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Now Boarding by ShutterBug2003
Now Boardingby ShutterBug2003
I stared at the flurry of activity of the airport around me. Everywhere I looked loved ones embraced. Husbands and wives, parents and children, friends and lovers. All s...
Alice Awakened by princessellea
Alice Awakenedby PrincessElleA
'..By the light and the dark The spell ends tonight.' For almost sixteen years, Sang Sorenson had lived a normal life - until the night of her sixteenth birthday. Join h...
Heartless? Wattys2016 by lukesang
Heartless? Wattys2016by lukesang
Sang Sorenson is 16 and has lived in south Charleston since birth. Her family abuses her so much that she refuses to show emotions or even pain. At school she is bullied...
Coming Home by KayleighKane
Coming Homeby Rayne Bonner
Elmarra was only 5 years old, she has seen things that five year olds should never see, lived a life that was full of abuse, but one dark stormy night she sneaks out of...
Nomad 101 (Completed) by JalizaBurwell
Nomad 101 (Completed)by Jaliza A Burwell
With two years of experience, Sang Sorenson knows the tricks of the trade on surviving on the streets. She knows which streets to stay off of, which people to avoid, whi...
Finding My Normal by vm-pb-sn
Finding My Normalby vm-pb-sn
After Sang's family died she was moved from foster home to foster home. She has finally found a new life with her adopted parents, but she has yet to leave their proper...
She's What!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wattys2016  by sanglukevictor
She's What!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wattys2016 by sanglukevictor
Sang and the guys are happily married. They live in charslton SC. One day they come home from a mission to find her passed out on the floor with blood coming out from a...
The Kindness vs Cruelty of a Stranger by AJGilbertson
The Kindness vs Cruelty of a AJGilbertson
Ever since she was young Sang has kept to herself, only allowing those she feels she can trust into her life. But when a kind stranger helps her in a time of need leads...
The Ghost Heiress (On Hold) by 52Mila52
The Ghost Heiress (On Hold)by Mila
***This fanfiction is not originally mine, but belonged to SarahJoyful. If you've read her version you know that she's giving up on this story, but I am continuing it. I...
Featuring the Academy, etc.  by notardiannacole
Featuring the Academy, etc. by hoekage
fanfic ideas, one-shots, crossovers, and originals. (ff) - fanfic ideas (os) - one shots p.s the title i have for some of the chapters are only temporary title until i t...
Not Yet (The Academy) by SthepLiar
Not Yet (The Academy)by Sthep
This is my first GhostBird Series Fanfic, y está completamente escrito en inglés para aquellos que sólo me habían visto escribir en español. It has only five chapters, a...
help me (Editing) by lukesang
help me (Editing)by lukesang
What if kota is not the one to meet sang what if she was dieing in the woods and nathan finds her or was he too late I do not own theses characters tis is from clots giv...
Obsidian Hearts (The Academy) by AmutoGravity
Obsidian Hearts (The Academy)by AmutoGravity
Emery Bennton is a 17 year old girl who learns that she is apart of the Academy after she has been enrolled. Her first encounter with members of the Academy apart from...
Please help my sissy hold by sanglukevictor
Please help my sissy holdby sanglukevictor
Sang is 16 years old and has two younger brothers. Max is five months and Charlie who is 6. Sang is kicked out by her mom along with her brothers . She moves to Sunnyvil...
The Academy: OCD Style by mlinkystark
The Academy: OCD Styleby mlinkystark
Sorry for my lame title, but I decided to go with a theme on my titles since I suck at making them up. !!!! I do not own the ghost bird academy series! I wish I did, but...
Saving the Dogs by Phoenix_Firestix
Saving the Dogsby lamikan
Sang Sorenson never asked to go to high school, but here she is. Well here I am. All I wanted to do was go to sleep in my warm blankets and my soft pillow, but instea...
The Academy: Assassin Style by mlinkystark
The Academy: Assassin Styleby mlinkystark
A Fanfic from the academy ghost bird series, but they are at a school for assassins in training. Teams are built based on a person's overall skill level and have to trai...
One Shots and Headcanons by realllyreilly
One Shots and Headcanonsby ☾ ry ☽
Some one shots and headcanons for the Academy Series by C.L. Stone. I do not own the characters and these are just random things I think of.
My Angel Gabriel by AJGilbertson
My Angel Gabrielby AJGilbertson
A horrible nightmare shakes Sang to her very core. Only one of the boys can calm her. Gabriel goes into full protective mode, but will it be enough? First Ghost Bird...