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Harry And His Six Mates (Harry Potter) by Pcrw1233
Harry And His Six Mates (Harry Hellowerewolf1
Harry goes throw a painful inheritance and ends up finding about the truth and everything he knew was a lie
I'm A Danger To My Self And Everyone Else - HP by Pcrw1233
I'm A Danger To My Self And Hellowerewolf1
The Dursley's take a step too fare now changing Harry for the forever, now the joker of the Magical realm and he love to play games - C.W
| SERENITY | by XStrawberryJams
| SERENITY |by Strawbs
◇ Word Count: 85k ◇ ● Harry's mostly normal life was flipped upside down when, on the morning of his 17th birthday, he woke up with the wings of a fairy, and a carpet of...
The Seer by _the_raven_
The Seerby _the_raven_
When Harry starts having strange dreams at night, blocking the nightmares, he doesn't question his newfound luck. Will he finally escape his abusive relatives? However...
Harry one night wakes up to a strange inheritance that will explain all the truth and who to trust
The Veela's (Under Editing) by dont_mess_with_me_03
The Veela's (Under Editing)by Lil Cringe
Voldemort wants to recruit Harry Potter to be a death eater once he gets old enough. What else is a better idea than trying to become friends with possibly a future enem...
The Magical Collar - HP by PCRW1234
The Magical Collar - HPby PCRW1234
Harry one day in the R.O.R found a collar that was a black like colour so he decided to put it on, turns out it used to belong to the one and only Severus Snape when he...
The Awakening  by alaybae
The Awakening by alaybae.3
Due to distress from the Dursleys, Harry Potter learns about the betrayal and loss orchestrated by Albus Dumbledore. As the adventure of having a new identity, family...
Bloodlines and Genders by MtnDewandStarTrek
Bloodlines and Gendersby AnxietyInACan
***This is my first story, so it's probably going to be bad*** (Trigger warnings: Abuse, mild gore, angst) Femme Non-Binary!Harry x Fred x George (+inheritance) Takes pl...
The New Life, The New Me - HP by Pcrw1233
The New Life, The New Me - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry goes through an Inheritance that changes everything now knowing that this whole time the people who he trusted betrayed him and the people who he didn't trust were...
Moonlight Magic by LunaNorah
Moonlight Magicby BloodMoon
Lily Evans- what a dull, boring name. Uriel internally shook her head as she lamented her duty to protect Earth. The little humans didn't even understand what the Bible...
Ad Lunae Lumina Choris by NephalemLux
Ad Lunae Lumina Chorisby Hadrianus Lokison
Chaos Lunarae Nightshade is the last living descendant to two very powerful and ancient families in the Wizarding World. Follow along as Lunarae journeys through Hogwart...
How Fate Intended by hoboheartache on ao3 by SoftKandiegutz
How Fate Intended by 𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔠𝔬
Story by hoboheartache on ao3 Italics: Thoughts "Italics": Foreign language/emphasis Bold: Writing (books, letters, etc...) Explicit Archive Warnings: Graphic...
Harry Potter World - Oneshots by happily__strong
Harry Potter World - Oneshotsby happily<3strong
This is going to be a bunch of one or two shots in the Harry Potter world that I have written and what one of my friends have. I will give credit at the beginning of eac...
Harry Potter finds a flatiron by Carnivore4
Harry Potter finds a flatironby Carnivore4
Harry Potter finds a flat iron. Tired of his curly, unruly hair, he makes up his mind to straighten it. If only it were that easy...
Awakened Blood by LuxAbscondia
Awakened Bloodby LuxAbscondia
Long lost twin to Harry Potter finds ancient blood magic talisman and comes into his magical inheritance early causing his brothers to happen as well. He has great fun l...