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Number Neighbors- Natasha Romanoff  x Reader by Upon-A-Starry-Night
Number Neighbors- Natasha Starry<3
When you catch sight of the newest trend going around you know you're all but bound to at least try it, it was harmless anyway. What could possibly stem from something s...
malignant (Natasha X Reader) by dexnumber
malignant (Natasha X Reader)by dexnumber
/məˈlɪɡnənt/ adjective 1. evil in nature or effect; malevolent. What happens when a ruthless ex-hydra experiment gets captured by the Avengers? Natasha x fem reader Disc...
Mornings - (A Natasha Romanoff story) by nicole_oopmarvel
Mornings - (A Natasha Romanoff Nicole :)
Avery is at her job at a small coffee shop. The avengers come by one day and Sam Wilson starts flirting with her. Although she's flattered, Sam isn't the one who catches...
Last Son | Natasha Romanoff x Male Reader by IHateYoutubeAds
Last Son | Natasha Romanoff x IHateYoutubeAds
Y/N Kent was found in an alien ship that crash landed on a farm in Smallville, Kansas. He came to discover that he has extraordinary powers which he uses for good. Follo...
Natasha Romanoff  and Scarlett Johansson x female reader by KOTLCWATERGIRL01
Natasha Romanoff and Scarlett Corko Lini Bini
Will mostly be Natasha and scarlett, but I'll do other scarlett Johansson characters if requested/inspired. Cover is from canva Note: if you are reading this on teenfic...
Puppy Love by Mars_the_gaymer
Puppy Loveby Mars Marie
While on a mission to take down yet another hydra base Natasha Romanoff discovers a girl locked in a cage. come to find out she's a little and a pet. When Natasha brings...
Mutants (Natasha Romanoff x Female Reader) by aitanahrx
Mutants (Natasha Romanoff x ⴵ
How will The Avengers react when they find out Hydra created more than one super-soldier with deadly abilities?
what happens when love is stronger ||Natasha Romanoff|| by romznoffwife
what happens when love is @widowife
what happens when y/n, an old friend of Natasha Romanoff, resurfaces in her life. But but not the same way she hope. Caught younger by hydra and a mission to kill them...
Marvel Women Imagines by nats-sunflower
Marvel Women Imaginesby know that they'll be loved
Natasha Romanoff x Reader Yelena Belova x Reader Wanda Maximoff x Reader Kate Bishop x Reader WandaNat x Reader Wanda Maximoff x Natasha Romanoff Mostly will be gender n...
Forever Yours Natasha Romanoff FF (English part) by bimarvellover
Forever Yours Natasha Romanoff Cloud
The 19 year old (Y/n) is kidnapped by the Avengers. However, they quickly realize that they have kidnapped the wrong girl. However, they can't just let her go because sh...
More than just friends? (Natasha Romanoff x female reader/ friends to lovers) by 777sunshine777
More than just friends? (Natasha 777sunshine777
Y/n had been an Avenger for a year already. Her best friends were Wanda Maximoff and Natasha Romanoff... The hot, red-haired woman for whom she maybe feels more than jus...
Heart In Two Worlds by lihoromanoff
Heart In Two Worldsby lihoromanoff
G!p Natasha Romanoff x Stark!Fem!Reader Lena Luthor x Stark!Fem!Reader "You are a lot of things, Natasha Romanoff, but a monster is not one of them." "Th...
Moments Before Midnight // Natasha Romanoff x reader by druggedduckk
Moments Before Midnight // druggedduckk
just read I am bad at descriptions sorry! btw I uploaded everything at once so yeah...
Marvel women one shots by blandruby
Marvel women one shotsby blandruby
Just another one shot book to meet your unfulfilled childhood needs. They will include marvel women like Wanda, Natasha, Hela, Maria, the actors and maybe some of their...
Everybody Talks - WandaNat x Reader by randomshymary
Everybody Talks - WandaNat x Readerby Mary
Requested: "The story is a Harry Potter AU, where Nat is a slytherin who hates mugbloods because of her family until she meets reader. Gryffindor, mudblood with a c...
Professor Romanova∼Natasha Romanoff by simpfornatromanoff
Professor Romanova∼Natasha Romanoffby Natasha Romanoff's Wife
When you are forced to take a language course during your first semester of college, you sign up for beginners Russian, thinking it would be easy. It wasn't... but not f...
Marvel One Shots (X Reader) REQUESTS ARE OPEN! by Renic_Rusecal
Marvel One Shots (X Reader) Renical
REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Now includes headcanons I will write almost anything unless it's smut or a crossover with a fandom I am not part of. (Fandom list on my Tumblr) Send m...
Avengers X Reader Chatroom by Lexia-Stark
Avengers X Reader Chatroomby L҉E҉X҉I҉
you and the avengers (+ more) are in a chatroom together. oh what fun will that be? ;) [female reader] ||I don't own marvel but i have my rights to this book so don't st...
At Worlds End (Iron Man 2) | Natasha Romanoff x Reader by Lesbian_Deadpool
At Worlds End (Iron Man 2) | And I Killed Sparky Too!
Sir, I'm Gonna Have To Ask You To Exit The Donut. --- Your body's different, but your friend is just the same... only more impulsive and no longer fears morality. Throw...