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THE REID TWINS by Thundering_Fanfics
Academy Ghost Bird x Criminal Minds Twin half-siblings Sparrow and Spencer Reid have never had the easy road in life. Both being geniuses, both being a magnet for danger...
Blood and Tears (all 9) by Azallya
Blood and Tears (all 9)by Lya
Arcadia is a kingdom where shifters are everywhere. Everyone has an animal form, but everyone thinks that Sang Sorenson doesn't have an animal form. Her inability to tra...
Rogue Ghostbird by mmacdonald22
Rogue Ghostbirdby Morgann McDonald
What if Sang was kidnapped once more by Volto? By the time that the boys find her, Volto has beaten Sang into a coma. She wakes up two weeks later with no memory of her...
I Don't Need You by MariquitaLimelight
I Don't Need Youby Riqui
"I was fine with being normal! I never asked for any of this" Raely is just coming back to in-person school a year and a half after the COVID-19 pandemic was c...
Untamed Sang by Assmodeus69
Untamed Sangby Assmodeus
Werebeasts were known to be extinct but when Sean got lost in the forest for some Witch, led by a winking wolf, found the witch's cottage, only to know that the witch wa...
Cirque Du Academy by SuperWhoGhost
Cirque Du Academyby JulieKnot666
Cover Photo by @theWritersed The Blackbourne-Toma Team are about to embark on a mission unlike anything before...they're off to join the circus. In States all over Ameri...
Finding Family  by BlackbourneTeam
Finding Family by BlackbourneTeam
Sang has just broken up with the Blackbourne Team and has moved into the Sergeant Jesper she soon finds out she is 11 weeks pregnant and has no one. Includes the Toma t...
The One Who Stayed  by Soumyaa8320
The One Who Stayed by Soumyaa
After finally dealing with Volto, just when Sang though she had her happily ever after, the whole Blackbourne team breaks up with her...except one, North. The reason...t...
Academy Short Stories by SincerelyAQueen
Academy Short Storiesby ~Anna~
A collection of one shots for The Academy series by Cl.Stone
Caged Bird Sang (GhostBird Fanfiction) by Assmodeus69
Caged Bird Sang (GhostBird Assmodeus
Sang felt caged. After she became a famous singer, her stepmother kept her in a tight leash but a single meeting with men named Owen Blackbourne and Sean Green, changed...
Academy One Shots by BijinMum
Academy One Shotsby BijinMum
I have ideas and love to write out the first chapter before I forget. These are stories I want to write or want others to write. Most will be Sang and her boys. Still no...
Our Dream by docistheboss
Our Dreamby docistheboss
They dreamed about her for so long. She saved all fourteen of them and now, their intent is clear. They want to save her. And love her. Forever and always, so that their...
Academy One-shots and Drabbles by strawberryM1KO
Academy One-shots and Drabblesby Momo
One-shots and drabbles centered around the characters from the Ghost Bird & Scarab Beetle series. Some will be connected, some won't. Warning: some chapters may be dark...
Undead Bird by some-scott
Undead Birdby some-scott
The dead are walking. The living are uniting. The Ghostbird is rising. *This is an Academy fanfiction based on the Academy: Ghostbird series by C.L. Stone. She owns the...
Childhood Friends [GB+SB] by btsawakejin
Childhood Friends [GB+SB]by btsawakejin
Sang Sorenson and Nathan Griffin were childhood friends. Both having their own struggles and both were hiding it from each other. Sang was kind hearted, understanding, a...
History by KCPipkin89
Historyby KCPipkin89
**Academy fan fiction featuring the Blackbourne Team and Sang** This is a story about Sang falling in love with Kota that first night her helped her. They were each oth...
Taken Away From Home 2.0 (Ghostbird Fanfiction)  by annaprinsloo
Taken Away From Home 2.0 ( Angelique
Sang and Marie Sorenson where taken away the only home they knew and their loving father by none other than their Mother Maria Sorenson
White cap (Next Gen Academy Fanfic) by Snow-Queen94
White cap (Next Gen Academy Fanfic)by Snow-Queen94
30 years age Max knocked Sang down and Kayli was caught pick pocketing at the mall. But this isn't their story, this is the story of their kids and the Starling team. Al...
Haunting by realllyreilly
Hauntingby ☾ ry ☽
Sang Sorenson, North Taylor, and Silas Korba were child hood best friends. Everyday for nearly a year and a half they met up at a beach and spent hours together. They kn...
Academy One Shots by ItsANerdIGuess
Academy One Shotsby ItsANerdIGuess
Academy one-shots consisting of Sang, The Ghost Bird Boys, Scarab Beetle Boys, and maybe some original characters. Sang, 14 boys, and some ideas or minor characters bel...