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The last male Saiyan (sort of) (Male Reader X Dragon Ball Harem) by Black_ShyGuy
The last male Saiyan (sort of) (Ma...by Braylen Mitchell
Y/N. A Saiyan with unbelievable potential. He was sent off Planet Vegeta because King Vegeta was afraid that if he lost control Planet Vegeta and the Saiyan's would be d...
DBS Reacts to DBZ Abridged by BW1301
DBS Reacts to DBZ Abridgedby Mythmaker258
After the Tournament of Power, Goku and friends enjoy the momentary peace they've been awarded. However, Zeno comes to Earth bearing a gift, a collections of videos from...
A COLD CHANGE (STAR WARS X DBZ/SUP...by BattleDroid-Ork1106
When you get a Dragon Ball fan and Star Wars fan for the CIS then he's suddenly reincarnated and isekaid into the Star Wars Galaxy, what do you get? A reincarnated Frost...
Louds Watches Dragonball Z Abridged (TLH Fanfic) by Lance1889
Louds Watches Dragonball Z Abridge...by Lance1889
Lisa invents the machine that can show and lead into other dimensions. But upon turning it on Lisa's new invention attracts the attention of some people, two gods that c...
Android 17 X Reader by KeyleeShepard
Android 17 X Readerby Keylee
⩿DISCONTINUED⪀ What happens when Gero's daughter offers to help him and he turns her into an android? This is based off the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series.(Android saga a...
DBS Reacts to DBZA by Newdawn57
DBS Reacts to DBZAby Newdawn57
After the tournament of power, a black robed being arrives at the stadium. Declaring the timeline corrupted, he resolves that watching the true course of events will hea...
a sayian in a yandere hell by B_nation1
a sayian in a yandere hellby BHW
when a random portal opens up Y/N and alter Y/N is sucked out of the Dbza universe and into hell in another universe
B E Y O N D | Son Gohan FanFiction  by iiiHoneydew
B E Y O N D | Son Gohan FanFiction by Wanderlust
Her mother always whispered of a world much like her own, gently whispered tales of people just like her on an impossible green planet lulled her to sleep as a child, an...
The Strongest Male Saiyan by Black_ShyGuy
The Strongest Male Saiyanby Braylen Mitchell
Welcome lads. As you've probably guessed (for people who have seen my stuff before), this is going to be the redone version of my first Dragon Ball book. If you read the...
Training to one punch a planet by chaoswinterfalls
Training to one punch a planetby chaoswinterfalls
hello am new to writing gonna see how this goes and hope for the best am not great at spelling so don't expect the best.
DragonTale Z by Brenthetrashcan345
DragonTale Zby Brendan Sculley
Vegeta,Goku,Gohan,and Trunks fall into the underground.What happens next?Why don't you find out?(Character setup's a bit odd,so i'll explain it here.The four main heroes...
Super Android 22 (Dragon Ball x Android Male Reader) by Thebrony0921
Super Android 22 (Dragon Ball x An...by 2KGaming_YT
You once had a normal life. Going to school, chatting with your friends and bonding time with your family... until one day it gets ruined when you're abducted and forced...
Dragon Ball: The Savage Saiyan by gohanjr84
Dragon Ball: The Savage Saiyanby Gohan Jr. 84
This is a non-profit fan based parody. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super are all owned by FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV and Akira T...
Random Stuff, (Pics, Memes, And Other Random Things.) by Kuro_Edwards
Random Stuff, (Pics, Memes, And Ot...by HoTGuY >:D
Here are some random pics, hope y'all enjoy
Vegeta Finds A Witch by Headphonegaming123
Vegeta Finds A Witchby Headphonegaming123
Kayla was a witch in the DBZ world she ever believe her grams when she said it but what happens when goku bumps into her.
Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Abridged one-shots by 22marshmellows
Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Abridged...by 22marshmellows
Hi! As you can tell by the title, this is a Dragon Ball book, but not on the actual show. It's based off of the game: Dragon Ball Xenoverse. It's also based off of: Drag...
"dragon ball:ultimate zenkai" (male reader) by Phantomblacksj4
"dragon ball:ultimate zenkai" (mal...by Phantom Black
yep I've decided to rework this story since it was the first ever story that I've ever written
Undertale Z kai by Bobbymiczobby
Undertale Z kaiby Bobbymiczobby
Dragon ball and Undertale Crossover, this is my own interpretation of it. I'm not gonna spoil any of the story, but let's say things will be interesting, and I will go a...