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CHAOS THEORY by -ruinology
I suppose I am simply fated to fall in love with the unreachable. HARRY POTTER © ruinology-
The Chaotician | Ian Malcolm x Reader by irishpotatoperson
The Chaotician | Ian Malcolm x Lauren
John Hammond invited you over for a weekend to experience his new park. You never thought that your life would be completely different after just a weekend when you have...
Tour 476 by mtav30
Tour 476by Mason T
After walking into an old store in New York, Tim is convinced to go on a mysterious tour. He ends up going on the adventure of a lifetime in the past. When Tim gets back...
Betrayed by Kin - DISCONTINUED by bluerosebookworm
Betrayed by Kin - DISCONTINUEDby Ella
Percy Jackson thought that after the second Titan war, he would be able to settle down with Annabeth and his friends and have a normal life. That lasted for about three...
She's Gone Again (Chloe and Max One-Shot) by Sixty_feet_Under
She's Gone Again (Chloe and Max Sixty_feet_Under
(This is like my last one-shot. It takes place at the end of episode 3, Chaos Theory.) Chloe ends up feeling like shit for freaking the fuck out on Max. After Max doesn'...
Lysine Dependent by BexOrRebekah
Lysine Dependentby Bex
The year is 1997-1998. Four months after being left scarred, horrified, and left for dead from the events of both Jurassic Park and The Lost World, Ian Malcolm is called...
A bit of a mix between a short story, poetry and the internal monologue of a modern day person attempting to find meaning in their life by exploring various philosophica...
This Side Of Paradise by CaptainVampireQueen
This Side Of Paradiseby Jay
Chloe Price is no stranger to love. She's experienced all kinds of it. Family love, best friend love, fling love, lover love. And she's had her heartbroken by each. She...
The Poetry Project by AndreaBlythe
The Poetry Projectby Andrea Blythe
The Poetry Project was ongoing from early 2013 through April 30, 2014. It invited readers to submit prompts, which I turned into poems. The prompts were quite varied and...
Chaos Theory by Grim84
Chaos Theoryby Grim
A boy seemingly falls in love with a girl that summer. I wrote this only because I needed something to animate. Whenever I finish that I'll link it here. Also, everythin...
God Creates Dinosaurs by BexOrRebekah
God Creates Dinosaursby Bex
After the Isla Nublar incident, I, Ian Malcolm, decided to inform the public eye and media of what truly happened at the island. I knew writing this could potentially ru...
Butterfly Effect by JCRiley001
Butterfly Effectby JC Riley
The stars sparkled bright against the clear dark sky; the orange glow of the sunset just barely visible. Families stood on their lawns and watched as shooting stars race...
Life Is Strange: The Second Price by ChaosNerd
Life Is Strange: The Second Priceby ChaosNerd
My name is Ami Price. I'm Chloe Price's sister and unlike her I care about my future. I'm an artist. I study under the art program at Blackwell academy and ever since Ma...
Million Dollar Hustle by DavidEAnderson100
Million Dollar Hustleby David Anderson
The bodies and double-crosses start to mount when a rag-tag bunch of wise-cracking rogues, corrupt law-enforcement, and heavy-duty villains are drawn into a plot to kidn...
Chaos: A Markiplier fanfic by galaxyywritess
Chaos: A Markiplier fanficby Sammmmmmy
What if one choice and lead you lose your soulmate forever? ~a markiplier fanfic~
Life is Strange: The Illusion of Time by edcamren
Life is Strange: The Illusion of E
Chloe Price has never felt more alone. There is only so much that weed and alcohol can help her forget. But there's a storm coming to Arcadia Bay, and along with it a ch...
The Chaos Theory by Goddess_Of_Stress
The Chaos Theoryby Rhea
Written for the Spring 2017 Rice Words &a Art competition // A short-story response to conceptual artwork
Chaos Theory (Percy Jackson X Reader) by nikig147
Chaos Theory (Percy Jackson X
Chaos is always around the corner. Especially when you're a demigod on the run, and monsters attack you everyday. But you loved it. You were free. Until they found you...
Stalking God by LokiSmirenski
Stalking Godby Loki Smirenski
Stalking God is an attempt to compile and systemise the collection of ideas that I have about the nature of reality, starting from the principles of physics, the most fu...
Double Pendulum  by Torija_L
Double Pendulum by -weird uncle friend-
"As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality." -Albert Einstein An...