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The Seventh Child of Kronos by ArisDirewolf
The Seventh Child of Kronosby Aristotle
The mysterious wolf has reduced Olympus to shambles. What will happen when they discover that he might be a long hidden relation and that Aphrodite isn't really Aphrodit...
Rosie Gilbert (the vampire diaries) by thisgeekygirl
Rosie Gilbert (the vampire diaries)by thisgeekygirl
We've heard of elena and her friends. We've heard of there enemy's. But what if isobel had twins? what if elena's not the only human doppelgänger?
𝐃𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐲 II A Devdutt Paddikal FF II by AuthorOfFans
𝐃𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐲 II A Devdutt Paddikal F...by ~ 𝐑𝐢𝐚 ~
"She was like a dream, leaving without a trace" *** ...
How To Be A Heartbreaker (Oliver Sykes Love Story) by corrupted_lungs
How To Be A Heartbreaker (Oliver S...by Jasmine
"Do you really think it's that easy?" I ask, glaring up at him. He takes a step closer. "It's not going to work on me." He raises an eyebrow at me...
WE MEET by sumedh_love
WE MEETby sumedh_love
What is love and what is reality..is love is the reality . . . . we have our own imagination...I want to give you a story about love . The story is a fiction. How love...
Daily diary  by _Dyinginside
Daily diary by Nervous wreck
You don't need to read this but you can if you want. It's just me kinda ranting about my day. But this is just a personal diary to keep me busy and remember things. Plea...
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Life Without You  by Bluee_here
Life Without You by bluee
When I tried to reach you.... You went away.... When you tried to reach me... I.... I was forced to be away from you... Why?......Figures out... A simple argument can ma...
Mahabharata Diaries by lkjhmn1
Mahabharata Diariesby lkjhmn1
Events listed in people's perspectives in Mahabarat. Includes a dairy entry format by the charecters. This is fictional only.
The day I met my hero (David Spade  by ilovedavidspade
The day I met my hero (David Spade by ilovedavidspade
'This is a day I'll never forget.' 'I'll probably forget you tomorrow *lol*.' David said
Peek into the mind of a god (aka me) by SAHLMONELLA
Peek into the mind of a god (aka m...by SAHLMONELLA
Just so you know these are just random shit I think of and write down. Some are serious (I'll put a warning in front if it is serious), some are not so enjoy Put respec...
Her Majesty Queen Mary(book 1) by DuchessUru
Her Majesty Queen Mary(book 1)by Chloe
Come read the diary of Mary Isabella Tudor, the now queen of England! I am planning on making this a small book of 10 parts but that can change And I am going to do one...
How to be Aesthetic: A Guidebook  by InventiveAi
How to be Aesthetic: A Guidebook by Ash.
it feels like there's a secret to being aesthetically pleasing that everyone knows but you. so you try be aesthetic on your own like everyone else and you don't quite un...
she lost her self in her family by Soul_ful_writer
she lost her self in her familyby Sweatha Sweatha
a story about a girl who scarifies her dream , love , happyness and her whole life but her family doesn't care and don't know about it and the things which she faces thr...
Mothers Milk by Quinton552
Mothers Milkby Quinton552
A tale about a mother, her son, and milk.
MANAN OS - Diary by skylight_blue
MANAN OS - Diaryby skylight_blue
one shot story