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Paradoxically Yours... by cdcraftee
Paradoxically Christine Larsen
A collection of flash fiction (and non-fiction) tales written for the purpose-designed 'Weekend Writein prompts', challenging writers to produce around 500 word stories...
The Great Rockpool Rescue by cdcraftee
The Great Rockpool Rescueby Christine Larsen
***21 July 2020 **AWARDED 1ST PLACE in Children's Fiction Contest 2020: 'Diversity' theme A children's story about the need for teamwork to achieve the best possible...
CENTUPLICATIONby Christine Larsen
A new dimension has been added to the weekly 'prompt' word challenge - to produce a Drabble - an exactly 100 word 'flasher' using the word as intelligently as possible...
The Curse of the Deep Green Blues by cdcraftee
The Curse of the Deep Green Bluesby Christine Larsen
***Fantastic News*** AWARDED 2ND PLACE in the following competition - Entry in Wattpad Children's Fiction Contests and Challenges, Challenge 5
Shhh! Scribbler at Work by cdcraftee
Shhh! Scribbler at Workby Christine Larsen
In 2018, here's another collection of flash fiction (and non-fiction) tales written for the purpose-designed 'Weekend Writein prompts', challenging writers to produce ar...
Flourishing in the Fifties by cdcraftee
Flourishing in the Fiftiesby Christine Larsen
A collection of tales of growing up in a working class suburb of South Australia in the 1950's. My Dad was the butcher, next door was the grocer. Milk and bread were del...
The Short and the Tall of it all. by cdcraftee
The Short and the Tall of it Christine Larsen
**THIRD PLACE WINNER** Summer enjoys daydreaming on a sunny afternoon in the apple orchard, and especially loves sharing her imaginings with her Grandfather - her 'Papp...
Prompt Perspectives by cdcraftee
Prompt Perspectivesby Christine Larsen
A collection of short stories inspired initially by a wide array of prompts from various places. Sometimes it's one word; maybe a phrase or a saying; sometimes a particu...
A Meme-oir Anthology by cdcraftee
A Meme-oir Anthologyby Christine Larsen
A collection of memes, tales and quotes I have collected in the last couple of years. Older ones have come from my 'A Miscellany of Meme-oirs' and 'Seeking Serendipity'...
Christine's Weekend Write-in Podcasts by cdcraftee
Christine's Weekend Write-in Christine Larsen
A collection of transcripts of podcasts made especially for a group of Wattpad Weekend Write-in authors of weekly flash fiction stories to meet the challenge of a 'promp...
When Sampson met Delilah by cdcraftee
When Sampson met Delilahby Christine Larsen
A chance meeting on a lake leads two ducks into unexpected enlightenment and life journeys they never suspected were possible. A charming story designed for a middle-sch...
Just Moodling About... My Favourite Things by cdcraftee
Just Moodling About... My Christine Larsen
'Moodling' - it's all about mental doodling. This time it's looking at and loving many so-called 'material' things in my life. Read about my much beloved possessions...
Bizarre wee Beasties by cdcraftee
Bizarre wee Beastiesby Christine Larsen
Hallo again, I withdrew this story from Wattpad when I entered an anthology outside of this writing platform. It is published there now, with all proceeds going to char...
The Talebearer by cdcraftee
The Talebearerby Christine Larsen
There are those who tell stories, and those who are talebearers. There are those who are scribes, and write down the tales. When talents like these are combined, it's in...
Shadows of Yesterday by cdcraftee
Shadows of Yesterdayby Christine Larsen
There have been countless heroes in wars throughout history. These are the stories of some ordinary Europeans who found extraordinary courage to survive WWII.
Hobson's Choice by cdcraftee
Hobson's Choiceby Christine Larsen
Sometimes Life starts handing us choices we are none too ready to make... and some choices should never have to be made at all. Here's a story originally written for a...
Think I Can Fly by cdcraftee
Think I Can Flyby Christine Larsen
My 2019 collection of flash fiction and non-fiction stories inspired by a weekly prompt word begins. And who better to feature first than an Aussie achiever extraordinai...
Prompt and Circumstance by cdcraftee
Prompt and Circumstanceby Christine Larsen
A collection of tales I wrote to meet the challenges of the Weekend write-in Prompts on Amazon's writing platform, (the soon to close) WriteOn for Kindle. At around 500...
Playing with Words by cdcraftee
Playing with Wordsby Christine Larsen
The 2020 collection of my weekly 500 word 'flasher' creations. Based from a randomly chosen single prompt word, I attempt to meet the challenge each week.
A Bonny Wee Lassie by cdcraftee
A Bonny Wee Lassieby Christine Larsen
Last decade, before we moved back to our present farm in the country we love so dearly, I was a careworker for a few years. This story is about one of my most frustratin...