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When Hands Touch by toxicvism
When Hands Touchby akriti [ON HIATUS]
Confused, chaotic and closeted. If you ask Milo Jiang to describe himself in three words, those are the words he would choose. Mostly because his vocabulary is extremely...
Sin (BoyxBoy) ✔️ Book 1 by sageskies
Sin (BoyxBoy) ✔️ Book 1by 𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖎𝖊
Luke Ivy, son of a pastor. He's expected to follow the typical routine that his parents desire: Wake up, go to school, go to church, sleep. His family is the stereotypi...
Confused by Amenoty
Confusedby -
Being panromantic is having the ability to feel romantic attraction regardless of gender. While demisexuality is sexual attraction only to people whom you have strong em...
The Exchange Student - Harry Potter FanFic - by JCardonaCardona
The Exchange Student - Harry JFaberC
The Cardona family is one of the most ancient and prestigious magical families in Colombia, but that never clouded Nicolás Cardona-Lupin's life. Being the son of a were...
It's Just Us [🗸] by -hayle-
It's Just Us [🗸]by hayle
James Jones has always played life by the rules. His best friend, Will McClain does not. Enter a senior year tsunami filled with hidden emotions, wide grins and way too...
Anything But | Human! Alastor x Reader by fierypitoffailure
Anything But | Human! Alastor x Calista 🍓
You're a young woman, born in 1903 who works at a small, once family owned bakery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Your mother and your father were going to retire the busine...
Autumn Leaves and Teenage Dreams by ad_meliora
Autumn Leaves and Teenage Dreamsby Maeve
[LGBTQ+ Teen Fiction] (Editor's Choice July 2022) High school junior, Callie Washington, is currently in a dilemma. Attending an all-girls, Catholic high school means mo...
LGBTQ Memes by bellatr1xz
LGBTQ Memesby milkfrøgx
Just a book full of gay memes that I found in my gallery. Enjoy! ♡ none of the images in here were created by me, I found them on the internet ranging from Instagram to...
THE KEEPERS  -  Teen Wolf FanFic- by JCardonaCardona
THE KEEPERS - Teen Wolf FanFic-by JFaberC
The Keepers are an ancient organization, predating the oldest hunting clan. An organization with the purpose of keeping the supernatural world hidden from the human worl...
the owl house, lumity X Fem Oc/reader by lunaclawthorn
the owl house, lumity X Fem Oc/ Luna Clawthorne
Luna Clawthorne is a normal, lion-demon, witch of 14, woth a height of 5'8, she has a mom(whos a criminal!), a little brother, 2 close friends, a crush....well, she's no...
OBLIVIOUS || ☆ by thesarcasticvillan
OBLIVIOUS || ☆by reese (he/him)
Isaac Riordan is oblivious. Oblivious to the fact that he's unhappy. Oblivious to the fact that he's queer. Oblivious to the fact that his best friend has been in love w...
Prince of Dragons by ArchangelLeviathan
Prince of Dragonsby Leviathan
Prince Drakell of the Draconic Kingdom, did not like the political life his position would one day bring him. He very much preferred the life of an adventurer, over the...
BTT x Reader | BloodXLust by CrystalRouge
BTT x Reader | BloodXLustby Crystal’s Fanfiction
How does a curious, world traveling, demisexual end up in a polyamorous relationship with a trio of lustful vampires? It starts with a broken down car, a Renaissance fai...
Song of Souls by Raven_El7
Song of Soulsby Raven El
Six months after the events of the First Son's failed attempt at vampiric domination over the supernatural and human world, the world goes back to its natural state with...
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Ms.Heartbreaker // saida (k.dh x by shinryujinned
Ms.Heartbreaker // saida (k.dh x a gg multi-stan
Dahyun, a useless gay who's fallen for yet another girl on campus... 'Ms.Heartbreaker' Sana is dared to date Dahyun, it was all meant as a joke! But will Sana actually r...
Arlo's Boo! by MunchWords
Arlo's Boo!by MunchWords
Arlo, a nonbinary human, just got their dream job! But- is in another city, far away from Gwen... Their ghost rommie Rommie, slash friend? slash crush?? Follow Arlo on...
Call Me Vi | ONC 2024 Entry by Han_writer21
Call Me Vi | ONC 2024 Entryby Secretly Natasha Romanoff
One is a journalist who writes about movie stars. The other is a movie star who hates journalists. Now their worlds are colliding. Reagan Porter is a small town journali...
Lovelanguage: Baking by LucyMintLeft
Lovelanguage: Bakingby LucyMintLeft
Julie and Nathan are both nervous for their first day of college. For different reasons both have been lonely, without friends or meaningful connections for many years...
Qinter OneShots becuase there isn't enough Qinter in the world by AConfusedAndTiredBoi
Qinter OneShots becuase there isn' AConfusedAndTiredBoi
Most of this stuff is going to be based after book 10 of WOF Alright.. I wrote all this as an angsty ass teen at like 2:30am, the writing is ok I guess? But not the best...
When I Fell For You by MadlyninBliss
When I Fell For Youby MadlyninBliss
Arthit had only one aim in his mind, to dodge the matter of marriage with a very annoying family friend named June, so he came up with the best thing he could think of...