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Khalifa by growingupinsane
Khalifaby 𝐋 𝐀 𝐈 𝐁 𝐀
✵ featured ~ ❝Once upon a time in Baghdad, a street girl teaches the Khalifa of the kingdom why a king needs a queen.❞ ✵ Started: June 5, 2021 Completed: -- ✵ featured o...
Once In A Blue Moon by growingupinsane
Once In A Blue Moonby 𝐋 𝐀 𝐈 𝐁 𝐀
☾ featured ~ ❝Empty chest and misplaced heart, what can fix them if not love?❞ How far can one go to achieve their dreams? To progress in her medical career, Banafsha ca...
Piece Simul ✔ by Red_Harvey
Piece Simul ✔by Red Harvey
The Storm eradicated those sixty and older. There might be a cure, but not on Earth. After each newly discovered planet, a team finds their minds and bodies changing. Th...
Rune Knight: Book Two of The Empress Saga by drahcirwolf
Rune Knight: Book Two of The Empre...by drahcirwolf
In the southern realm of Altier Nashal, a kingdom of frozen seas and vast forests, a civil war between three rival factions sparks the beginning of a foretold doom. Ban...
Daughter of Zeus ✔ by Red_Harvey
Daughter of Zeus ✔by Red Harvey
Ada, a former teacher in a consumer-tech dystopia, uses electro-sonic capabilities on a revenge mission against her father, in order to discover the source of her power...
Sky Woman: Book One of The Empress Saga by drahcirwolf
Sky Woman: Book One of The Empress...by drahcirwolf
Enfri is the last sky woman of her village. She is a healer, herbalist, and midwife. The day she is visited by Jin, a beautiful assassin in service to the king, Enfri st...
Lethal Intent (✓) by RoshelleD
Lethal Intent (✓)by Roshelle
**This story is complete but will be revised.** The rising body count and a perplexing case are a couple of the obstacles which threaten to end their promising caree...
Forever Night Stand (TheWriteAffair Finalist) by Ysa_Arcangel
Forever Night Stand (TheWriteAffai...by Ysa
Brandy Curtis is a strong and independent career woman who does not care for commitment. She prefers no strings-attached, one night stands because that's all she can giv...
The Dragon's Den {Lesbian - OLD 2016} by RainAaren
The Dragon's Den {Lesbian - OLD 20...by A. E. Stinson
**Author's Note: This story is very old and not representative of my writing at this point, but I left it up due to the amount of views and votes it has - clearly you al...
An UnFURtunate Kiss of Lila & Han ✔ by mia-carmen
An UnFURtunate Kiss of Lila & Han ✔by 𝓜𝓲𝓪
GHIBLI x CATS (Currently revising) Lila is a cat. Not by choice or by birth. But by a kiss. An accidental, unfortunate kiss that put her and her boss under a curse. Beca...
The Dark ✔ by Red_Harvey
The Dark ✔by Red Harvey
[Previously FEATURED] Retail workers have the least chance of being haunted, hurt, or killed. At least, that's what three cashiers assume. When Temple, Marilyn, and Mart...
Double Take by oceanilyn
Double Takeby n. <3
. ❝ What if the person you lost yourself to, was just lost from you. ❞ &quo...
french girls | discontinued  by jimmychoos
french girls | discontinued by 𝓾𝓷𝓪
❝-paint me like one of your french girls.❞ - where a bored college student interrupts an art class for the fun of it. [ @2seoks story idea ]
The Beatdown by AnnieRoxlin
The Beatdownby AnnieRoxlin
Filo Montgomery - Queen of the makeup world, is dead. His body was found stabbed, asphyxiated, bludgeoned and poisoned... in a pool of champagne - where he had also been...
Welcome to Diverse Fiction by DiverseFiction
Welcome to Diverse Fictionby Diverse Fiction
*IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ ME FIRST!* Welcome to Diverse Fiction, this here is an introductory guide on how to get your work featured, your favourite writer interviewed, an...
"Call my name until you can't take it anymore," "Joseph" "Peter," "Joseph" *** Peter Grayson has always been...different. Lack...
The CHANGI BULLET by elle_graham
The CHANGI BULLETby elle_graham
A new virus is about to threaten the population of a slightly alternate Earth - one where the USA never came into existence, and the two world superpowers are Russia and...
Fall (LGBT) ✅ by mickey2k14
Fall (LGBT) ✅by Mickey
Jeremy's always looked after his little brother, Callum, and it's his responsibility to make sure he's safe. When Callum wanders too far into the woods, and finds himsel...
Dreaming of Fireflies *rewrites* by MistressOP
Dreaming of Fireflies *rewrites*by Miss O.P.
Alayke Tru lost everything in her life with a single bullet. All her family is dead. She's ignored by almost everyone. All she wants to do is go home but home doesn't ex...