In a dimension where Frieza didn't destroy planet Vegeta) You are a young saiyan by the name of Sukai. You're the best in your class. On your journey to become a fearle...
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Two back in time by WilliamSayers9
Two back in timeby William Sayers
Future Gohan goes back in time with Future Trunks to save the future.
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Future Trunks X Reader by Hope_Love_
Future Trunks X Readerby Crystal Heart
Its u and future trunks what else is there to know. Ok well Info: (E/C) eye color. (h/c) hair color. (h/l) hair length. You are gonna be shorter than Trunks for things...
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Te odio, papá (Vegeta, Bardock, Goku y tú) by Sayayin97
Te odio, papá (Vegeta, Bardock, Go...by Son Kokun
Hace 5 años, Vegeta abandonaba el planeta Vegeta para embarcarse en una gran misión. 5 años, en los que ha dejado atrás toda su vida, olvidando quién era él: El príncipe...
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The All Powerful Omni Saiyan In RWBY by DavidBornAgain
The All Powerful Omni Saiyan In RW...by David Born Again
You were the previous Omni-King before Zeno, an unknown Sayian God with unfathomable and unlimited power, however you passed on the title because you were bored of being...
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I'm A Saiyan Raised On Planet Earth (Renamon x Male Saiyan Reader) by SonGokuSan12345
I'm A Saiyan Raised On Planet Eart...by Delaven
YN is a full blooded Saiyan raised on Planet Earth. But, a new different version of Earth. A planet filled with strange beings called Digimons. Strange monsters that are...
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The OC Apartments  by Dredgen_Hope
The OC Apartments by The Drifter
Ever noticed a new apartment building around? Well, allow me to introduce you to The OC Apartments! Here is where you can find some of the 'new kids on the block'
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Mi luz (Goku y tú). by Sayayin97
Mi luz (Goku y tú).by Son Kokun
- ¡Yo ya no le aguanto! ¡Es un cabeza hueca! .- bufó el pelos de flama. - Pues tú... no estás casada con él .- suspiró Milk, profundamente. - ¿Y qué me dices de lo despi...
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