Divorcee Stories

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Exes and No's by 3dream_writer3
Exes and No'sby Laeti
Caelus Vaughan thought things were going well for him. That is until his roommate screwed him over, causing him to get evicted. Not wanting to return to his toxic family...
Our Friendship by FadimaFayau
Our Friendshipby Faɗima Aminu Ya'u
Completed In the face of heartbreak and betrayal, she made the courageous decision to dissolve her marriage, unaware of the arduous journey that awaited her as a divorce...
The Wooing of Marcus Flint by Rubberduckz84
The Wooing of Marcus Flintby Rubberduckz84
(HP Fanfic - Marcus Flint/OC) Many things were expected of Marcus Flint. By 43, he was supposed to be taking over his father's large firm, spoiling his pureblood wife an...
Finding Salaam After Talaq by aishayfaruk
Finding Salaam After Talaqby aishayfaruk
In the enchanting world of northern Nigeria, where the sun casts golden hues on the vast landscapes, lies a tale of love, strength, and the pursuit of inner peace. "...
Beloved Journey by salmahereeee
Beloved Journeyby salma sumana
In the bustling streets of the city, amidst the chaos of everyday life, fate wove its intricate threads to bring together two souls destined to find love once more. Amin...
Un-Break My Heart- Arshi FF by DatDereArt
Un-Break My Heart- Arshi FFby Artista
Can two broken souls find love again? Seven years after saying, "I do", Khushi Kumari Gupta finds herself filing for divorce. In an unusual twist of events...
Many The Miles by cherrybee365
Many The Milesby Julie
I kept replaying the scene over and over again. All I could see when I closed my eyes were flashes of it. His hips moving against hers, her hands on his desk, the way hi...
Maybe this time [Completed] by sp1nach
Maybe this time [Completed]by sp1nach
20 years. 3 life stages. 1 last chance to make it right. Can they fix the mistakes of the past and finally be together? Or is their love doomed to never be at all? *****...
Love, Kulu  by Zahraaa__
Love, Kulu by Fatima🥀
Hauwa Kulu is occasionally referred to as Jiddah, a twenty-three-year-old feisty independent fashionista. She keeps firm regardless of the trials life throws her way, bu...
Pyaar ka khel by Scubadools
Pyaar ka khelby ScubaNdools
The inter religion marriage between a divorced single father and a divorced young girl. Their relation was a chaos from starting. Adding a 2 year old kid with lots of ta...
TRUE COMPANION (Saccha Humsafar) by Farheen__A
TRUE COMPANION (Saccha Humsafar)by 🌼Farheen🌼
With you, I am complete, I am whole, and I am at peace. ~Nayab~ You are the missing piece to my puzzle, the final chapter to...
Marseille, I'm In Love by nrlfthh
Marseille, I'm In Loveby Nurul Fatihah
Running away to a foreign country where no one knows you, to start all over again, is the dream for most adults these days right? Yet there I was living that dream and t...
His purchased lover... by sonachopra
His purchased lover...by sonachopra
He is money minded and very picky.. She is feisty but helpless.. They met and he made an offer for her to be his lover only in bed ...
Once upon a princess. by snowwwwwwwwyyy
Once upon a princess.by snowwwwwwwwyyy
Beautiful, simple, rich Sameerah Khaleed couldn't believe her husband that she spent three years with divorced her leaving her with a child. When asked the reason of his...
Get Hindu Marriage Biodata For Divorcee Girl by wedmate09
Get Hindu Marriage Biodata For Div...by Wed Mate
These days you can easily find a life partner through matrimonial websites. But do you know how you can get a perfect match through a matrimonial website? Are you facing...
Hold My Hand ✅ by KateSunshineClarke
Hold My Hand ✅by KateSunshineClarke
"I am a surgeon, but I cannot perform under these conditions - not with who's on the table right now." AU