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Unexpected (Dirk Strider x Abused! Reader) by mewbbydude
Unexpected (Dirk Strider x Abused...by Mewbby
(20 Parts) Why...? Why was he being so gentle? He hadn't taken any positive interest in you until that moment, but then again, you hadn't really seen much of him since h...
Homestuck x Reader (requests open) by loser1231
Homestuck x Reader (requests open)by loser1231
Boredom is my cause for this \(^-^)/ enjoy!!!
Dave X Reader X Dirk (Editing And Complete) by NickyDieos
Dave X Reader X Dirk (Editing And...by Nicky Dieos
When you transfer from London to a new school, in the states, you find two very attractive boys. One boy hates your guts and the other is trying to get closer to you. Ha...
Strider Strife ((Dave x Reader x Dirk)) by Unme_i
Strider Strife ((Dave x Reader x D...by Teenage Dirtbag
Dirk is Dave's twin who thinks it's fun to tease Dave with everything, mostly because Dave is the younger twin. When Dave meets (Y/n) and quickly falls in love, Dirk mak...
Broken (Dirk X Reader) Lemon by RyleyisGay
Broken (Dirk X Reader) Lemonby YukiNori
(Y/n) was in her second year of school, not once was she noticed for something good. Known as a freak and an outcast. But when she joins the Anime club, she meets the mo...
Homestuck Preferences by fiolee2444
Homestuck Preferencesby Marsh
In this I will have the male Humans and the male looking trolls (I say looking since Trolls do not have genders the looks mostly show if boy or girl) I will not write mu...
Promise Me by ervisisnotontumblr
Promise Meby evelyn
"Hey look up." "Huh? Did you just take a picture of me?" "Yeah." "Why?" "You're pretty." --- A collection of Homestuck...
Summer With The Striders by TheBlindPotato
Summer With The Stridersby annna
Where does the time go? The cold air comes but quickly leaves damp grass and raging heat.. what better way to spend it that with some friends?... Except the only peopl...
A Doomed Heart Demon Dirk x Male Reader by Dinogamer017
A Doomed Heart Demon Dirk x Male R...by Dinogamer017
This is my first time making anything like this so I hope I'm not to bad I don't own homestuck/demonstuck or any of the Pictures/Videos
Everything IS Connected, Isn't It? (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency) by CasualCactus
Everything IS Connected, Isn't It...by CasualCactus
Second fanfiction- HOLD ON, COME BACK, THE FIRST WAS QUITE WELL-RECEIVED. Okay, now that you're here, I'm going to say that his is a reader insert based off of the 2016...
Im In Love With A Killer Demonstuck Demon!Dirk X Reader X Demon!Dave by XXLunar_DragonXX
Im In Love With A Killer Demonstuc...by XXLunar_DragonXX
(Disclaimer: this is not related to my other demonstuck story) (Y/n) was your average huntress, jumping from place to place her her 1969 Chevrolet Impala, and kicking pa...
Dark Lord: Fan-Fiction of Doom! by BabyCakes1983
Dark Lord: Fan-Fiction of Doom!by NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE
There isn't enough fan-fiction for this. The book series, Dark Lord, by Jamie Thomson, is a comedy based around if the Devil had been put in a situation where he was stu...
Prince of heart, my heart ( Dirk x Reader fanfic ) by Dani-is-a-writer
Prince of heart, my heart ( Dirk x...by Dani
since my other fanfic bugged out I had to recreate it so here
Apocalyptic Love (Dave Strider x Reader x Dirk Strider) - Hiatus by venomouslyMelodious
Apocalyptic Love (Dave Strider x R...by venomouslyMelodious
Panting, we rush out into the ashen grey field. We were being chased. - Your name is (y/n), you've been trying to stay alive during this war outbreak that went even more...
Newest Case // Dirk Gently x Reader (DGHDA Fanfic) by Quill_with_no_inkk
Newest Case // Dirk Gently x Reade...by Ink_Pen
In search of your missing father Oliver Payne, you and your two closest friends find yourselves down a rabbit hole of nonsensical clues and evidence that no detective wo...
His Soft Side || Punkstuck!Dirk X Reader by BigDepress_SmallBody
His Soft Side || Punkstuck!Dirk X...by BigDepress_SmallBody
You are Y/N L/N. You go to Alternia High with a few of your friends, along with your siblings. You're family is mostly known as the "Motorcycle fam" as you all...
I Must Like You ~ Dirk Strider X reader by Otterli
I Must Like You ~ Dirk Strider X r...by H.T. Phycopath
You and Dirk Strider plus the homsetuck caricatures, live a normal life. But the twist is, you have a huge crush on the one and only Dirk Strider for over 5 years now. S...
Wonderland (Beta And Alpha Kids X Reader) by XXLunar_DragonXX
Wonderland (Beta And Alpha Kids X...by XXLunar_DragonXX
(Was inspired by @UmeJuuzou ) You are at your sisters wedding, she has just stolen the love of your life, and your parents flat ignore you. On the night of the wedding y...
Dirk Strider X reader, Forgotten by EL_SUGAr
Dirk Strider X reader, Forgottenby 💙Sope💙
You and Dirk have been dating. Your life used to be okay and great, until one day your parents die. You wore torn apart. You used humor and happiness to hide your sadnes...