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A match made by fate by Shanaya_dz
A match made by fateby Shanaya ✨
It's a story of a ambitious girl, who wants to make her career in music feild🎼🎧 while walking on the path of her dreams how she fell in love with her idol which is tru...
Bunny by Kit__kat_89
Bunnyby Karnage
Dz found himself a pet. TW; CNC Powerplay, blood, 18+
Djazair ❤️ by Zaynebnj
Djazair ❤️by Zayneb213
[AllIsagi] Kế hoạch trốn chạy khỏi thanh mai trúc mã by hahieen
[AllIsagi] Kế hoạch trốn chạy khỏ elsa
Đang yên ổn bỗng thanh mai trúc mã đến nhà đòi kết hôn!! . 19/02/2023 . dawlxi_
Forever Together ♡ by SrishtiDRDZ
Forever Together ♡by Srishti DRDZ
A fanfiction on DARSHAN RAVAL ♡ Two childhood friends lost their contact with each other but the destiny decided to keep them FOREVER TOGETHER! THE CHARACTERS USED IN TH...
TWO WORLDS IN ALGERIA /  عالمان في الجزائر  by chrooniquebydouaa
TWO WORLDS IN ALGERIA / عالمان في douaa
قصة فيها خيال و دراما قصة مترتبطتش بالثقافة الجزائرية فقط باللهجة الجزائرية قصة عن عالم قصص المصورة و الواقع عالمان مختلفان سيخلق بينهم تواصل والحب بين شخصين من عالمين...
مانهوا جزائرية dz  by Ruby-art
مانهوا جزائرية dz by kim mei ya
ذا ليس بعمل كامل مجرد لمحة عن مانهوا أردت أن أعمل عليها بس فاقدة شغف كتابة فقررت أبحث عن كاتبة تريد أن تطرح أحد أعمالها على شكل مانهوا أو مشاركة في كتابة سيناريو لمانه...
Nori begins her first day at her new job. She wants nothing more than to impress her boss, but a certain entity gets in the way. TW: Mild CNC, Primal Play, Dominance, Ch...
C'est rien , c'est Mektoubi... by DjazanyaKTSUKI
C'est rien , c'est DjazanyAKTSUKI
Dire qu'une SIMPLE phrase a complètement tout changé « Si ma femme est comme toi alors j'en suis sûr que je ne m'ennuierai jamais »... Hafssa , calme toi! C'est ton frèr...
ek mulaqat by DaisyxTY
ek mulaqatby Panda1.10
A story about an actress Tanisha Shah and a singer Darshan Raval.
AWAKENING  by PhoenixWarrior41
Crissy wants a life filled with excitement, love, and friendship. She meets someone by chance that shows her a whole new world she never that she would come to be intrig...
Judaiyaan - A Collection Of Short Stories On DARSHAN RAVAL by SrishtiDRDZ
Judaiyaan - A Collection Of Srishti DRDZ
"Not every story has an happy ending" 🥀 A collection of ten heartbreaking short fanfictions/one shots on DARSHAN RAVAL ♡♡ Spreadlove! 💙
LOVE - Compilation Of Short Stories  by Bantaidrdz
LOVE - Compilation Of Short Phobic ❤️
This story is a compilation of short stories on DARSHAN RAVAL AJEY NAGAR These are one shot stories ❤ Enjoy 😊 You all can dm me for a request or suggestion ☺
Dahka entre dz🇩🇿😘 by azazazzzzaaa12
Dahka entre dz🇩🇿😘by Amira .com
Wshhhh la mifa bien ou quoi?
Inaya:footballeuse love d'un thug by missronaldo213
Inaya:footballeuse love d'un thugby missronaldo213
As-Salam-Wehleykoum Inaya,16ans habite à Saint-Germain-lès-Crobeil près de Paris Footballeuse et forte de caractaire elle va vivre une vie avec des haut et des bas mais...
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Ishq Not A Love Story  by Mr_Pencil_drdz
Ishq Not A Love Story by Rev@ <3
Darshan takes coffee and gives it to ankita and asks a question can i be father to her but she won't accept his proposal because she was destroyed by him and she doesn't...
Nori learns the truth behind DZ's strange behavior. The villain of their story reveals himself. TW: Blood, Dominance, CNC, Knife play, Sexual assault, Choking. 18+ Spic...