Groupie ☹ l.h. by popunkcake
Groupie ☹ m.a.m
"groupies don't stay for breakfast."
  • fangirl
  • lukehemmings
  • band
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Backstage Passes: How I Fell in Love With a Rock Star Without Really Trying by BarefootPagan
Backstage Passes: How I Fell in Cassandra Wolf
June, 1987 I didn't set out to fall in love with a real, live, close-enough-to-touch rock star. I was 17 years old and tired of living in the same small town I grew up i...
  • rockstar
  • 1980s
  • drummer
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Replay. by yourroyal_girl
#3 Skyler C
@selenagomez: can you make love to me?
  • jelena
  • sg
  • justlena
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|Idfc| Lashton by Olivia5Hemmings
|Idfc| Lashtonby Lashton's Love Child
Where Ashton is Luke's groupie and has feelings for him but Luke is just possessive and easily jealous.
  • romance
  • hemwin
  • drama
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A Groupie's Hit List (Harry Styles) by dropdeadkc
A Groupie's Hit List (Harry Styles)by Kc
A story when an ordinary broke twenty one year old became a sex, rock n roll, drug addict groupie with an infamous blog. And with one major goal - to sleep with th...
  • direction
  • drama
  • valerie
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Groupie? // 5SOS by cliffordsmess
Groupie? // 5SOSby Excuse Me
"If you don't let me explain, I swear to god I'm walking out that door with my stuff by late morning." She threatened. "I don't care. You've hurt me enoug...
  • hood
  • 5sos
  • clifford
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A Substance With A Pretty Face - Denis Stoff by LoveMyStoff
A Substance With A Pretty Face - LoveMyStoff
You can't buy happiness, as they say, but you can buy drugs and that's kinda the same thing.
  • dustenboles
  • drugs
  • love
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No Class (G-Eazy) by G-EazysFanGirl
No Class (G-Eazy)by G-EazysFanGirl
"Everyone please welcome, the one and only, G-Eazy!," the man announced looking toward side stage awaiting Gerald's arrival. After a few moments of clapping an...
  • rapper
  • g-eazy
  • groupie
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Otherside by FalconPrincess27
Othersideby FalconPrincess27
In which a groupie and a junkie fall in love (John Frusciante x OC with a lil AK x OC)
  • anthonykiedis
  • junkie
  • bandfanfiction
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Fuck, Ellie by accaliazhval
Fuck, Ellieby accaliazhval
***SEXUAL CONTENT!!! 18+ ONLY*** Ellie Gooldling is stolen away from school everyday so that for boys can do as they please to her. She can't tell anyone, because no one...
  • oneshot
  • sexscenes
  • hot
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A Hard Day's Night  by entyylovesyou
A Hard Day's Night by loves bob dylan
It is the year of 1968, and 21 year old groupie Cheri Eloise is supporting bands and newly bands in Los Angeles, she meets a couple of friends and other groupies, but th...
  • jeffbeck
  • ledzeppelin
  • janisjoplin
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Hollywood Sugar Baby : The Million Men ♥ by rocknrollparadise
Hollywood Sugar Baby : The rocknrollparadise
[ Lucy Fox who is a 15 year old drop out, runs away from her family to lead an unsuccessful life as a "local lover". Until one day she sleeps with a Hollywood...
  • rock
  • lovers
  • groupie
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Lindsey fucks a groupie and screams "buy seeds we sow on iTunes" when he cums  by organicliddyb
Lindsey fucks a groupie and organicliddyb
Lindsey fucks a groupie and screams "buy seeds we sow on iTunes" when he cums
  • buckingham
  • seedswesow
  • cum
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FAKE SAINTS - GUNS N' ROSES by retromisc
In which three girls find themselves tangled up in the world of rock n' roll.
  • 1987
  • angst
  • gnr
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Down at the Whisky by PillbillyBlues
Down at the Whiskyby PillbillyBlues
Qui n'a jamais rêvé d'être une rockstar ? De vivre de sexe, de drogues et de rock'n'roll ? Qui n'a jamais rêvé de parcourir la planète dans un bus aux vitres teintées...
  • rock
  • losangeles
  • bvb
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Nonstop To Nowhere : You're all I need (Rammstein) by PillbillyBlues
Nonstop To Nowhere : You're all PillbillyBlues
#NtN2 Il y a trois ans, Skylar retrouvait Mike pour la première fois depuis leur séparation. Un passif douloureux qu'elle avait réussit a oublié grâce à Christoph avec q...
  • tomeii
  • rammstein
  • friendship
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Stepping on the Cracks by AliceForever
Stepping on the Cracksby Alice Black
BØRNS moves gracefully around the stage, dancing slowly. He bobs his head forward and back, side to side, hitting every other beat when he does. When he walks, it's the...
  • groupie
  • børns
  • garrett
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