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{completed} one-shots 》junick by softbinnie-
{completed} one-shots 》junickby (っ◔◡◔)っ
just what the title says. ~*~ {i do not own zootopia/zootropolis or any of its characters. as much as i would love to own finnick, and keep him locked up in a cage next...
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I Trust You [Judy x Nick] by KawaiiExpertise
I Trust You [Judy x Nick]by Jimmy Kudo
Nick Wilde is hopelessly in love with the magnificent Judy Hopps, and wants to claim her as his own. But it's not easy to be the odd couple of Zootopia. Two opposite spe...
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Todo por un peluche de zorro by Mabel_san
Todo por un peluche de zorroby Mabel_san
Judy encuentra un peluche con forma de zorro, lo que no espera es que Nick lo encuentre
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Arctic Cop (Nick Wilde x oc) (DISCONTINUED) by Priscil_is_me
Arctic Cop (Nick Wilde x oc) (DISC...by Priscil_is_me
Luna Copper, An Arctic fox, lost and insulted, untrusted, adopted daughter of Chief Bogo... who is she really? So sorry... i am terrible at making summaries... hope u li...
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deeply rooted⚡️g.gemstone by charcoaltears
deeply rooted⚡️g.gemstoneby hey ya!
"that's just show biz, honey." shine like a gemstone ••• a fanfiction based on the hit comedy, the righteous gemstones
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Rem289 - Black Jack (Zootopia Comic) by -ThatDamAuthor-
Rem289 - Black Jack (Zootopia Comi...by ArinaM
~ Written by AoiMotion / Illustrated by Rem289 ~ What happens between Nick and Judy when a new officer arrives? FULL COMIC / COMPLETED
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Dangerous Fellows Preferences/One-Shots.  by Chaoticgood_mess
Dangerous Fellows Preferences/One...by Many-regrets
This is such a small fandom and I really enjoy seeing these types of things so here's my best attempt at contributing to that. Anyone interested in an Otome game that t...
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Dangerous Fellows: One Shots and Imagines by little-nabb
Dangerous Fellows: One Shots and I...by Miscellaneous
Stories from my tumblr @dangerously-self-indulgent. Requests are open! Come on in and comment what story you'd like to see with All the boys+Judy!
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Nick X Judy : Late nights  by PetraAckerman9
Nick X Judy : Late nights by Bringmethebands
Nick and Judy are best friends period. Nothing more so they both think. That is, until the late nights begin clocking up. With the two of them alone together in the earl...
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Thugs Rough Love by RastaChick36
Thugs Rough Loveby Alexisia Rodriguez
Kamyaah Was 18 Nerd W Glasses Her Mama Was Almost Never Home When She Was She Got Mistreated One Night Guys Broke Into The House Kidnapped Kamyaah Cause Of Her Moms Debt...
I won't let go by LOVELYxONIONS
I won't let goby The Lovely Onion
Sequel to 'New Life in Zootopia' When Nick and Judy have a huge fight the two end up separating. They are both struggling to get by without the other but both have to...
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The Duchess And The Outlaw (WildeHopps AU) by ZiefaB
The Duchess And The Outlaw (WildeH...by Ziefa
This will be in an alternate universe that will go way back in time. It will be like The Middle Ages but for animals. The city is still called Zootopia but instead of ha...
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Zootopia Nick x Judy Drabbles! by AlexiaCoston
Zootopia Nick x Judy Drabbles!by Matsurra
Just some one shots between Nick and Judy!
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Wilde Hopps Trash Book (Oneshots) by WildeHopps_
Wilde Hopps Trash Book (Oneshots)by ☆WildeHopps Trash☆
☆Wilde Hopps Trash Book Oneshots☆ Contains: -Fluff -Romance -Humor -JudyxNick -JudyxNick -Fluff -Did I mention JudyxNick? Read, vote, and comment! (≧∇≦) (Cover By Purple...
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Bad fox by im_weirdd
Bad foxby weirdo :)
(human form) •ongoing• [Highest ranking: #1 in nickwilde] ━━━━━━━━ ❆ ━━━━━━━━ "You know judy..i don't deserve you..but I still want you" he said with a small...
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Kingdom Hearts: Jumanji by mickol93
Kingdom Hearts: Jumanjiby mickol93
A year after the events of their last adventure, Sora, Kairi, Riku are now setting down to rest. But now, they're about to take on their ultimate journey ever. Their fri...
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Zootopia: Not My World (DISCONTINUED) by NightWing4390
Zootopia: Not My World (DISCONTINU...by Eeveerox
Joshua Mattson finds himself in Zootopia, a world filled with human-like animals. But what will he do? Can he go back home? Or will he be stuck here forever? Find out in...
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Zootopia: Snowfall by CrazyAnimationChick
Zootopia: Snowfallby CrazyAnimationChick
Snow Wilde is an Arctic Fox and is the eldest adopted daughter of Judy and Nick Wilde. She's just a regular fox with a crazy family and boy trouble. However, that's the...
NICK AND JUDY HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!! by BrandonIzzaFonteir
NICK AND JUDY HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!!by Brandon Hughes
NICK AND JUDY HAVE SEX!!!!(btw this is what it is all about)
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A Kind Predator(COMPLETE) by DisneyFan100
A Kind Predator(COMPLETE)by DisneyFan100
AU (Again) When a fox sees a bunny passed out in a local bar, he does what another mammal would not have done. He took her home, put her in her bed, and left. What wi...
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