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We Found Love by jminjeongs
We Found Loveby nia
Winter Kim, one of the most successful and richest young women in Asia, will do anything to break free her parents and her responsibilities in handling their family busi...
My Dearest Obsession  by ArrogantPomeranian
My Dearest Obsession by ArrogantPomeranian
"Who would have thought, that i myself would commit such a crime in order to have you" ⚠️Winter G!P⚠️
Beyond the Summer by Autumnpocket
Beyond the Summerby Autumn
နေ့တိုင်းက အမှတ်တရတွေဆိုရင်တောင် နွေရဲ့အမှတ်တရတွေက အလှဆုံးဖြစ်လာပါတယ်။
Red Flag In Question | Winrina by reasouru
Red Flag In Question | Winrinaby ᴄʏᴀɴ
Karina Yu, a gorgeous and cunningly smart woman who's always up for anything that piques her interest, receives a 'tea' from one of her friends, Ningning. The tea consi...
My Sugar Daddy - WinRina by kimwintr
My Sugar Daddy - WinRinaby ☃️
Kim Minjeong, a law student, struggles every day to support herself. Unlike other young people of her age, she never goes out to clubs and therefore never drinks until t...
Miss Pessimistic | winrina/jiminjeong by ayeskreum
Miss Pessimistic | winrina/jiminje...by boonana
"Please, just this once... tell me you love me." Deep down we both knew it would only lead to pain... but we still got carried away. We risked everything even...
Christmas Lights by jminjeongs
Christmas Lightsby nia
Karina got a pretty bad injury, but it's okay. She has a pretty hot doctor.
Innocence  by ArrogantPomeranian
Innocence by ArrogantPomeranian
"Don't worry unnie no one will know. It will be our dirty little secret". The brunette whispered and winked at her before leaving the bathroom stall. ⚠️ Winte...
Getting To Know Yu (Winrina) by aellmll
Getting To Know Yu (Winrina)by rinakarina
Minjeong really tries to understand the fuss over knowing who Karina Yu is. But she simply doesn't get it. © The story is not mine. Credit goes to the brilliant author @...
➪The Man|| WINRINA by lalaleimin
➪The Man|| WINRINAby ✨ Mishang ✨
NAME: Winter Kim GENDER: Female Winter Kim, was supposed to have the best last school year before college. That was before she ended up enrolling to Shang Academy-Boys H...
stupid wife | winrina by raindropswords
stupid wife | winrinaby reindrop
Have you ever imagined yourself married to someone you've never endured in your life? Karina had never imagined that either, quite the contrary. It was supposed to be ju...
JMJ - em điệu anh ơiii <3  by chonbexiu
JMJ - em điệu anh ơiii <3 by chonyeuoi
cún mèo đáng iuuu (๑>◡<๑)
Winrina: HOMOPHOBIC by Winter201117
Winrina: HOMOPHOBICby Winter201117
Winter never knew that a straight girl like her will be able to turn gay and fell inlove with the same gender. But the thing is, she fell inlove with Karina . A huge hat...
Drowning In You by WoPatatas
Drowning In Youby WoPatatas
lifeguard Jimin saves popular girl Minjeong from drowning feelings may or may not have ensued - Jiminjeong adaptation All credits goes to RosesforYves on Ao3
pay bills two : winrina by kmaunyzyj
pay bills two : winrinaby rina
Karina chooses hyun-jin over winter but later on, she broke up with him. Winter's mom who happened to be affected by her daughter's changes tried to solve the issue betw...
Cuz I'm Inlove With You by Moon_Knight01
Cuz I'm Inlove With Youby ☁️Rain💙
What Can Love really do? drive people To their Craziest state? or Break people into pieces, Young Ex Lovers Met Once Again after Burying The Past that Torn Them- No, Her...
¹Hey! Winter || Winrina by _yerina
¹Hey! Winter || Winrinaby 𝓡𝔂𝓷𝓪
❥ A college instafamous trying to persuade her 4 years online friend named Winter for a meet up, and there goes Minjeong, a timid college girl trying to fight her anxiet...
1505 by Heidi0411
1505by Heidi0411
đầu vàng đáng ghéc textfic
The Rebellious Prince by winfrost
The Rebellious Princeby aurii
In a realm where secrets and fate intertwine, Minjeong was disguised as a prince, seeking refuge from the dangers and threats before the royal family. Refusing to follow...