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Replaced  by authorr-beee
Replaced by
when your seven bestfriend replaced you with new girl . . . . Slow updates .. but I post 2-3 eps in one goo
Arrogance I TAEHYUNG FF by tatagirlllll5
Arrogance I TAEHYUNG FFby tatagirlllll5
This is a story about a boy Kim Taehyung who face a lot of difficulty in his life but his friends Jimin and Jungkook always stay by his side. His fiance Lee Y/N a sweet...
"Why did you make me fall in love again y/n? Why? " "When is it gonna hurt like this? , why did you come into my life, like uninvited? " "Why do...
My virtuous habibti || Jungkook FF 📓  by jeonhalal
My virtuous habibti || Jungkook 𝐌𝐑 𝐉𝐄𝐎𝐍 ッ
When a mafia comes to Seoul on a mission to dismantle the raa'iq mosque for his business and he gets to meet a Muslimah for which he stayed there till the rest of his li...
Mafia's Sweetheart ✓ || [ JJK X READER ] by yours_tae
Mafia's Sweetheart ✓ || [ JJK X Call Me Yours ~
A mafia rom-com Jungkook: you aren't Emily...right...? (He asked in stern voice) Yn: But I am the one whom you married (she replied in calm voice) Jeon Jungkook who is...
My Arranged Husband | Kth ✔︎  by moon_borahae7
My Arranged Husband | Kth ✔︎ by Chandrima 🍓
"Promise me you would marry someone of your choice if I happened to leave this world..." A/n's note- This was the first fanfiction I ever wrote so it may not b...
psycho babygirl 💖💅 || J.Jk|| Ff by OpziaLara
psycho babygirl 💖💅 || J.Jk|| Ffby Opzia Lara
a story about a Mafia and a psycho baby . . . . . jungkook: I want your body 💀k yn: huh ................ okay but remember your promise about ...... After fight Pres...
BTS 8th Member by ohman_holykook
BTS 8th Memberby ohman_holykook
Lee Jae-Eun is a female K-Pop idol. She is the 8th member of BTS and the maknae of the group, a 98 liner. Follow her through her various moments as the 8th member of BTS.
Pregnant with mafia's baby  by btsfics1123
Pregnant with mafia's baby by khush
Just a one night stand with stranger - or she didn't knew his real identity... she slept with a unknown guy and got pregnant with his baby, she don't even know his name...
Single Dad(my Son's Doctor) by ThadaHarry
Single Dad(my Son's Doctor)by Jaehun
What do y'all think?
My Bestfriend is an Idol | JUNGKOOK Fanfiction by K-pzy_Nana
My Bestfriend is an Idol | Nana
Love is painful in two ways. It hurts to let go. It hurts to leave. ☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎☆▪︎ Each time I caught him staring at me, he would just smile at me with an eyebrow...
BTS 8th member,Indian Y/n by _calfuray_
BTS 8th member,Indian Y/nby _calfuray_
y/n is an Indian girl who wanted to be a k-pop ideal What will happen when an indian will join in kpop industry..... . . . First few chapters are little cringey because...
Arranged To The Blind Billionaire || Kim Taehyung  by minnikookie
Arranged To The Blind <3
" I married you just because it was my father's last wish , not because I love you" Y/N a kind , bright and cheerful Indian girl who loves painting has her lif...
Flowergirl | Min Yoongi✔️  by neckpillow
Flowergirl | Min Yoongi✔️ by hiatus.
"come make flower crowns with us, appa!" yoongi's 5-year-old daughter won't stop talking about this lovely "flowergirl" who makes beautiful crowns fo...
Mr.Jeon's Wife to Be | JJK by Blue_Blush_
Mr.Jeon's Wife to Be | JJKby Ava Kim
After a drunk one night stand. Y/n and Jungkook find themselves with wedding rings on their finger. Trying to convince herself and Jungkook to forget everything, she tri...
Daddy's Maid by Ace_2562009
Daddy's Maidby Ace_2562009
Warning: Sexual content Y/n and Jungkook's story. This story will be really short.
Strict But Sweet Family ✨ by BabyMochiofMeow
Strict But Sweet Family ✨by MeowsKitten
I don't know how to summarise this so just read it ☺Hope you will like it 💜
Who Are You? by _calfuray_
Who Are You?by _calfuray_
A girl to whom Everyone say is born from hell Come back with her mom to korea and get 7stepbrothers Is she really a monster or a angel? Who is she? Read out to find your...
|| FOREVER YOU || (TAE ×Y/N) by pjmtrulys26
|| FOREVER YOU || (TAE ×Y/N)by Army
"I ask... her or me?" The sweet voice turned numb and felt defeated, by the way, Y/N spoke the words. "Are we fcking kidding?!! Answer me, Tae... her or...
Mafia king v/s Miss ceo  by btsfics1123
Mafia king v/s Miss ceo by khush
Two different people.. Their world's different, but they faced similar problem in their life.. Mafia king Who is known for his ruthless nature. The actual reason of this...