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demon inside him「Jeon Jungkook」 by lyanisbae
demon inside him「Jeon Jungkook」by エリアンバター
He got devil inside him. A demon. It has no cure or else but you. Yes, he wants you. No matter how far you run, he got you. He wants to ruin you. Rip your soul apart f...
The Edifice (Book 1) by mysteas
The Edifice (Book 1)by molly
"You're looking a little lost there, kitten." The stranger's breath blows cold as ice over the back of my neck. My hairs raise as an involuntary shiver runs th...
Earthbound Demon by LeilaniSangster
Earthbound Demonby Leilani Jenkins
book cover isn't mine. got it from Google soooooo. couldn't find any other pics for the cover and I thought this one was cute. Long story short the HOT demon boy called...
Sweet Dominance | Bittersweet Book 2 by jynxaa
Sweet Dominance | Bittersweet Kaelynn
*BOOK 1 IS BITTER SUBMISSION* *THIS IS BOOK TWO* After Jesse betrayed Luxinia, she's back to square one. With her life linked soulless blood wielding cambion and a teena...
The Queen Of Fire by b1ackwerewo1f
The Queen Of Fireby b1ackwerewo1f
Maria is a really antisocial college student, an average 20 year old, or at least that what her friends and family think... She has been hiding her true identity for the...
Halfling (Black Petals #1) by tarisamarie1
Halfling (Black Petals #1)by Tarisa Marie
UPDATED 3x WEEKLY Note: This is a professionally published series. I am posting it here for your enjoyment, but if you with to read it quicker, you can get it at any ebo...
Tethered. by Bittzyboo
#7 Bittzyboo
Olivia Slate lives her life just like any other teenager. Sure, she's smarter than most and fairly creative, but when push comes to shove, she's just like everyone else...
Her dark imagination  by lonewolf__4life
Her dark imagination by BlackWolf16
Callie sees things that others can't You could say she's special But is she dangerous? Is it real or just her imagination
Demonic Romance by MelCLovesYuki_YT
Demonic Romanceby ʟɪᴀᴍ💫ᴠᴀʟᴇɴᴛɪɴᴇ
Wilma Cipher And Alastor The Radio Demon!~
Suck-ubus : A Demon Love Story by strawberrykissxs
Suck-ubus : A Demon Love Storyby Strawberrykisses
Valerie's world consists of tons of flirting, alcohol, and late nights with many different lovers - who's souls she takes through intimacy. Valerie is one of a whole cov...