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The Adventures of Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee by Doroken
The Adventures of Kirby and Bandan...by electric boogaloo meme hell
What happens when everyone's favorite pink puffball takes a simple trip to McDonald's, but gets caught up in a war between all the major fast-food chains? This story sta...
  • mcdonalds
  • kingdedede
  • ihavecripplingdededepression
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The DQ Bad Boy at the Drive Thru by morgandstone
The DQ Bad Boy at the Drive Thruby Morgan D. Stone
He didn't just turn my blizzard upside down, he turned my world upside down.
  • dairyqueen
  • fanfiction
  • pewdiepie
OUAT Pics And Videos by TheBrooksFactor
OUAT Pics And Videosby Brooks
None of these pics are mine and neither are the videos.
  • frozen
  • disney
  • evilqueen
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The Outside Of the Closet by aperson444
The Outside Of the Closetby XxZapurDedxX
Johnny has a secret crush on Dally and little does he know dally likes him too, they have to go through the unforgiving homophobic world. Will Johnny confess to Dally?
  • fanfic
  • dairyqueen
  • dallyxjohnny
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Hate at first sight  by GimenaMelgarejo
Hate at first sight by Gimena Melgarejo
People talk about love at first sight , but what happens when Gemini a geek ice cream and romance lover finds out what hate at first sight looks like.
  • generalfiction
  • emotions
  • love
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Secrets, Lies and Love by sklaphake
Secrets, Lies and Loveby sklaphake
Andria and her twin brother Andrew live in small town Minnesota. They are just starting their senior year of high school when things begin to change. Over the summer, An...
  • phone
  • jason
  • secrets
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Catfish (Coming Soon) by abstracting
Catfish (Coming Soon)by yza
Maia Sue is a quirky mini YouTuber who does challenges and sings for fun. In real life, she works as a part time Starbucks barista and part time Dairy Queen server...
  • love
  • internet
  • dairyqueen
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McDonald Trump  by ScarveHere
McDonald Trump by chhhhhahshshhs
The other story I found on my laptop from February 2017. Throwback... This was a pain to retype.
  • dairyqueen
  • fastfood
  • trump
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Dorothy by valdezbrittanym
Dorothyby Brittany Valdez
On her way home from a shift at Dairy Queen, Susan's old beater car breaks down. She pulls into the parking lot of an abandoned looking building that declares itself to...
  • newadult
  • work
  • adult
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Dairy Queen by naomi-lee
Dairy Queenby Naomi Lee
"Why do you always come here?" "To see you," Or where a boy named Dan always goes to dairy queen to see a worker named Phil.
  • depression
  • dairyqueen
  • icecream
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Journey of the Jones [and steve] by Alainathepenguin
Journey of the Jones [and steve]by Alaina Penguin
This is a competition against @Elliecrane22 . Whoever gets the most votes wins! Read hers as well, and decide for yourself who did better! When they find an address i...
  • ketchup
  • leg
  • surfer
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Fire alarm horror by doctorwho846
Fire alarm horrorby doctorwho846
It was just an ordinary day at the NASA museum. But one day, the Fire Alarm went off and everyone had to leave do to a storm coming in. A thrilling all new adventure fea...
  • houses
  • nasa
  • firealarm
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The World of Masco by jenneacubero05
The World of Mascoby Jennea Cubero
In 2003, Ronald McDonald moves from his beloved McDonaldland to the independent country, Masco where variety of mascots live. Yet, as the happy hamburger eating clown ge...
  • mysteries
  • bozotheclown
  • mcdonalds
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The Star bucks MB/S by Starbucks-_
The Star bucks MB/Sby mermaid
This book is all about me, Starbucks.●♡♥♥♡
  • burgerking
  • starbucks
  • wendys
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Nice  by xxRosevibesxx
Nice by xxRosevibesxx
Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy C...
  • owo
  • forkids
  • mrsculverz
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Broken Bond (An Andy Biersack Love Story) by twinkies68
Broken Bond (An Andy Biersack Love...by Ari
Andy and Mandy were bestfriends until Andy moves to take his band seriously. Mandy's left heartbroken and alone. F>F> 5 1/2 years Mandy got a new best friend her n...
  • alex
  • brianna
  • rajb
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Secret Boyfriend by sugarpuppies7318
Secret Boyfriendby AshleyJones
After training rival football team QB, Brian Nelson, for a while, DJ starts having feelings for Brian, which would kill her brothers. But once Brian admits his feelings...
  • briannelson
  • dj
  • romance
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An Unfortunate Day by ScissorsFavolia
An Unfortunate Dayby Cesar Favela
My life in a nutshell (mostly all of these story's are made up, some are a little exaggerated.)
  • fall
  • badday
  • scary
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this thing where i post my thoughts to the internet by mylifeisagaymeme
this thing where i post my thought...by 👉😎👉
dunno how you found your way here but this is my blog-sorta thing where i put stuff to rant, or mostly just make someone out there smile and then move on with their day
  • dontexpectstories
  • dairyqueen
  • viktuuri
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