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✘ 'Two Connected Souls'  Undertale Sans x Reader Soulmate AU by Bunny-Crystal
✘ 'Two Connected Souls' Ghost
(DISCONTINUED) 'A young girl has just been living her life normally; until she turned thirteen--the age where you can find your soulmate. That was when this young girl...
Assassinate. Avengers Soulmate by M_Faulkner
Assassinate. Avengers Soulmateby m
Soulmates, a blessing right? Not for Madison and not when you have 10! It is unheard of. She never looks at her marks she doesn't even know what they look like. Why? She...
Soulmates (TodoBakuDeku)  by IdkFaerFolk
Soulmates (TodoBakuDeku) by Nico
This is a soulmate AU inspired by tumblr user fandangoing TodoBakuDeku Soulmarks Au Fluff, Angst, and maybe a little smut if y'all want it. (Fast Updates) (reasonably...
Make it Right: A BTS Soulmate Story by MissEstherMarie
Make it Right: A BTS Soulmate Storyby MissEstherMarie
About 95% of the population has a Soultrace; a physical marking on your body that links you to someone else in the world who is the "other half" of you. Your s...
She's the one for us (Avengers soulmate story) by pinkbananagirl
She's the one for us (Avengers Bluebananagirl
Skye has craved a normal life from the moment she could talk. But being a 18 year old girl with the power to control the elements, an IQ of 184 and 16 soulmates is not s...
Avengers x weak OC by Ineedmyhusbandos
Avengers x weak OCby Ineedmyhusbandos
Fragile, it's a word you might use to describe Eli Trace. He was kicked out of his parents kicked him out when he was 10 because they found out he was Transgender (FtM)...
Forever Best Friend - A Sabezra story by BiancaGrace02
Forever Best Friend - A Sabezra BiancaGrace02
What a strange concept, soulmates. Without previously meeting, someone out there is perfectly suited for you. My name is Sabine Wren, and this is how I met my soulmate. ...
The White Angel (Avengers Soulmate Story) by Starbuckslover2341
The White Angel (Avengers Starbuckslover2341
"In ancient writings, it is said that those whom have been blessed with multiple soulmates are the ones with bigger souls and hearts. So far, the most soulmates one...
Soulmate Bnha various X oc by Inkdemonfromhell
Soulmate Bnha various X ocby Yandere-Bea
I'm not sure what to say, so here you go!
can you blame me for wanting a little bit more? by avengerskye
can you blame me for wanting a Virginie Asselin
Soul marks are one of those rare things that barely never happens in the supernatural world anymore. They appear when the soulmates are 16, and it takes the form of thei...
My Loves// An Avengers Soulmate Series by whatamidoingfml
My Loves// An Avengers Soulmate cat
Aeyla doesn't know how she got her powers, or why. But she does know how many soulmates she has.. ten. And they just happen to be The Avengers. She knows they won't acce...
Written in the Stars (Khan x OC x L.McCoy/Bones) by iAltoSax
Written in the Stars (Khan x OC iAltoSax
(SoulMate AU) SoulMarks are overrated, so people have said. In this age everyone just considered it a tattoo of a person's name and nothing more, but not me. I was a rom...
The Grey-eyed Serpent by Elephteria_
The Grey-eyed Serpentby El
Alix Clementine is a young pureblood girl whose entire ancestry was gifted with the ability to talk to any creatures. Starting her journey on Hogwarts, she gets involved...
An Ever Fix'ed Mark: A 2 Moons/2 Moons 2 Ming/Kit Story by indubitably_dee
An Ever Fix'ed Mark: A 2 Moons/2 indubitably_dee
"Shiya, Ming, why the hell did you kiss Kit's mark?" It was the same question I had been asking myself since it happened. And so far, I'd only been able to com...
Soulmarks - L.S. by all-out-of-tune
Soulmarks - All Out Of Tune
On your 10th birthday, the first words your soulmate speaks to you appear somewhere on your skin. Louis didn't really care. Harry loved love. Louis and Harry were soul...
|||Avengers Soulmate Fanfic|||  Cheshire Cat Reader x Avengers by Cake_Who
|||Avengers Soulmate Fanfic||| 𝕮𝖆𝖐𝖊𝖂𝖍𝖔?
If you must know I'm sick at the time I make this and my mind's a mess. SOOOO....... ENJOY!
Olicity soulmate au's by theflarrowfan13
Olicity soulmate au'sby The Blonde Ninja (I'm not rea...
ok so I just love stories about soulmate identifying marks so I thought I would write a few because I have lots of ideas they will be quite long and might last more then...
Soul by Kittypaw63
Soulby Silver
People stayed together if they were destined to or not, some were happy, some made it work. Some refused to look for their other half, some even said they didn't have a...
Bad Luck Charm (Avengers x reader) On hold by alexandradecker123
Bad Luck Charm (Avengers x reader) Jackie
In a world of soulmates, each soulmate has a tattoo or tattoos representing their soulmates interests. (Y/N) is a mutant and has more soulmarks than anyone else, probabl...