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Bill Cipher's Son by BlueCipher0
Bill Cipher's Sonby Blue Leader
Bill wanted someone to care for and share his knowledge with, just between the two of them. But Bill never wanted a lover, being a demon was an advantage because they we...
  • pinetree
  • family
  • reversedipperxdipperpines
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IT Imagines {FINISHED} by Beep-Beep-Mike
IT Imagines {FINISHED}by Eddie Tozier
IT 2017/1990 imagines! Dms are closed for requests atm.
  • eddie
  • victor
  • ít
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✔️ | IT Pickup Lines by DestinyErza
✔️ | IT Pickup Linesby 💕
> I doubt we can make 200 IT pick up lines- > Or can We ;) > Daily Updates TBH > This book is a joke > THE ONE and ONLY THE ORIGINAL 2 KOOL 2 KOOL 4 SKOOL...
  • ít
  • humour
  • pickuplines
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Victor criss princess X Reader  by AngelMoore807
Victor criss princess X Reader by Angel
Victor meets a girl that's different then any other he falls in love with her but wants to hide it from henry and the others
  • stanly
  • ben
  • victor
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  IT PREFRENCES.   (REQUESTS OPEN)  by imnotfatim_curvy
This is derected to the female readers SORRY FOR THE FUCKING LACK OF PUNCTUATION
  • eddiekasperack
  • richietozier
  • eddie
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All is Not as it Seems by SerenaEmeraldKopis
All is Not as it Seemsby Serena Emerald Kopis
Dipper glared at the offered hand he knew better than to make a deal with a dream demon, especially when that demon wanted nothing in return, but he had no choice. Dippe...
  • stan
  • fordpines
  • returning
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calluna ☕︎ reddie by loserclvb
calluna ☕︎ reddieby 「 ✧ 」
The summer that Richie never expected. The summer that Eddie will never forget. The summer that changed everything.
  • stenbrough
  • reddie
  • ít
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Ask or Dare Billdip and Willdip (Discontinued) by Nights_And_Stars
Ask or Dare Billdip and Willdip ( Hunter FoxWood
Read. The. Freaking. Title.
  • demons
  • soos
  • billdip
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Gravity Falls Reacts to Ships by Bethsaywhaaaa
Gravity Falls Reacts to Shipsby BethsayBOI
hiiiii! i hope you enjoy this little book im writing. im only ganna write this long...until i think for a next book for Weirdmaggetin 2 Season 2. OH WELL. THIS...
  • reactionstoships
  • reader
  • dipper
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IT prefrences by AmazingMileven011
IT prefrencesby Richie Hoezier
  • leiberher
  • taylor
  • chosen
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the clown • IT a coisa [RICHIE TOZIER] by lunalitery
the clown • IT a coisa [RICHIE — 𝕝𝕦𝕟𝕒
THE CLOWN | Onde a irmãzinha de Henry Bowers vive com o remorso de que sua mãe morreu em seu parto. Quando ela e sua melhor amiga Bevery ajudam os perdedores elas entram...
  • it
  • stanly
  • bowers
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Yandere!Bill Cipher x BRS!Reader x Yandere! Will Cipher by PiperThePuppet
Yandere!Bill Cipher x BRS!Reader Zero Bookè
You are (y/n) Star Shooter and daughter of Black Rock Shooter (BRS) and some how you traveled through dimensions and ended up in Gravity Falls you have no idea what to d...
  • fanfiction
  • candy
  • stanly
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How it all started || Georgie Denbrough x reader  by FrogfaceFreckles
How it all started || Georgie Freckles <3
"Do you remember how it all started?" 💓
  • fanfiction
  • ben
  • richie
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ALL IN YOUR HEAD ~ Bill Denbrough fanfic by chickenugget12345
ALL IN YOUR HEAD ~ Bill shrek
What happens when Sofia and Stan Uris move to a new school and meet some new friends? Will they get in trouble? Or will they fall in love with a special someone? Or mayb...
  • finnwolfhard
  • beverly
  • stanley
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[Gravity Falls x OC] I made a deal with a demon by LizForLife
[Gravity Falls x OC] I made a Lizzie 🐍
Gravity falls fan fiction Hi there, my name is Fanovana but people call me Vona. I have a... Let's call it different past. I'm not you average 12 year old girl, in fact...
  • stanly
  • pines
  • gravityfalls
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Brotherly Love (Stancest Oneshot) by j8thegr8
Brotherly Love (Stancest Oneshot)by Jayton Roberts
I miss gravity falls. Here is a Oneshot. Cover Art By: oyajiz Show By: Alex Hirch
  • stanly
  • gf
  • stancest
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 (Monster Falls X Reader) Our Love's A Mystery by Insane_Sleepy_Muffin
(Monster Falls X Reader) Our Hoodie Queen
I just can't believe third aren't more of these so I'm writing my own! Hope you Like it~!
  • dipper
  • grunkles
  • stanly
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it fanfic by blueb3rry22
it fanficby Nono
Eva was always quiet, so quiet that literally the only person who knew of her existence was her petofelic father. when she catches the eye of Ben in the library with the...
  • billy
  • ben
  • beverly
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Loving The Dorito's | [Bill Cipher X Reader X Will Cipher] by Crystal_Sapphire05
Loving The Dorito's | [Bill *Hey Jimin U nice Keep Going*
"Y-you chose us rather than your w-we choose you t-too.." "Tch, we just returned the favor, toots~" "But I only need to choose one...
  • humor
  • romance
  • grenda
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SBF- South Park smut  by tweek121tweak
SBF- South Park smut by South Park post
South Park smut
  • kyle
  • spstyle
  • southparksmut
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