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(R-18) Behind all Horizon by Ellrynna
(R-18) Behind all Horizonby Venidictor123
Warning: SPG | R18 | Mature Content You never know what is behind of all those horizons because behind all horizon hides something that you cannot believe.
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A Lion's Pride... (Dimitri x reader Blue Lions route) by Kylorensemogirl
A Lion's Pride... (Dimitri x TheDarkRedDragon
*SPOILERS FOR BLUE LIONS ROUTE* As you wake up from a strange dream from your father Jeralt you both have to fend for yourselves from an attack as well from the aid of s...
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A Mistaken Kiss by Kissmyoops3
A Mistaken Kissby Zoey Johnson(:
Joanna(Joey) has spent most of her life since her parents' divorce caring for her three year old brother, Mason. That's what she does while her mother goes out every nig...
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Flying Wolf boyxboy (title may change) by animefreakspazattack
Flying Wolf boyxboy (title may Taciturnus
Zane Shadeless is a weird teenage boy who meets a sexy werewolf named Raven Drakes. Zane turns out to be Raven's mate, but will he accept the fact that Raven is a werewo...
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The Tickle Torture by Ticklishgirl101
The Tickle Tortureby Ticklishgirl101
Hi guys, so this is a story about a girl named Melanie and her boyfriend; Steven. Melanie comes home from a long walk, her feet are so sore, she knows that her boyfriend...
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Misuim's FunLand by Totally_Not_Braydon
Misuim's FunLandby The_Bored_One27
Misuim, a slutty girl that just moved in town, wants to have some fun.
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Purple Is My Favorite Color (Purple Guy x reader) by Kylorensemogirl
Purple Is My Favorite Color ( TheDarkRedDragon
You and Vincent have been friends since childhood since you were lost in the forest on a camping day with your parents left to the animals until you were found by purple...
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Entity_303 X Reader: Broken Heart. by IcaneC
Entity_303 X Reader: Broken The Creator
After the loss of someone close to him, Entity_303 hasn't let anyone into his heart. He's locked his heart into an iron cage and thrown the key away. However, when a you...
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Becoming The Other Woman: The Librarian Or the Stripper? by myheartscontent
Becoming The Other Woman: The Jackie
Beverly was just a normal girl with friends that all loved her and a boyfriend to die for. But one day when she happens to walk into a room at an after the game party to...
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Leon takes his revenge on Raihan (Leon tickles Raihan) by Cinccino666
Leon takes his revenge on Raihan ( Cinccino666 this is the story before that is about a tickling scene of Raihan and Leon. It's better for you to read that one before reading this one. In t...
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Loving You <3 by Friendsforever14
Loving You <3by Friendsforever14
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Story fun facts by IcaneC
Story fun factsby The Creator
If you're an author, you should know that a good story never turns out how you originally planned. You make many changes and create new ideas constantly! These are some...
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Again(EllaKeh Sequel) by nakia0119
Again(EllaKeh Sequel)by Nakia Baby🌧🌸💕
You Remember The Two Who Fell In Love On A Tour Bus? The Blood From Their Hearts....Are On Your Hands Again. If You Haven't Read "EllaKeh) Go Read Comment And Vote...
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Preppy + Emo = Emo?!? An Arranged Marriage Story by LoveIsTheBegining
Preppy + Emo = Emo?!? An Tara
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Raihan tickles Leon by Cinccino666
Raihan tickles Leonby Cinccino666
This is my first chapter, I hope you like this, as the title says this story is about a tickling scene about Raihan and Leon from Pokémon Sword and Shield. If you are no...
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Ranger x J smut by martav2369
Ranger x J smutby ♤☆꧁𝒫𝑒𝑔𝑔𝓎꧂☆♤
Ranger is my character and J is my girlfriends character :D
I Feel You by iam_cheanney
I Feel Youby Princess Cheanney Obeso™ ✨
I felt something strange.. A feeling when you're around at 'his' office, you'll feel creepy? You'll feel bloody and weird? Copyright© 2017 IAM_CHEANNEY
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NAVEL GAMES WITH MOM  by 123psycopath
Story based on true experiences.
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Love is War by sightlessPrince
Love is Warby Sam or Eridan
I had just gone to bed that night after eating burritos, maybe that explained why I was seeing the demon infront of me. Gas? Or was it my brother fault? Had he poisened...
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Hiccups Birthday! by NightFury2011
Hiccups Birthday!by NightFury2011
All started with Hiccups birthday
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