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The Only Solution by mmacdonald22
The Only Solutionby Morgann McDonald
The Blackbourne Team has been undercover for the past six months with a dangerous gang. Everything is fine until Kota gets kidnapped. The group who took him is actually...
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Cirque Du Academy by SuperWhoGhost
Cirque Du Academyby JulieKnot666
The Blackbourne-Toma Team are about to embark on a mission unlike anything before...they're off to join the circus. In States all over America there has been unusual mur...
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Birdie & The Dogs by GBsang
Birdie & The Dogsby GBsang
They never came back, so she left. Follow Sang's crazy ride through college with the Overton football team.
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Childhood Friends [GB+SB] by btsawakejin
Childhood Friends [GB+SB]by btsawakejin
Sang Sorenson and Nathan Griffin were childhood friends. Both having their own struggles and both were hiding it from each other. Sang was kind hearted, understanding, a...
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Sang The Faerie Princess  by Hazel_Aggele
Sang The Faerie Princess by Maria Robertson
Sang is the summer Faerie Princess but the Winter Queen Donella wants her out of the way so she can enslave the entire fae race. Can Princess Sang and her 9 guardians st...
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House Bound by antebellum2097
House Boundby Jen
Tonight is the first time Sang has dared to go to a high school party. It's also the first opportunity seven Academy boys find to follow up a lead for their new Ashley W...
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Finding Family  by BlackbourneTeam
Finding Family by BlackbourneTeam
Sang has just broken up with the Blackbourne Team and has moved into the Sergeant Jesper she soon finds out she is 11 weeks pregnant and has no one. Includes the Toma t...
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Haunting by realllyreilly
Hauntingby ry
Sang Sorenson, North Taylor, and Silas Korba were child hood best friends. Everyday for nearly a year and a half they met up at a beach and spent hours together. They kn...
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This Is For Them (ON HOLD) by dawn2548
This Is For Them (ON HOLD)by dawn2548
Cover by JadeQueen100 (It's fucking awesome thank you so much!) I don't own the Blackbourne team. They will always belong to the brilliant C.L. Stone, and I'll always be...
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Driven to Destiny by BijinMum
Driven to Destinyby BijinMum
Legend says there's a taxi cab that doesn't take you where you want to go but where you need to. Sang only wishes for a few nights of freedom to help her last until she...
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Not About Angels by whitewolf0201
Not About Angelsby Biz
Soulmates. No one really knows where they come from. However, I like to think they came from greek mythology. Once upon a time, there were people with two heads...
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Patient 005 by shayschiesler
Patient 005by shayschiesler
Sang only knows life inside the white walls. She only knows two names, her true name, 005, and the name she is given by the men that run the experiments on her. Songbird...
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Untamed Sang by Gaellotine
Untamed Sangby 🌸RinRinRin👌
Werebeasts were known to be extinct but when Sean got lost in the forest for some Witch, led by a winking wolf, found the witch's cottage, only to know that the witch wa...
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Saving the Dogs by Phoenix_Firestix
Saving the Dogsby lamikan
Sang Sorenson never asked to go to high school, but here she is. Well here I am. All I wanted to do was go to sleep in my warm blankets and my soft pillow, but instea...
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Academy One-shots and Drabbles by strawberryM1KO
Academy One-shots and Drabblesby Momo
One-shots and drabbles centered around the characters from the Ghost Bird & Scarab Beetle series. Some will be connected, some won't. Warning: some chapters may be dark...
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Academy One Shots by BijinMum
Academy One Shotsby BijinMum
I have ideas and love to write out the first chapter before I forget. These are stories I want to write or want others to write. Most will be Sang and her boys. Still no...
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Choosing Love by antebellum2097
Choosing Loveby Jen
Having adopted a beautiful baby boy, the Greens look to give their son a sister - they find another abandoned blonde haired, green eyed child in desperate need of a home...
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Something Entirely New by curlyblueeyes
Something Entirely Newby Serendipity
"I don't know which is worse, feeling everything all at once, or not feeling anything at all. I try so hard to keep people out no matter how hard they try but, when...
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Ghost Bird One-Shots by ghostbird
Ghost Bird One-Shotsby ghostbird
Some GB one-shots I've written and decided to share.
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What was Lost and Found in the Fire by TimmyTurtle22
What was Lost and Found in the Fireby Timyth Turtail
A GhostBird Fanfiction: Three years ago, something horrible happened. The world called them The Kidnappings. Within 2 weeks, nearly two thousand people went missing with...
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