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2136: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Book 1 of the 2136 Trilogy) by genk01
2136: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel ( Matthew Thrush
Orphaned as a child and hidden from the prying eyes of SIND, 23-year-old Willow's life is ordinary. Until a stranger from her past suddenly reappears, forcing her to rec...
  • youngadult
  • dystopian
  • virus
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Anime Zodiacs (2019) by _contagion_
Anime Zodiacs (2019)by itspronouncedmehmay
A collection of anime zodiacs put together by yours truly. I found some of these on the internet and some are made by me. Ending this book at 150 chapters. Rare upload...
  • deadlysins
  • contagion
  • virgo
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The Bioterrorist by IC_Kyeropas
The Bioterroristby I. C. Kyeropas
Guillermo Montenegro looks up his old high school friend Alex online to see if maybe he calmed down in the past few years or if he was actually serious about wiping out...
  • fiction
  • environmentalism
  • contagion
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The Biomass by IC_Kyeropas
The Biomassby I. C. Kyeropas
A scientist with a mysterious background. Two allied generals from two species that were once in constant war. A woman who advocated for aggressive public health measure...
  • aliens
  • spaceships
  • cells
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Contagion (COMPLETED) by missrxist
Contagion (COMPLETED)by missrxist
A plague of skin disease that causes death among people is already widespread. Ang skin disease ay nagmula sa kagat ng isang unknown insect at nakahahawa through physica...
  • epidemicdisease
  • intense
  • contagion
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Amber Skies: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Book 2 of the 2136 Trilogy) by genk01
Amber Skies: A Post-Apocalyptic Matthew Thrush
Survival is more than air and water when you're being hunted by the undead. Worst yet, when you caused it. Willow ascends into what she believes is an answer to pra...
  • thriller
  • infected
  • zombies
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Coronavirus: Chapter 1 by GaryJones7
Coronavirus: Chapter 1by Gary Jones
Veterinary virologist Jason Mitchell finds it impossible to keep his mouth shut, to lie convincingly, or to even follow orders, which makes him an unlikely candidate to...
  • contagion
  • mutant
  • virus
The Infected: Dairy Entries of a Survivor by VirusZer0
The Infected: Dairy Entries of a Fabian Ramirez
The human race is at risk of being instinct due to a virus that caused a pandemic outbreak. A survivor named Roy Rodriguez is on the quest to help scientist at a militar...
  • sadness
  • biohazards
  • virus
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Apocalypse by -Miles79
Apocalypseby -Miles79
This story is about 6 teenagers in high school when the apocalypse hits. Will they survive? ***Rewriting***
  • school
  • live
  • death
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Blighted Aura by LostDMBFiles
Blighted Auraby David Mark Brown
If evil surrounded you, would you want to see it? The village of Hiber rests on the edge of an idyllic forest, the villagers having long lived in peace with each other...
  • suspense
  • paranormal
  • thriller
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Beasts Among Men: The Outbreak by chattaway232
Beasts Among Men: The Outbreakby chattaway232
Katherine Burke led a perfectly average, boring life. Sure, there were minor inconveniences like school and jocks who couldn't get it through their thick skulls that she...
  • biohazard
  • mutants
  • inprogress
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Undecided by Bellidonax
Undecidedby Kat May
I'm not sure yet. An ancient virus has returned transforming the infected into raging monsters with no conscience, no pain but with the intelligence and speed to cause m...
  • crusade
  • contagion
  • disease
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CONTAGION- A Divergent Spinoff by izzysfanfiction
CONTAGION- A Divergent Spinoffby izzy
Nowhere is safe. There's been an outbreak in Chicago. High fever. Cough. Headache. No fatalities... yet. It spreads through the air rapidly and microscopically. There's...
  • jeaninematthews
  • fanfiction
  • divergent
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The Virus Diaries by GoodMoons
The Virus Diariesby GoodMoons
In a not so distant future Gemma McGowen struggles with life in a diseased world. A contagion is spreading fast and devouring anyone (anything) in its way. Gemma jots do...
  • diary
  • sherlockian
  • sherlock
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Contagion by bxsgofficial
Contagionby Becca
I felt cold. There was a blanket wrapped around me tightly like bounds on a slave, and yet, it did not help me from freezing over. My hands were shaking and my eyes felt...
  • crazy
  • halloween
  • psychological
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The virus by Bmad66
The virusby Brian Madsen
  • war
  • dead
  • death
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Water vs fire by Creaturefromacaldron
Water vs fireby Queen Ash Trash
Throughout history Nightmares have triggered big things in Imagineeria and our world alike. But not all nightmares are bent on world domination. Some just want to stop t...
  • nightmares
  • nightmare9
  • contagion
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Risen: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Book 3 of the 2136 Trilogy) by genk01
Risen: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel ( Matthew Thrush
Occupants: 1,000,000. Survivors: 1. Proc 1 lay battered on New Jersey's shore. Willow emerges from the fire to a crater. The black heap of the blast radius extends in al...
  • disease
  • featured
  • apocalypse
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Amiddian by jayslaughter
Amiddianby Slaughter
  • disease
  • zombie
  • walkingdead
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Tourbillon by elecrivano
Tourbillonby elecrivano
Court texte sur la menace de notre propre psychique et son effet contagieux
  • contagion
  • enfermement
  • psychiatrie
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