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Poppy Playtime: Oneshots/Short-stories by Annoyingsister2004
Poppy Playtime: Oneshots/ Alex.
(Aka, a random bunch of events that came from my imagination that could've happened before or after or even during canon. Oneshots about different scenarios. I update wh...
Save the Factory (Poppy Playtime Reader Insert) by Zion-The-Storyteller
Save the Factory (Poppy Playtime Zion's Adventerous Life
Since I'm more of a pacifist at heart, I thought when first watching a playthrough of Poppy Playtime... "What if there was a way to make the toys like you?" So...
Mommy Long Legs x (Fem) Reader (Discontinued) by Chrissyneverwokeup
Mommy Long Legs x (Fem) Reader ( M Foxcee
Cover image is not mine Characters are not mine Bad language (You are 21 in this story) (MLL is 20) (Includes chapter 1) And one update mostly week! But if I'm busy the...
a short vore story: Mommy Long Legs by tigersan02
a short vore story: Mommy Long Legsby tigersan02
this is a story about the end of chapter 2 but in a different path
Mr. 'Luvvy Duvvy' [Huggy Wuggy × Reader] by Shadowseeker67
Mr. 'Luvvy Duvvy' [Huggy Wuggy × Shadowseeker67
|| Your Like A Little Plushie That I'll Hold All Night || || That I'll Hug, Cuddle, And Hold || || But If I Ever Let You Go . . . || || Or If You Ever Left Me . . . || |...
Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 X Reader  { One Shots} by BethanyMclane
Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 X Bethany Mclane
♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Welcome to the Game Station! I'm Bethany and I would love to welcome you here!. So much love and joy waiting for you behind these games! So much n...
"Where did you go?" A Mommy Long Legs x Child! Reader by BnhaGirl24
"Where did you go?" A Mommy Long BnhaGirl24
[don't be sad mommy is here!] by ultimate_yandere
[don't be sad mommy is here!]by mark
yes this is a demon slayer x mommy long legs! reader story ok I wanted it and couldn't fine one so here I am >:>
101 Dalmatians: Poppy Playtime by Ericjrwatsongmail
101 Dalmatians: Poppy Playtimeby Eric Watson
The gang along with Wallace's uncle Tommy Watson got a letter and a VHS tape from a toy factory called Playtime Co. It was Tommy's old workplace. Everyone at Playtime Co...
Poppy Playtime x Reader by darkangelIXII0205
Poppy Playtime x Readerby Nagito’s Hope
It's been ten years since you've been to the factory, and then one day your dad gets a letter and you read it before him... Really slow updates... like really slow I'v...
Caught In Her Web~ by Fangirl_332
Caught In Her Web~by Fangirl (or A for short)
Yandere!Mommy long legs x fem!reader ⚠️Warning this book contains⚠️: Spoilers for chapter 2 blood Violence scary themes obsessive themes Yandere themes Girlxgirl crappy...
Elliott's Daughter (Poppy Playtime x Oc Reader) by PotatoLove_22
Elliott's Daughter (Poppy Girl who never sleeps
Please note that this takes place before the workers went missing Dala a 3 year old girl who was adopted by Elliott Ludwig himself. He had a wife and another daughter. D...
Flies In Her Web (Poppy Playtime Shortfic) by Annoyingsister2004
Flies In Her Web (Poppy Playtime Alex.
Chased through the underground of the train station, she's so close that they can't stop. They're trapped in a room and there's a switch that's the key to her doom. (...
(Human!) Huggy Wuggy X (Male) Reader by GizmoGreenwood
(Human!) Huggy Wuggy X (Male) Gizmo
(I wrote this because i was bored, i dont exspect many reads but who knows maybe ill find a few people to write for 👏) You come back to the factory because the employee...
Poppy Playtime incorrect quotes/texts by JereMeme0v0
Poppy Playtime incorrect quotes/ RivertyRex_BomityBom
It says it all in the title. !Disclaimer! I do not own Poppy playtime or any other characters in this story. Any art is not mine unless it says so in the chapter. That i...
Poppy playtime oneshots! by XxSilverbarxX
Poppy playtime oneshots!by XxCløudyxX
I think this is my 13th reason.
A Fluffy Robo Friendship by normansolos
A Fluffy Robo Friendshipby normansolos
Story about Huggy wuggy and Boogie Bot being friends, maybe more. (Huggy x Boogie Bot ig? ||| No clue how a cute little story about them being friends became this LMFAO)
If I was in Poppy Playtime. by lindsey191510
If I was in Poppy Lindsey Jones
Today we are looking into my life if I was in Poppy Playtime. I somehow end up in the abandoned Playtime Co. factory. I meet Kissy Missy, who turns out to be a nice doll...
Experiments #998 and #999 [ON HOLD UNTIL I HAVE FREE TIME!] by MariahSuzanSuan
Experiments #998 and #999 [ON Bella Smiley
Cecilia and Amand, meant to be raised as sisters, but what happens When Amanda is abandoned and left under the controlling care of Mommy Long Legs?