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Collision (girlxgirl) *Completed* by oblivious_olivia
Collision (girlxgirl) *Completed*by oblivious_olivia
Alecia has accepted her fate. She goes to a rural high school, where there are no other lesbians to be found. She plays soccer, in hopes to get a scholarship to a unive...
  • dancer
  • highschool
  • romance
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He's the upcoming, full of himself, star & she's the world-known, famous celebrity. He's the one who breaks girls' heart & she's the one who's afraid of being heartbroke...
  • gilinsky
  • sing
  • omahafloral
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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
  • battlefield
  • war
  • acid
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Inevitable Moments of Collision (g x g) by Heymurve
Inevitable Moments of Collision ( Heymurve
"The moment of collision affects the far greater moments in your life that may or may not actually happen. The moment of impact is, for example, when you unexpected...
  • collision
  • chicklit
  • stories
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Collision by kenaldobest
Collisionby kenaldobest
collision is a book that feeds on your imagination with its own tips and twist within the story, read and enjoy
  • collision
  • romance
The Fated Collision by BlueAsh1
The Fated Collisionby BlueAsh1
Danny Phantom and Ben 10 collide. This is not a multiple universe story. I have read too many of those. This is a story where the two live in the same world, but they do...
  • tennyson
  • ben10
  • aliens
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One Collision ✔ by SweetVictory
One Collision ✔by Victoria
Victoria Castillo has the chance of a lifetime: Being the first and only female in the biggest band in the world, One Direction. But she's the only one thrilled about i...
  • one
  • collision
  • styles
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Collision by victoiregird
Collisionby victoiregird
Honnêtement, je n'ai pas grand de chose a dire sur l'histoire qui va suivre. A vous de voir si une histoire entre de nombreux élèves d'un lycée parisien, tous différents...
  • histoire
  • collision
  • soirée
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The Ultimate Collision: The Next Generation Of Hero's! by skase_lover
The Ultimate Collision: The Next Skase_lover
A school for 'special' kids has been kept it's time for BACK TO SCHOOL. Sky high is looking for the next generation of hero's and sidekicks. What happen's...
  • nick
  • projectmcsquare
  • bestfriendswhenever
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When Their Worlds Collided (Still Writing) by AnnaqueLawrence4
When Their Worlds Collided ( 🎀Anna🎀
Alianna Thompson... She is a girl who keeps to herself and try not draw too much attention. She hopes to finish high school without drawing attention to herself but it l...
  • humour
  • fighter
  • undercover
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COLLISION COURSE      [ LUNA LOVEGOOD ] by winterawaits
( WHERE DARKNESS COLLIDES WITH LIGHT ) dimitra lestrange consisted of the blackest darkness; luna lovegood carried the brightest light. it was highly unlikely for the tw...
  • lunalovegood
  • collisioncourse
  • hp
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Relapse by zenevadoni77
Relapseby Zen
Sixteen-year old Dante Evadoni is a normal boy with a normal life - he's in eleventh grade, he has a fair few friends, he's not popular and he's quiet - and a problem th...
  • depression
  • purchase
  • tutor
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When Fate Played With Us by Thesinfulcreature
When Fate Played With Usby The Sinful Creature
"We fought, we dream, we love, we face problems, we endure pain, we live because we want to, but regardless of these things in the end even if we are the strongest...
  • college
  • friends
  • collision
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7 Reasons Why She Fell by iridescentsun
7 Reasons Why She Fellby <3
Read at your own risks. There are many grammatical errors.
  • beautiful
  • tears
  • sadness
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Worlds Collide by AkizhaTan
Worlds Collideby Akizha Tan
Rich, poor, famous, unknown, successful, unsuccessful, they're all the same. But in their deeper side, they're the characteristics of these different people, these peopl...
  • love
  • kathniel
  • foreverloveteams
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K.O.L.L.I.S.I.O.N by mythnerd101
The one choice you never knew you had... Written together with @tomherondale it is also on her account- go check her out. PEASE: People Everywhere Always Staying Euphori...
  • universe
  • worldstogether
  • peace
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The Collision- A Short Dan And Phil Fan Fiction by OstrichLadyGrace
The Collision- A Short Dan And OstrichLadyGrace
Dan strolls through the streets of London, lost in thought and sunk in the ship of tragedy. With Phil gone, Dan has nothing left to live for.
  • danandphil
  • phanfiction
  • dan
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Collide by _TheBigFive_
Collideby Morgan Rae
You all know the tale of the Cheif, the Queen, the Spirit, and the two Princesses. Well, what will happen when their tales collide? **Disclaimer- I do NOT own any of the...
  • jelsa
  • eugenzul
  • rotbftd
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When Worlds Collide by WritingTakesLove
When Worlds Collideby Moon Lane
The worlds that collide: ~The Hunger Games ~Divergent ~Percy Jackson ~Harry Potter ~The Maze Runner What will happen when they meet? What dangers will they face? What pr...
  • harrypotter
  • themazerunner
  • percyjackson
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Collied (👫) by cainbp
Collied (👫)by Cain Bulkeley-Price
When Mark's cousin Kimberly or Kim as everyone calls her, a champion moterbike racer gets clipped by one of the cars on a casual ride around town and has a serious accid...
  • accident
  • collision
  • motor
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