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The Purrrfect Guy (Classified x Kitty) by ShiraFangirl
The Purrrfect Guy (Classified x ShiraFangirl
Kitty Softpaws was found by the four baby penguins that are same age as her from the alley after she was abandoned by her owner and having her claws taken away. They too...
Never lose hope. ( sequel to Penguins of Madagascar. oc )  by midnightbloom123
Never lose hope. ( sequel to midnightbloom
It's been 2 years since hope and Dave joined the north wind. But there is a new villain that they must face, a darker past from Dave and the north wind to reveal, and ne...
❄️Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Glaciem❄️ by wahoo2778
❄️Percy Jackson Fanfiction: wahoo2778
The cold is not a power to underestimate. I should know. I had to suffer the pain of becoming someone else. And all those who inflicted this pain upon me are in no posit...
Lost north wind ( prequel to penguins of Madagascar. oc ) by midnightbloom123
Lost north wind ( prequel to midnightbloom
Before hope joined the north wind, it tells the story how Brad McQuaid was stranded on the island for a year. But...he's not alone.
Dynamite (Human!Rico x Reader) by Haedyn_Bale
Dynamite (Human!Rico x Reader)by Haedyn
Y/n Leone is Alex Leone sister, and some how manages to go with the Penguins and North Wind on an adventure to stop Dave Octavius from making human's into animal's. Alo...
The Lost Queen by prussianochre
The Lost Queenby Prussian Brushes
*I EDITED MY EARLIER VERSION, YOU CAN STILL SEE THAT IN THE ORIGINAL STORY* Sheltered his entire life, a boy named Dante tastes freedom for the first time after escaping...
Creedine and Briella at Ever After High by iceliss
Creedine and Briella at Ever Iceliss
It's time for Creedine and Briella to sign their destinies. Well at least go to school. Are they royal or rebel? No Copyright intended. All characters of ever after high...
Your forever is all that I need by SplashTheCat
Your forever is all that I needby SplashTheCat
Cody's life is all about fun and games until he meets a beautiful female, Midnight. He realizes that life comes with many obstacles and responsibilities.
Anything for you (Unified x Agent classified) by Tempylovesfandoms
Anything for you (Unified x Tempythefandomwarrior
old description:a year later after Dave's defeat,Agent classified discovers a new person,A scientist who is a innocent girl,But what on the other side of the girl is unn...
𝕔𝕠𝕝𝕕 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 ❄️ by juIiisstupid
𝕔𝕠𝕝𝕕 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 ❄️by juIiisstupid
Agent Skipper and his family had always been known as spies. They always had their backs, that was until young Private got lost and they had to meet the North Wind to he...
Madagascar (Reader Insert) by helicrapters
Madagascar (Reader Insert)by helicrapters
Alex, Marty, Christian, Melman and Gloria the zoo animals find themselves in Madagascar. They must find help to get back to New York.