Checkered Royals [Ciel Phantomhive x Reader] *NOT FULLY EDITED*

Checkered Royals [Ciel Phantomhive x Reader] *NOT FULLY EDITED*

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Ryoo the Cringe Master By sleepy_pandas Updated Aug 14, 2017

(Dont expect updates, this book was a mistake on my behalf ngl)

•{this is a pretty slow paced story- I personally don't like quick paced ones ^^' and before we start, this is a female!Reader insert, so she/her pronouns will be used!!}•

The young Phantomhive is still at the top of his game. A successful businessman of the Funtom Company of children's toys and confectionary whom also holds the title of her Majesty's "Guard Dog" with his loyal demon of a butler at his side. Solving mystery by mystery, running business by business, Ciel is holding up well whilst on his journey of revenge.

Y/N, a rich girl living in the shadow of tragedy is forced to step up after her parents and younger sister are reported missing. She takes the reigns of her family business of jewellery which is famously known all across Britain and in some parts of the world whilst hiding a family curse. Y/N's determined to take vengeance for all that her family and relatives have suffered.

They don't expect to cross paths. However, after they meet, drama starts rolling. Once it does, things'll change, may they be for better...

Or worse.

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Arthur........... the one who went 0__0 when Ciel shhh-ed him right????
IGotThatSonic IGotThatSonic May 31, 2016
I haven't even started reading and I can tell you are an AMAZING writer!! This is going on my reading list already.
shinybun shinybun Aug 16
Ummmm other people saying this kinky but im like "How is this kinky"
Me everyday when I go to school.
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