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a total drama group chat tbh by alefootro
a total drama group chat tbhby ja-party
noone is doing these anymore so i made one 🤞 AYO THIS IS #1 IN TBH?? ships: noah x cody, justin x trent, courtney x gwen, alejandro x tyler, sadie x katie, izzy x eva...
total drama shitstagram by ezekielmilk
total drama shitstagramby ezekielmilk
making fun of the goofy ones i've seen
Jealousy Cuts Deepest by Mimsadoodle
Jealousy Cuts Deepestby i promise i’m funny
Courtney will do anything to get back at Duncan. She'll do anything to make him jealous, and what better way than by using gloomy goth Gwen as bait?
Total Drama Highschool by ngray192
Total Drama Highschoolby ngray192
Alternate Universe where Total Drama never happened and all the contestants of the seasons go to school together. Main ships are: Gwen×Courtney, Noah×Cody, Heather×Alej...
Total drama group chat  by itsureishotinhere
Total drama group chat by itsureishotinhere
Total Drama All Stars Edition 2  by lilah505
Total Drama All Stars Edition 2 by lilah505
Total drama got renewed for another season! So why not make another all stars season? 48 ex contests all competed for $5,000,000, it will be another heroes vs villains...
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Random total drama shit by iSCREAManimator
Random total drama shitby I am officially stealing the...
I put random stuff here so don't mind me I'm just vibin'
DARK RED || TD by lovelyfavs
DARK RED || TDby ✨
"don't you give me up, please don't give up..." in which their annual camping trip turns from a coming of age film into a horror slasher film real quick. STATU...
a gay as hell total drama groupchat fic 😌 by gwourtneycore
a gay as hell total drama joss
total drama chatfic ft. gay chaos, normal chaos, pining, and a lot of cringe copypastas | been #1 in the total drama tag a couple times so that's epic i think
total drama groupchat lol by xnimx0
total drama groupchat lolby Noah
title this was set right after world tour btw (i dont own total drama or any of the characters)
Total Drama Group Chat by enphi_
Total Drama Group Chatby enphi
Yeah, title says it all! I wanted to do this for a while, but I'm lazy! Ships. I don't own any fan art used! Sorry if you don't like all the ships! Also I do not own Tot...
Total Drama Groupchat by Ratbreak
Total Drama Groupchatby Ratbreak
It's legit just the title :// What do you want from me?? I'm totally original 😎😎😎 Most relationships are already established :3
total drama group chat !! by sxphity
total drama group chat !!by ezra
taking requests/ideas!! tysm for reading! includes gens 1 and 2 as well as kitty and emma, and maybe other people if i feel like adding them (but not all in the same gro...
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Total Drama Edits by Nightskullfire
Total Drama Editsby Night Skull Fire
Just edits of Total Drama characters. The tittle kinda says it all.
total drama oneshots by gwourtneycore
total drama oneshotsby joss
title sums it up lol. feel free to suggest stuff but if it makes me uncomfy I'll tell you politely
Total Drama Texts by taos_weirdhair
Total Drama Textsby imani~
pretty much the amazing title😎 I do not own the characters or artwork in this story.
td groupchat by wyvrianxv
td groupchatby girlboss detected
hated the old one. liked the concept. here we fucking go. again.
total drama aftershock by wyvrianxv
total drama aftershockby girlboss detected
the first generation campers have all officially hit the age of nineteen, and as a celebration they had all received yet another email demanding their presence for a new...
Total Drama Opinions, Rants and Stuff by tdipeachy
Total Drama Opinions, Rants and courtneys girlfriend
a book full of my total drama opinions 💚 feel free to comment things to give my opinion on