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Anime Zodiacs (2019) by _contagion_
Anime Zodiacs (2019)by itspronouncedmehmay
A collection of anime zodiacs put together by yours truly. I found some of these on the internet and some are made by me. Ending this book at 150 chapters. Rare upload...
2136: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Book 1 of the 2136 Trilogy) by genk01
2136: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel ( Matthew Thrush
Orphaned as a child and hidden from the prying eyes of SIND, 23-year-old Willow's life is ordinary. Until a stranger from her past suddenly reappears, forcing her to rec...
Cི Oི Nི Tི Aི Gི Iི Oི Nི  •  Timothée Chalamet  by Esme_blythe_
Cི Oི Nི Tི Aི Gི Iི Oི Nི • ✰ siren ✰
Delilah was finally going to move out, set her life straight and go to college but on her way to step into the train that was going to change her life forever, panic str...
Project Contagion by Tiarose678
Project Contagionby Tia Rose
Hope wakes up in a tiny metal chair, chained down. She has no memory of why she's there. But when push comes to pull, the only thing that matters is escaping. Escaping t...
Green Alert by TSThomson
Green Alertby T. S. Thomson
The year is 2880. The Galaxy Corps Starship 'Infinity' has run afoul of an unidentified, highly contagious and infectious airborne pathogen. With every treatment she...
The Infected by Beetle_Bec
The Infectedby Rebecca Jackson
In their efforts to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, scientist cut corners. The resulting vaccine caused the virus to mutate and released a infection which kills any huma...
Virus 16, A Reason To Hate It Out There by someonewhoisnotknown
Virus 16, A Reason To Hate It someonewhoisnotknown
Jack is tasked with collecting water for his family who live on an alien planet that humans had to move to as the Earth became over populated. The wealthy stayed on Eart...
The Infected: Lost by GageK_15
The Infected: Lostby GageK_15
Zombie apocalypse... crazy to think about right? Well, that's what David thought, too, until it happened. A crazy accident in a lab involving neurotoxins takes place, ca...
Paroxysmovirus by dpcallaghan
Paroxysmovirusby D P Callaghan
When death is near the brain acts. Adrenaline surges to fight the threat. The body can sustain this response for several minutes. Paroxysmovirus causes the disease. Rage...
The Bioterrorist by IC_Kyeropas
The Bioterroristby I. C. Kyeropas
Guillermo Montenegro looks up his old high school friend Alex online to see if maybe he calmed down in the past few years or if he was actually serious about trying to w...
The Infected: Dairy Entries of a Survivor by VirusZer0
The Infected: Dairy Entries of a Fabian Ramirez
The human race is at risk of being instinct due to a virus that caused a pandemic outbreak. A survivor named Roy Rodriguez is on the quest to help scientist at a militar...
CONTAGION- A Divergent Spinoff by izzysfanfiction
CONTAGION- A Divergent Spinoffby izzy
Nowhere is safe. There's been an outbreak in Chicago. High fever. Cough. Headache. No fatalities... yet. It spreads through the air rapidly and microscopically. There's...
A Place to Rest by PhilDickinson
A Place to Restby Phil Dickinson
A small girl, lost and a long way from home while a devastating sickness walks the land.
Risen: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Book 3 of the 2136 Trilogy) by genk01
Risen: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel ( Matthew Thrush
Occupants: 1,000,000. Survivors: 1. Proc 1 lay battered on New Jersey's shore. Willow emerges from the fire to a crater. The black heap of the blast radius extends in al...
Zed City by MaxMohawkWilkinson
Zed Cityby Max Mohawk Wilkinson
A Short Story I wrote a year or two back that I've dug up off my Laptop. Enjoy!
Archangels by thirstty
Archangelsby thirstty
Set in a world which has been divided by a virulent outbreak, the story follows the perspectives of two very different people living separate lives. A newly-recruited me...
Snowflake presents CONTAGION by Sexynightfury
Snowflake presents CONTAGIONby J.S.L
Combination of Contagion but with Covid -19. with other movies like venom, searching, Area 51, the fourth kind, MIB, Pokémon, jurassic world, Godzilla, httyd (with hidde...