The Drowning Girl

The Drowning Girl

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shayschiesler By shayschiesler Updated Nov 11, 2018

Rowena hates her life. She hates her white hair and silver eyes. She hates her pale skin, and the stares she gets when she walks back and forth from school to the hell that is her home. She hates the blonde surrounded by men, she hates watching the light fill her eyes. She hates that she watches her fall in love, and yet, Rowena is drowning. 

And she hates her fucking name. 

It isn't until she finally hurts herself, so badly, that she ends up in the hospital under the care of the curly headed doctor. The doctor that sees all of the scars, that sees all the cuts and bruises. The doctor knows she needs love, and a certain dog group that needs to give it; especially after a nasty break up. 

But Rowena is drowning, and may never come up for air.

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