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Until the end of everything... (Dirk Gently x OC) by DeathItself15
Until the end of everything... (Di...by DeathItself15
Like scarecrows that fuel this flame we're burning Forever, and ever Know how much I want to show you you're the only one. #1 on dirkgently on Wattpad #1 on douglasadams...
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The Curious Case of the Two Dirk Gentlys by lotto545
The Curious Case of the Two Dirk G...by Charlotte
A supernatural robbery across the ocean, an ex-Blackwing test subject, and the origins of Dirk's name. Could these three things possibily be connected? Of course they co...
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Imagines and Preferences: Book 1 by chalupa_tyler
Imagines and Preferences: Book 1by chalupa_tyler
Imagines and Preferences For Bands: Twenty One Pilots Books: Harry Potter Heroes of Olympus Percy Jackson Musicals: Newsies Movies: Into the Spider-Verse Marvel Sherlock...
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Dirk gently group chat by ThatCringyTomato
Dirk gently group chatby ThatCringyTomato
I stole this idea fro. The ultimate geek. A bunch of 4 line one shots.
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Dirk Gently x reader by chldyidhdgyes
Dirk Gently x readerby Underrated_Yams
Hey I'm new to this writing thing so it'll probably suck and won't get updated very much, but the world needs more DGHDA fanfic. It's up to the universe if I make more o...
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Brotzly One-Shots by Obsessedminddumpster
Brotzly One-Shotsby Leonard
Most of my followers won't know what this is. It's Dork Jontly. Okay, so no chapter is connected unless I tell you so. (Hahah. Nothing is connected.) Anyway, Dirktectiv...
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Everything IS Connected, Isn't It? (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency) by CasualCactus
Everything IS Connected, Isn't It...by CasualCactus
Second fanfiction- HOLD ON, COME BACK, THE FIRST WAS QUITE WELL-RECEIVED. Okay, now that you're here, I'm going to say that his is a reader insert based off of the 2016...
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A Holistic Adventure // Dirk Gently x OC by timeladyjamie
A Holistic Adventure // Dirk Gentl...by Jamie Knight
Amity Pierce joins in on the Holistic adventures with the eccentric detective Dirk Gently and her high school friend Todd Brotzman. Little do they know Amity is hiding s...
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Loose ends.                           by Captian_Swan_fenatic
Loose ends...by Bowties n' fluff
Set immediately after the end of series 1, when all tied up ends are undone. Basically all the rowdies, bart and Dirk escaped Blackwing, this is gonna be some sweet roma...
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Dirk Gently Group Chats by Pineapple-Dirk
Dirk Gently Group Chatsby kasso
Just some Dirk Gently Group chat conversations! These stories may have real scenes in between texts, and also none of these stories are connected unless said so, please...
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Episodes((Dirk/Todd)) by TJGlitch
Episodes((Dirk/Todd))by TJ Glitch
So I guess now Todd canonically has Pararibulitis Todd has frequent episodes, and Dirk is always there for comfort his new "friend" with cuddles. Clearly, Tod...
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Dirk Gently oneshot book by Trashtalkingtumblr
Dirk Gently oneshot bookby Trashtalkingtumblr
What happens when I convert my little story ideas into angsty little writings. It's kind of empty right now but be prepared for many future Dirk Gently stories. Dirk is...
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A Collection of X-Readers by FeirceAngel
A Collection of X-Readersby Anna
*DISCONTINUED!* So, I have decided to write an Imagine/One-shots/Preferences book for all of my favourite characters! I'm pretty excited about this, it should be great f...
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Dirk Gently Oneshots by TabbyCat9643
Dirk Gently Oneshotsby TabbyCat9643
A jumbled collection of oneshots from the BBC America show Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Chapters will range from angsty AUs to texts conversations between th...
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dirk gently's wife by blu_kitty78
dirk gently's wifeby S.Hades
Todd has only heard of dirk gently's wife twice and then when meeting her he is in for a big big surprise not only is she an assassin but a badass whose very protective...
I Found Him On My Doorstep: Brotzly by PurestFormOfRegret
I Found Him On My Doorstep: Brotzlyby PurestFormOfRegret
Todd Brotzman is twelve years old, living with his parents and his little sister Amanda. Life for Todd is dull and inane, with any chances of something happening incredi...
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Project AEA by ellmcl
Project AEAby ellmcl
A girl who picked the name Ace After her project name at blackwing a Government testing Agency for unordinary people Finally meets others like her project Icarus Project...
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Dirk Gently: Project Icarus by donnanoble1234
Dirk Gently: Project Icarusby Sylvia Lupien
When I first watched this show, I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I had stumbled upon something absolutely genius and insane. Expect a similar concept with thi...
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Brotzly: Short Stories by Thelast_Standing
Brotzly: Short Storiesby Ms. Mistique
These short stories are to expand on the Brotzly (Todd x Dirk) as there isn't very much to ground up as the fandom is so very small (2017) hopefully it grows more by sea...
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hold me ; dirk gently by samwincheser
hold me ; dirk gentlyby evan
love is dangerous. and it wasn't meant for the hands of a delicate wreck and a suicidal optimist. - dirk x todd trigger warning characters are not mine
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