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Dirk Gently Group Chats by Pineapple-Dirk
Dirk Gently Group Chatsby Vegas? Vegas.
Just some Dirk Gently Group chat conversations! These stories may have real scenes in between texts, and also none of these stories are connected unless said so, please...
HOLD ON TO ME. [brotzly] by ladyfrankenstein99
HOLD ON TO ME. [brotzly]by Tanya
Dirk and Todd get a little closer during their newest case...
Everything Is Connected (Brotzly) by fae_fiction1019
Everything Is Connected (Brotzly)by Faelyn
When your best friend/crush meets everyone by the will of the universe, it seems like maybe you were meant to be. Todd Brotzman has had quite the year. First he almost...
DGHDA Oneshots by ElenaUndSo
DGHDA Oneshotsby Mr. Sonderbar
A collection of oneshots and small stories about Dirk Gentlys holistic detective agency. English is not my mothertongue so please excuse my mistakes or unusual sentence...
Loose ends.                           by Captian_Swan_fenatic
Loose Bowties n' fluff
Set immediately after the end of series 1, when all tied up ends are undone. Basically all the rowdies, bart and Dirk escaped Blackwing, this is gonna be some sweet roma...
Dirk Gently Holiday One-Shots by The_Ultimate_Geek
Dirk Gently Holiday One-Shotsby Everything Is Connected
There will be a new one-shot for every that comes up, starting with Halloween, because that is when I am starting this book. I don't own any of the characters.
Episodes((Dirk/Todd)) by TJGlitch
Episodes((Dirk/Todd))by TJ Glitch
So I guess now Todd canonically has Pararibulitis Todd has frequent episodes, and Dirk is always there for comfort his new "friend" with cuddles. Clearly, Tod...
Request Book by fae_fiction1019
Request Bookby Faelyn
Leave requests for fanfics in the comments!
Brotzly: Short Stories by Thelast_Standing
Brotzly: Short Storiesby Ms. Mistique
These short stories are to expand on the Brotzly (Todd x Dirk) as there isn't very much to ground up as the fandom is so very small (2017) hopefully it grows more by sea...
I Found Him On My Doorstep: Brotzly by PurestFormOfRegret
I Found Him On My Doorstep: Brotzlyby PurestFormOfRegret
Todd Brotzman is twelve years old, living with his parents and his little sister Amanda. Life for Todd is dull and inane, with any chances of something happening incredi...
Dirk gently (at high school) by DirkGentlyIsMyLife
Dirk gently (at high school)by Yeehaw
Basically a brotzly fanfic from todds POV. He's just joined a new high school and met Dirk.
Dirk Gently Rp by SweetTeaLou
Dirk Gently Rpby Lou
I intended to make this Brotzly only, but just mention if you want any other ships. Also, the only thing is, OC's aren't allowed here. All canon characters here.
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (YAOI) by P1U4c1h6is
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective HUITZILOPOCHTLI OMETEOTL INAZ...
En el momento en que tomes el control todo se hará más interesante... Lo garantizo. DirkxTodd Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Basada en la segunda temporada de...
Not Now - A DGHDA Fanfic by poshpit
Not Now - A DGHDA Fanficby Claire 》
A little blurb on what could happen after the events of the last episode of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency season 1.
Lost and Found(Brotzly) by TJGlitch
Lost and Found(Brotzly)by TJ Glitch
He was lost- He couldn't find the ground- Until the sun came up- And the lost was found- Oh memories, where'd you go? You were all I'd ever known. How I miss yesterday. ...
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by P1U4c1h6is
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective HUITZILOPOCHTLI OMETEOTL INAZ...
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Basada en la segunda temporada de la serie de Netflix) Cabello Rosa... DirkxTodd
Dirk Gentleys Holistic Detective Agency Story Ideas by HolyEmoTrinityTrash
Dirk Gentleys Holistic Detective Stay Alive Sunshine
There are triggers in here like cutting and depression so if you have a trigger that's related to either of those things I suggest you leave now These all either mine or...
Brotzly (DGHDA) One Shots by TheLivingFacepalm
Brotzly (DGHDA) One Shotsby TheLivingFacepalm
Writing these pieces of shit cuz there ain't enough Brotzly fics on Wattpad and also Dirk and Todd are gay. No smut bc nope. Requests Open bc you know I'm really uncreat...
Dirk Gently Oneshots by TabbyCat9643
Dirk Gently Oneshotsby TabbyCat9643
A jumbled collection of oneshots from the BBC America show Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Chapters will range from angsty AUs to texts conversations between th...