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Dirk Gently oneshot book by Trashtalkingtumblr
Dirk Gently oneshot bookby Trashtalkingtumblr
What happens when I convert my little story ideas into angsty little writings. It's kind of empty right now but be prepared for many future Dirk Gently stories. Dirk is...
Newest Case // Dirk Gently x Reader (DGHDA Fanfic) by Quill_with_no_inkk
Newest Case // Dirk Gently x Reade...by Ink_Pen
In search of your missing father Oliver Payne, you and your two closest friends find yourselves down a rabbit hole of nonsensical clues and evidence that no detective wo...
Dirk Gently Rp by SweetTeaLou
Dirk Gently Rpby Lou
I intended to make this Brotzly only, but just mention if you want any other ships. Also, the only thing is, OC's aren't allowed here. All canon characters here.
Ashes by hollisticakferrk800
Ashesby Amelie Ferris
Project Pheonix and Project Icarus. The Hollistic Detectives. A missing girl. A hopeless assistant. A mentally insecure woman. A soul swapping machines. A kitten. And a...
Until the end of everything... (Dirk Gently x OC) by hoodie-queen
Until the end of everything... (Di...by hoodie-queen
Like scarecrows that fuel this flame we're burning Forever, and ever Know how much I want to show you you're the only one. #1 on dirkgently on Wattpad #1 on douglasadams...