Playing with fire (Demonstuck dave x reader x dirk) by _NONACTIVE_
Playing with fire (Demonstuck _NONACTIVE_
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Demonstuck-JohnDave by SmuppetButt_Strider
Demonstuck-JohnDaveby Pug_With_Nasal_Issues
This is about demons.John is the mortal in the story,and Dave is the demon.lets see how this turns out.XD*evil laughter*
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Once a demon, always a demon. by Trippy_Cosmic
Once a demon, always a 🌻Trippy🌻
Eridan Ampora is the youngest son of on of the most deadly demon hunting families. His father, Orphenus "Dualscar" Ampora, is feared by ever demon to ever step...
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Demonstuck {davekat} by OriKara
Demonstuck {davekat}by Moved to @cinnamoths
This is my personal twist on the popular Demonstuck AU. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Karkat is a normal (short) teenager, if you don't count his bright red eyes and white...
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HussieVille  by SalemTheMortician
HussieVille by 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
John- I'm 5'11", pale, Korean, emo, and have almost no muscles at all. I spend all my time inside. I am homeschooled. My dad is a asshole. He just came into my room...
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Myths by niswagg
Mythsby niswagg
All of them wanted to get away from the war They thought they couldn't escape what happens when a entity let's them into the forest that everyone has told myths about?
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「nyctophillia」♱ 「demonstuck erisol」 by eriberrii
「nyctophillia」♱ 「demonstuck erisol」by pp head sollux
♱ "WWHERE ARE YOU, YOU DEMONIC BASTARD?!" "Over here, thweetheart.~" ♱
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DemonStuck by Erinaceinae
DemonStuckby Erinaceinae
Some good ole DemonStuck JohnDave RoseJade DirkJake JaneRoxy also credit to the artist of they want me to take it down I will....
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JOHN: Do The Hunting Thing by dothewritingthing
JOHN: Do The Hunting Thingby ICryOutMyCalories
Killing things. Saving people. The family business. This was the code John Egbert lived by. LIVED being the key word. Killing people. Fucking up things. The demon busin...
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Light or Dark ((DirkKat Fanfic))-((DemonStuck)) by FadedKyra
Light or Dark ((DirkKat Fanfic))-( 💕Baby Boy💕
Dirk Strider: You are a Angel enrolling into a Highschool called SkaiTerniaHigh a advanced school with trolls and humans within it. You have heard that there are a few A...
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ask Dirk Jake Demonstuck by RunRunMeToLove
ask Dirk Jake Demonstuckby Lovely weirdo
ask questions to demon Dirk and hunter Jake Dirk- has no memory of his past and if he wants all his memories back he has to kill Jake Jake- won't let Dirk loose himself...
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Demonstuck {Discontinued} by ShaydenKelly
Demonstuck {Discontinued}by Shay._.nope
desre: demons prospit: hunters The beta kids have been separated because of what happened. Dave and rose some how got turned into demons along with Dirk, Roxy and all th...
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Chances fail now in hell (ON HOLD) by TricksterJoes
Chances fail now in hell (ON HOLD)by Tricksterjoes
Its the end of the world and John lost everyone. Left for dead he awakes in hell only to be given to the second king of hell.
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Johnkat [A John X Karkat Fanfic]Demonstuck  by I_IM_LE_JADE
Johnkat [A John X Karkat Fanfic] I_IM_LE_JADE
Just read the story :T
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Demonstuck  by KarkatVantas356
Demonstuck by Karkat Vantas
All hell had broke out. Demons Were taking over. Humans were either in hiding, dead, or trying to fight back. Though when the prince of demons finally catches his victim...
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Sugar rush (johndave) by eridaaamn_ampora
Sugar rush (johndave)by EriDAAAMN
Dave is what you would call a hunter. What does he hunt? Tricksters. But what happens when the hunter becomes the prey? What happens when a young boy enters his life? w...
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Trapped in a Demon's Spell by Lantica
Trapped in a Demon's Spellby Lantica
Jake English is possibly one of the best hunters out there, but his pride runs dry as soon as he meets an unbeatable demon who goes by the name of Dirk Strider. Why can'...
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