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Demigod daughter of the Dark Lord by QueenofWinter36
Demigod daughter of the Dark Lordby QueenofWinter36
On a stormy night of July 31st, the most feared wizard ever had a daughter. And she was the child of not just him and Bellatrix as a god had possessed Voldemort's body t...
Inner Snake by KookyJess
Inner Snakeby KookyJess
After facing the basilisk Harry left Hogwarts with his suspicions. He decides to dig into his heritage more and finds out some secrets that were meant to never be reveal...
Hayley Iris Potter by Lyra_Potter_03
Hayley Iris Potterby Lyra Potter
I don't own Harry potter it belongs to J.K.Rowling After her friends abndoned her in the summer after 4th year Hayley starts to question her life and decides to give up...
Going Back Through Time by Grimtales234
Going Back Through Timeby Grimtales234
Hurt. Betrayal. Lies. Always the lies. 'It's like Hogwarts all over again!' Harry thought. "Harry, please! Just hear her out!" Hermione said, reaching out to H...
The Trouble with Imps by dianemalfoy
The Trouble with Impsby dianemalfoy
Harry comes into his strange Creature Inheritance and also gains eyebrow raising mates. What will this mean when he goes back to Hogwarts?
I Must Not Break Harry Potter by Sweet_Wing_Queen101
I Must Not Break Harry Potterby My Sister Knows How To Kill P...
Harry stared down at his bleeding hand, the words "I must not tell lies" dripping down his skin in blood-red liquid. And snapped. Harry Potter decides he's had...
Harry Potter: Raised By Roses by WinterWolf-99
Harry Potter: Raised By Rosesby White Wolf
What would happen if someone rescued Harry from the Dursley's when he was four? What if those people gave him two loving siblings? And what if those people were not from...
Full Circle - Drarry by Practically_Patton
Full Circle - Drarryby killian-trix, an idiot
What if, instead of fighting with Draco on the bathroom, Harry talked to him? If they became friends? Set in 6th year I have no idea what the hell I'm doing so please be...
Playing Dress-up ~Tomarry~ by sande5098
Playing Dress-up ~Tomarry~by SandefurdaSlytherin
In 2nd year Tom Riddle and Harry Potter met through the T.M.R's diary-A horcrux. Showing Harry memories from his future self's memory he found out what happened that fat...
Harry Potter decides to leave Magical Britain after his name comes out of the Goblet of fire
Harry potter x Who made me a princess crossover by pookiedragonfire
Harry potter x Who made me a princ...by pookiedragonfire
Short after Jennette was introduce at the debut ball, Athanasia found a baby in the Ruby palace's garden, a FEMALE Harry Potter. She raised the baby as her own, but when...
The Real Me {FemHarry} by sinna06
The Real Me {FemHarry}by sunshine
Alena Liliana Potter was done. Done with all the bullshit in her life. All the shit that has been thrown in her life for what, nothing! The only thing that did to her ma...
Those Who Favor Fire (Drarry) [COMPLETE] by phoeleiter
Those Who Favor Fire (Drarry) [COM...by Phoenix Leiter
Harry comes into his inheritances on his 18th birthday, and many surprising revelations come to light. Will sparks fly when he finds his mate during his 8th year at Hogw...
No more mistakes by 4n47rbag
No more mistakesby complicated17
Lily James Potter the only daughter of James and Lily Potter,also refered to as The Girl Who Lived,The Woman Who Conequered. What happens when Lily finds out that her wh...
The Pet Of Slytherins by mastermarvolo
The Pet Of Slytherinsby mastermarvolo
it's @/graydove71 's work. summary in the prologue. happy reading :)
The rise of the silver trio by LunaFox1809
The rise of the silver trioby Agent Luna
The summer before Harry's 6th year. Sirius died and Harry has never felt more alone. Ron and Hermione don't understand and comfort is coming from people Harry barley nev...
Betrayals And New Beginnings  by Jonfinmycheeto
Betrayals And New Beginnings by Jonfinmycheeto
Harry Potter wakes up after a brutal beating. He asks the snake he met about a week ago. What should he do. the snake replied with something that shocked him, Harry repl...
secret prophecy by nevertheless1316
secret prophecyby nevertheless1316
a beating that almost killed Harry fources him into a creature inheritance with an unexpected mate secrets will be revealed enimes become friends friends become enimes
DISCONTINUED!! ORPHEUS { Drarry Creature Inheritance } by ProfessorLoony
DISCONTINUED!! ORPHEUS { Drarry Cr...by 𝑊𝑖𝑙𝑙
I am going to try to do another one of these fics as my last one (Circlet of Elements) was pretty successful and also yes, I like Hadestown if you haven't noticed by the...
A Helping Hand by pizzapastaicecream
A Helping Handby pizzapastaicecream
After everyone turns on him after his name comes out of the goblet, Harry is turned on by almost everybody but turns to the one person who's always been there for him...