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Obey Me! Fluff and Smut by Sparkleshinegreen
Obey Me! Fluff and Smutby Sparkleshinegreen
Obey me otome one shots of smut and fluff and cutsey stuff!
The UnSlut Project by emilylindin
The UnSlut Projectby Meghan Joyce Tozer
I was the 6th-grade "slut." And I kept a diary. So I decided to create The UnSlut Project in the hopes that my own diary entries could provide some perspectiv...
He Chose Me by Dayawna
He Chose Meby Dayawna Tyshon Coleman
When Ari is having trouble in her home life she escapes her problems with sneaking out. What happens when she can no longer escape her problems? Cover by @crooklyn-
Rough play by 22_97j
Rough playby 🐥🐰
The video showed Jimin on all fours, with Jugnkook's middle finger in his ass - his puckered rim clenching around it - as Jungkook kept fingering him. Notes: Jungkook an...
From The Past by HisMyIcePrince
From The Pastby IcePrince
I feel so much pain, asking do I really deserve this? What mistake I've done to get hurt this much? Why do I need to get burdened when I can be happy? Why do I need to s...
The bully by FatUndertale
The bullyby FatUndertale
A bully fattens lisa up. Credit to Chubby Chimaera on
Watch Me Kinkshame Everyone by Phantom_pop
Watch Me Kinkshame Everyoneby THAT PERSON.
This is strictly NSFW I'm gonna be kinkshaming some people really hard so don't be pissed. You'll be surprised at what some people like.
this is a random story/book written by me to express my thoughts and view on gender double standered, which i have buried in my self for so long and i thought wattpad i...
"Best friends" Jaden Hossler  by tiktokxbabes
"Best friends" Jaden Hossler by tiktokxbabes
It was her first day at Beverly hills hs where she became best friends with Jaden Hossler but their friendship was being kinda off.
Kink-shaming🔥  by BunnyofSins
Kink-shaming🔥 by BunnyofSins
I kink shame. You're all kinky fuckers. Even you virgins. Ink: Don't do it. Me: Kinky Inky Ink: -has flash back- YOU KNOW THATS TRIGGERING Me: now you're sounding like...
Troublesome Triangle by OblivateMyMind
Troublesome Triangleby OblivateMyMind
He caught a glance of Tristan Sinclair arriving at the precinct before quickly vanishing into Herman's office, the rich, ripe smell of the potent alpha never failing to...
politely, shut up | rants by darluu-
politely, shut up | rantsby leaving: jan 2, 2018
"i need to voice my opinion, and my anger. if my anger is about you, see my side of the story. you dont need to change it, but just understand" °rei
His Toy 👄 by carribean_army123
His Toy 👄by Jungkook
oh your so innocent jimine
Slut by TheUltimateFatMan
Slutby J
A short allegory about slut shaming
polar opposites (vampire x human) by eimieisamazing
polar opposites (vampire x human)by eimear kevin
Vampires have plagued the land for thousands of years. Who knew all it took to settle the feud was a cocky human and a whimsical vampire prince?
power crash by ummsoyeahh
power crashby bad bitch
"and they said you were heartless, because of your lack of emotion, but they didn't know how bad you felt for him, no matter how many times he hurt you."
Our Home by Bammiepeper
Our Homeby Bammiepeper
One day, Alec leaves in his car to never return. River is left behind and refuses to give up waiting. She remembers their memories together and tries to keep them alive...