Risen: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Book 3 of the 2136 Trilogy)

Risen: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Book 3 of the 2136 Trilogy)

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Matthew Thrush By genk01 Updated Oct 21, 2016

Occupants: 1,000,000. Survivors: 1.

Proc 1 lay battered on New Jersey's shore. Willow emerges from the fire to a crater. The black heap of the blast radius extends in all directions. Steam billows from the singed sand like white vapors. The fractured ship towers to the sky. The ringing in her ears won't stop. The robotic voice of ARC replays over and over. The ship is going down. But it was too late. Everyone was dead.

The first signs of life come from the burned bodies on the beach, rising from the ashes like dark wraiths. This was only the beginning. Willow flees the wreckage, her mind raging between fury and sorrow. She's alone. She can feel it. But, there's something else out there. She knows it. 

When more of the dead begin to rise, Willow shifts her course north. There's only one place she knows to go that might offer some answers: Camp Grayling. If it even existed. With only her uncle's memories to go by, finding the FEMA camp proves more hazardous than she anticipated. 

When she arrives, she's not the only one. There are people here. People outside the reach of SIND; so she thinks. Even here, among the tunnels of the mountain, remnants of SIND can be seen. As she journeys deeper seeking answers to her questions, she learns the hardest truth of them all: she's not who she thinks she is.

The post-apocalyptic quest of Willow comes to a close in this epic final chapter. When the shroud finally lifts and the answers are revealed, will they be too much for Willow to accept? Or will she rise to the challenge?

Find out now in Risen.

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Orionshield Orionshield Nov 22, 2016
Just saw this one. Don't want to read into it in case I read too far from amber skies