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Invincible ➵h.s by WeTukAChonce_
Invincible ➵h.sby M
In a futuristic society, love is 'found' through matching bracelets, that are assigned by the government. It is simple system - if the man in front of you has the same b...
  • mystery
  • harry
  • zaynmalik
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Red hands. [Larry Stylinson] [AU] [Español] by fakefics_everywhere
Red hands. [Larry Stylinson] [AU]...by Fics.
[O, Harry es perseguido por cometer traición, Niall no ha cambiado en cuatro años, Liam siempre está sonriendo y Louis está enojado, muy enojado.] Historia original en i...
  • louistomlinson
  • translate
  • guerra
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AVARE by kelebek_etkisi0
AVAREby eda
Gözlerine baktım. Dibi görünmeyen karanlık birer kuyulardı sanki. Her kahkahasında ruhumun canlandığını hissedebiliyordum. Sigaramın ucuna vururken uçuşan külleri izledi...
  • avare
  • yasmin
  • distopya
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En búsqueda de las estrellas by Nosiderath
En búsqueda de las estrellasby Nosiderath Silvercross
Un inesperado suceso lleva a Fabricio Fedelcast a verse envuelto en una misión de la que él será la parte fundamental para lograrla.
  • misión
  • estrellas
  • distopía
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Dead Pixel. by JadeEpicP
Dead Pixel.by JadeEpicP Gaming
"It's The year 20XX, my father is stuck in prison for doing the right thing, my mother died by them... I'm the only one left, and I must set this world of tyranny f...
  • future
  • scifi
  • futuristic
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Apocalyptic world (Smosh/Pewdiepie/Youtuber Fan fic) by AllieJenkins1
Apocalyptic world (Smosh/Pewdiepie...by Allie Jenkins
Anthony Padilla POV Yeah Vidcon was great, I couldn't wait for the after party in Sacramento but why did we get on that plane. We...
  • jacksfilms
  • apocalyptic
  • distopía
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ALTIN ÇAĞ by Ozdendemir93
ALTIN ÇAĞby Demir Özden
Ütopik bir adadan ataerkil topraklara getirtilen üç genç kadının hikayesi... Gururlu Elidha Kral'a, yumuşak başlı Leila Hedon'un Evine, asi ruhlu Janna ise işçi olarak...
  • ask
  • distopya
  • ütopya
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Colourless by Georgie1301
Colourlessby Georgie1301
Imagine a world where colour no longer exists, everything from the people, the animals and the plants to the buildings and transportation are just grey. Everything. Even...
  • romance
  • distopía
  • colour
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Untitled Story by alice_0314
Untitled Storyby Alicia Segovia P
La guerra ha acabado con casi toda la población del planeta, pero antes de que eso pasara, antes de que el mundo se fuera en picada, cinco pequeños países unieron sus fu...
  • distopía
  • sobrevivencia
  • amor
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Simon | ⇝ Serie Verdugos (2) by AyaxVanEyck
Simon | ⇝ Serie Verdugos (2)by ❀ Λουκία ❀
La carta que recibió Simon aquella mañana marcaría sin duda un antes y un después en su vida. Tras muchos años viviendo en una completa mentira, la realidad le caería co...
  • carta
  • ficción
  • odio
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Will Tomorrow Come? by -MaxWriter-
Will Tomorrow Come?by Maxie Lovesmith
"Peace? Love? Trust? Thoes all left our vocabulary the day the War unsheathed from the pits of hell and welcomed itself into our once calm lives. Peace is no longer...
  • pirates
  • distopía
  • steampunk
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Tabi's World by niallsprincess1d
Tabi's Worldby Rachel
In Tabitha's world there are only two types of people, the supernatural and the mundane. There are many sectors of the land however, eight to be exact. The first four ar...
  • natural
  • youngadult
  • novel
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Sigilo by RobertoBrecht
Sigiloby Roberto Brecht
E sem ninguém esperar, todas as conversas que algum dia já foram escritas no meio digital foram divulgadas na internet.
  • suspense
  • segredo
  • conto
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Incontestável Mundo Novo by gabiescritas
Incontestável Mundo Novoby gabiescritas
Após a terceira guerra mundial . Maya é apenas uma menina de 13 anos órfã. Vivendo sobre os escombros da guerra, e da sociedade destruída que se findou.
  • distopía
  • romance
  • drama
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Encoded by sydclo
Encodedby sydclo
What if everything you thought existed was a lie? The year is 2031, and nothing much has changed, except for Charlie. For him, the world seems to have become increasingl...
  • fiction
  • computer
  • matrix
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Halfway by EmmelineRuttle
Halfwayby Emmeline Ruttle
"Most parents don't move their daughter to the town with the country's highest percentage of rapists, murders and other criminals. Most parents definitely don't do...
  • disaster
  • distopía
  • teen
Sunny ED by pudumaK
Sunny EDby Pudumaya Keyyy
Distopie - Fiction
  • triller
  • mystery
  • distopía
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Prompt Me, I Dare You! by BleedingInsanity
Prompt Me, I Dare You!by ♠ 来店 地折る♠
I have asked for writing prompts before, but I now have some to play with. Anyone who read can also post prompts and I will see what I can do. I like challenges so do p...
  • apocalyptic
  • rp
  • dark
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Origen by Historias_0lvidadas
Origenby Historias_Olvidadas
La historia de un chico Zeta que pese a pensar que lleva una vida totalmente normal una serie de acontecimientos le hacen darse cuenta de que parece no ser asi.
  • sobrenatural
  • magia
  • distopía
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The metal city by blaaagh
The metal cityby blaaagh
Thousands of years into the future, man has made their own destruction; technology. Astra has no one to trust, technology has taken over: every human birthed is inserted...
  • distopía
  • adventure
  • fantasy
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