Hello wooooorld.
I've taken a very long hiatus sooooo basically all my stories are on hold, while I sort out what to keep, what to fix up and what to delete.

I am going to try to come back, but y'know, school and such. I also want to try and edit everything as well, because I wrote it when I was about twelve and looking back now, I'm not entirely sure how it got the positive feedback that it did. Fingers crossed I can actually make it better, not worse. If you guys actually read this, give me a shout x

AND. If you comment, vote or fan, I appreciate it to the moon & back & back again.


If you see my writing floating around anywhere other than here IT'S NOT ME. Tell me if you do because that's plagiarism. And plagiarism is bad, because it is MY intellectual property. So y'know. Don't nick it.

I hope you have a lovely morning/day/night wherever you are! x
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    In the world. Or maybe space? Life's full of mysteries. o.O
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Roxyyy Roxyyy Oct 25, 2014 05:00PM
Hi guys! I reposted my new short story because it had gone weird and I couldn't fix it. Anyways, it's only short so please check it out and let me know what you think! Link here; http://www.wattpad.c...
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