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Avengers Soulmates by WolfTamer13
Avengers Soulmatesby WolfTamer13
Three girls receive their soul marks at the age of fourteen, the first had one, the second two, and the third seven. Watch as the story unfolds after the events at New Y...
  • marvel
  • peterparker
  • clintbarton
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Olicity soulmate au's by theflarrowfan13
Olicity soulmate au'sby The Blonde Ninja (I'm not rea...
ok so I just love stories about soulmate identifying marks so I thought I would write a few because I have lots of ideas they will be quite long and might last more then...
  • randomstuff
  • olicity
  • snowbarry
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Marked|| Draco Malfoy by Lou_louxoxo
Marked|| Draco Malfoyby j.l.k
Zach knows better than to dream of the happy ever after that the marks bring. He doesn't expect an everlasting love and a fairytale to end all fairytales. He expects a...
  • bxblove
  • soulmates
  • pansyparkinson
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The Avenger's Soul by childhood_dreams
The Avenger's Soulby childhood_dreams
Billy doesn't know what her powers are. She has too many to count. She was taken by HYDRA when she was just a little girl and ever since then, they have been experimenti...
  • greekmythology
  • soulmarks
  • soulmates
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Avengers Soulmark {Book 2} by jaye_02_
Avengers Soulmark {Book 2}by jaye_02_
You have six soulmates and two of them create a killing robot whilst another just wants you to watch your language, and your pregnant? Part II of my other Avengers Soulm...
  • thorodinson
  • lilaandcooper
  • pregnant
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Bad Luck Charm (Avengers x reader) by alexandradecker123
Bad Luck Charm (Avengers x reader)by Jackie
In a world of soulmates, each soulmate has a tattoo or tattoos representing their soulmates interests. (Y/N) is a mutant and has more soulmarks than anyone else, probabl...
  • soulmates
  • tonystrakxreader
  • steverogersxreader
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The White Angel (Avengers Soulmate Story) by Starbuckslover2341
The White Angel (Avengers Starbuckslover2341
"In ancient writings, it is said that those whom have been blessed with multiple soulmates are the ones with bigger souls and hearts. So far, the most soulmates one...
  • hawkeye
  • wattys2018
  • brucebanner
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Soul Marks by madlovewriter
Soul Marksby Ariely Cortes
In a world where rules don't exist and everything is run by the spirits, everyone is born with a special mark. The deal is that your soulmate has the same mark on their...
  • future
  • soulmates
  • romance
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Final Call (An Avengers Soulmark Fanfic) by Airrah11
Final Call (An Avengers Soulmark Erin Hughes
Poly, soulmark/soulmates. Bucky/FemOc/Steve. The Assassin, The Destroyer, The Savior. "You could be my someone, you could be my scene. You know that I'll protect yo...
  • mates
  • polyamory
  • paranormal
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Middle of Nowhere [TodoIiDeku Oneshot] by doop_doop2
Middle of Nowhere [TodoIiDeku doop
Todoroki sees someone with a soul mark identical to his. Bad news: it's an employee at a roadside motel in a tiny, middle-of-nowhere town. Worse news: he apparently alre...
  • todoroki
  • todoiideku
  • midoriya
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The Mark of the Soul by WRITERGHOST1401
The Mark of the Soulby Ghostwriter
Virgil is a transfer student that likes to stay away from people. Roman is the popular kid in the school. Logan is a straight A student. Patton is like everyone friend...
  • logicality
  • soulmarks
  • prinxeity
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The Bond Between Us by minsuga_sweg
The Bond Between Usby Mary
In a world where everyone has the name of their soulmate on their wrist, several stories collide. Amelia and her soulmate Karl, Lacey and her soulmate Andrew, Riley and...
  • love
  • youngadult
  • polyamory
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Soulmates (Discontinued) by TheRestlessAuthor
Soulmates (Discontinued)by TheRestlessAuthor
A soulmark will glow when you first see your soulmate. Alex is a not so ordinary 17 year old with a dark past, two soulmarks, and a group of friends that aren't so norma...
  • highschool
  • drama
  • teen
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Soulmarks by WolfQueen1000
Soulmarksby WolfQueen1000
Yuuri Katsuki has turned ten, and his soul marks growing, but he's scared of what's going to happen. On the other side of the spectrum, Victor Nikiforov cannot wait to f...
  • soulmarks
  • yoi
  • victornikiforov
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A dish away from collection (A Shokugeki No Soma fanfiction by SorakoMizumi
A dish away from collection (A Mizumi Sorako Fuyutsuki
Soulmates are common in this world. However Yukihira/Mizumi Sora is one of the people who, instead of a soulmate, is a part of a four mated soul group. What's worse, all...
  • hayamaakira
  • fxm
  • shokugekinosoma
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souls | bughead by abigzil
souls | bugheadby //abby\\
betty and jughead have been best friends since the 2nd grade. they are practically inseparable. now, they're 17 and about to receive their soulmarks. when you turn 18 yo...
  • bettycooper
  • colesprouse
  • riverdale
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۵۵.𝓢𝓽𝓻𝓪𝔂 𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓮 𝓕𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓻.۵۵ by XxQueenXeno76xX
۵۵.𝓢𝓽𝓻𝓪𝔂 𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓮 𝓕𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓮� ~ T̷h̷e̷1̷T̷h̷e̷y̷C̷a̷l̷l̷T̷u...
((Artcover IS mine)) Underfell!Sans x Reader It's EVERYTHING, the mark, the demyn... What about Friends? Family? She doesn't even know anymore. The girl was on the ru...
  • papyrus
  • fire
  • familiars
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Marks by WillowHarper
Marksby Willow Harper
23 year old Emma Strom has had no luck with a little subject called love. Married at 20, pregnant by 21, and then divorced at 23 isn't exactly the plan she created for h...
  • soulmates
  • selfdiscovery
  • love
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The darkness we hide by AngelicaCastillo491
The darkness we hideby Angelica Castillo
its dark...too dark...get me out!...GET.....ME OUT!!..... please.... when a reincarnated soul finds herself in a place she only watched through her TV she is very surpri...
  • reincarnation
  • soulmate
  • pinkdiamond
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Harry Potter soulmates by thebatcats
Harry Potter soulmatesby thebatcats
Being Ron Weasley twin sister and being Harry's soulmate.
  • fredandgeorge
  • love
  • hermione
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