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An accident (COMPLETE) by Hannah123687
An accident (COMPLETE)by Hannah123687
This is my first fanfic story I hope it's good. Sebastian has kept a secret from ciel for a long time. One morning just before Sebastian woke ciel an incident happened.
sebastionxciel (pictures and comics) by No_Queen123
sebastionxciel (pictures and Anime_lover098
Hey, this will be where I put random things I find about sebaciel (I might add other ships later on I dont know yet)
Sebaciel (ddlb) by dxddyyissues
Sebaciel (ddlb)by baby❥
Ciel Phantomhive, a fifteenth year old little, moves to a new school. Outside, he's kinda a fucking badass. But inside, a sweet, innocent baby boy. What'll happen when h...
Catch My Bullet (Finished) by WhomDoYouServe
Catch My Bullet (Finished)by Theodore Fischbach
Ciel begins to feel the weight of his life and it throws him into a dark depression. Sebastian notices his master no longer lets his arms be touched, and he can hear the...
Sebaciel smut. by Alexzandria_hannah
Sebaciel Alexzandria_hannah
Their growing love for each other becomes unbearable so one of them acts upon it.
If only you knew (Sebaciel) by AnimeTrash971
If only you knew (Sebaciel)by Toby
Sebastian is forced to confess his undying love to Ciel but how will Ciel react? Read to find out!
|| Yaoi Oneshots || by busywithsomething
|| Yaoi Oneshots ||by busy-don’task
Read at your own risk Different yaoi oneshots!!! it's gonna be boyxboy so if ya can't handle that, then don't read. 😋😋 And just so we're clear these characters don't...
sebaciel pictures  by Jessulikesyaoi
sebaciel pictures by Jessie(^•~•^)/
Not for people that nose bleed easy*wink wink*
Nothing to be afraid of (SebaCiel fanfiction) by WhoDaFangirl
Nothing to be afraid of ( WhoDaFangirl
The Earl of Phantomhive... Feared and powerful Queen's watchdog. People say he has forgotten how to smile or love since his parents died. Is that really true?
This Time it's Different. by Wolflove925
This Time it's Wolflove925
(I'm not really good at captions ^.^'') A seme!Ciel and uke!Sebastian fanfic.
Impure ▪SebaCiel▪ by ThatKinkyChick
Impure ▪SebaCiel▪by Ash
A story about Ciel and Sebastian ❤ Read for more detail!
Careless |Sebaciel| by Mika-Daddy
Careless |Sebaciel|by Mika Hyakuya
|ON HOLD.| "Are you disobeying my order, Sebastian?" "Of course not, my lord." "Then why are you hesitating?!" "I just never thought...
Sebaciel (ON HOLD) by OneHellOfAHeichou
Sebaciel (ON HOLD)by Eren
Ciel Phantomhive has been having dreams about his butler, Sebastian Michaelis. After Sebastian notices he has been in his master's dreams he takes interest in the situat...
Tsukete Sebastian (sebaciel fanfic) DISCONTINUED UNTIL END OF MAJOR EDIT by phantomlish
Tsukete Sebastian (sebaciel PhantomLishie
Number 75809, Ciel phantomhive, he's only called that by the staff at the asylum because he was truly a phantom. Nobody knows his real name. They Called him after the sk...
That Butler: Caring? by Azruphel
That Butler: Caring?by Charlotte Chessman
A Sebaciel fanfiction. After Ciel is kidnapped and harmed yet again, Sebastian's attitude towards his master finally begins to change. What is this strange feeling he is...
Making Waves: A SebaCiel AU by Ciel_the_Writer
Making Waves: A SebaCiel AUby 🐍 𝕾𝖑𝖞𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖓 𝕮𝖎𝖊�...
#1 in cielxsebastian - 07/25/20 #2 in sebastianxciel - 11/13/18 A young 15-year-old Ciel, who's parents died and is being taken care of by his Aunt Red, is being forced...
Collar [Sebaciel] by LustDem0n
Collar [Sebaciel]by hades
Highest rank in Sebaciel:#12 Last rank in Sebaciel:#14 [RED RIDING HOOD AU] (REDOING THE DESCRIPTION)
Sebastian X Ciel Fanfic by AnimeTrash971
Sebastian X Ciel Fanficby Toby
Elizabeth is coming round for a week and Sebastian is feeling strange. When the queen orders the two to go on a mission things start to get interesting...
Neko Ciel X Sebastian (black butler)  by gaby_lovesbts
Neko Ciel X Sebastian (black Hi~
Sebastian came to awaken his young master only to find him with cat ears and a tail? Yet it seems his master didn't even know it himself! Do people actually read this 🗿...