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Dominion by MioneHoran
Dominionby MioneHoran
Based off of the TV show Dominion. It all begins with The Extinction War
her dark lycan by zarnain_hanan
her dark lycanby zarnain
"Fuck you, fuck this, I'm rejecting you," she hissed through clenched teeth. Her hands clenching to fists by her side, her chocolate brown eyes flashing with a...
A fleet from another world by Philippinesball
A fleet from another worldby PhilippinesBall
It was a normal day for the 2nd Pacific Fleet which was formed part of the fleets which protected the pacific from the sirens that had invaded 3 years ago...... until a...
A Fortnite Story: Dominion x Midas - Cursed! by McCree_
A Fortnite Story: Dominion x Believer
A mastermind, with a net worth of it all, owned a place in the middle of the island. His name is Midas. His last name is unknown to everyone, including himself. Everyone...
Dominion by ramyTH
Dominionby ramyth
..."I will be a goddess,my words and actions will-be law. Anything I do will have no consequence, you just watch and when I get it". I was baffled and could ha...
Teacher's intense love by AyushiSwami
Teacher's intense loveby Ayushi Swami
" w.. What are you doing.. Sir? " she asked. " so pure.. So beautiful.. "he touched her cheeks softly. "shhh... Don't afraid of me babygirl...
Lost and Found (Deucalion love story) by Sweethwicth41
Lost and Found (Deucalion love Sweethwicth41
My life is a mess i think since I was born but more recently kind of life don't let me have a "normal" life..I have a wonderful sister in law Melissa su...
Lost In Time (Supernatural-Romance) by JMFelic
Lost In Time (Supernatural-Romance)by Master's_Pet
"How could you... last night... I was helpless! You are the one who molested me! And you dare do it again now!" she huffed. Khail wasn't affected with her cryi...
Liberty and Domination: Fledgling Coercion by xxdisneyfan99xx
Liberty and Domination: Comanche99
The war may have been long over, but that doesn't mean all fighting has stopped. Even with the newfound peace that has come across France, Richelieu and the Iris Libre o...
The Alpha, the Alpha-Mate, and the Betas // {a Clawen fanfic} by fAnGiRlmArVeLdinoPJO
The Alpha, the Alpha-Mate, and K L
Set after Fallen Kingdom, Owen, Claire, and Maisie try to find a way to live in the neo-Jurassic era. Claire and Owen are back together, realizing that survival means mu...
𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒍𝒚 𝒄𝒍𝒂𝒔𝒔 by Igbtea
𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒍𝒚 𝒄𝒍𝒂𝒔𝒔by 𝒋𝒂𝒄𝒆 ࿔*:・゚
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ Deadly Class characters? Yeah, I'd let them murder me.
Star Trek Voyager: Childhood by FanFic_Writer_Life
Star Trek Voyager: Childhoodby FanFic_Writer_Life
2394. The Dominion War is long over and life in the Alpha Quadrant is returning to normal, fleets are being rebuilt and Starfleet has continued with its objective of exp...
Smallville. Lois And Tess. by cardiff1984
Smallville. Lois And cardiff1984
Taking place between the Final (tenth) Season episode "Dominion," Lois grieves for Fianc'e Clark Kent, who is trapped in the Phantom Zone, with her ex boyfrien...
The Angel and the Chosen One by sweetpea1255
The Angel and the Chosen Oneby Gretchen.andrea6
This story is based off of the wonderful show Dominion, however this takes Michael and Alex's relationship to a whole new level flying through through rocky areas and cl...
The Stormcloak Queen - A skyrim Fanfiction by aesthetic-age
The Stormcloak Queen - A skyrim Valkyrie
Freya War-Hammer is a pretty broken Nord but you wouldn't be able to tell. After her mother betrays her brother and her,her father dies, the only person left she loves l...
Secrets of Magic by AdeAlaoOluwaferanmiA
Secrets of Magicby Ade-Alao Oluwaferanmi Ayodele
Two years ago, Kyra took up a quest to fight for the peace of her realm and emerged victorious; or so it seemed. As she soon discovered, peace can be very deceptive and...
New Divided Trilogy: Thalmor Academy by ShadowedKaryna
New Divided Trilogy: Thalmor ShadowedKaryna
Lyrinn, a "Breton" on a search and destroy mission to follow the last known soldier and survivor after the attack of Highrock, Vice-Director, Ondolemar. The on...
Beginning of the End [Deep Space 9] by MichaelBrockbank
Beginning of the End [Deep Space 9]by Michael Brockbank
The war with the Dominion was starting to turn for the better. Starfleet had kept the hordes of the Dominion at bay and was beginning to make headway to remove their pre...
Misogynistic Melody by MarketingMichelle
Misogynistic Melodyby MarketingMichelle
Aiyana falls for a sadistic coworker with a haunting past and best friend who's done awful things. Overtaking her body and torturing her mind, his misogynistic ways and...